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  1. Not completely compatible, not yet. We are working on it.
  2. Your version of PHP may have been recently updated. An issue will be posted in the Github. In the meantime, using a programmer's text editor, make these changes to the file /classes/db/database.class.php: Line 175, from: public function column_sort($column_name, $display_text, $order_by = 'sort', $current_page, $current_sort = false, $anchor = false) Change to: public function column_sort($column_name, $display_text, $order_by = 'sort', $current_page = '', $current_sort = false, $anchor = false) Line 267, from: public function doSQLBackup($dropTables = false, $incStructure = true, $incRows = true, $file_name, $compress = false, $all_tables = false) Change to: public function doSQLBackup($dropTables = false, $incStructure = true, $incRows = true, $file_name = 'dummy.sql', $compress = false, $all_tables = false)
  3. Please review this conversation: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/57069-minimaliser-skin/
  4. Use a programmer's text editor, not a word processor or website designer type of program, and not Notepad. In the Crosshatch template content.product.php: Find near line 140: </div> </div> </form> {if $CTRL_REVIEW} <h2 class="tabbed">{$LANG.catalogue.customer_reviews}</h2> Change it to: </div> <div class="productDescription"> {$PRODUCT.description} </div> <h2><hr></h2> </div> </form> {if $CTRL_REVIEW} <h2 class="tabbed">{$LANG.catalogue.customer_reviews}</h2> Then, find near line 58: <div class="productDescription"> {$PRODUCT.description} </div> {if is_array($OPTIONS)} Change to: {* Hidden <div class="productDescription"> {$PRODUCT.description} </div> *} {if is_array($OPTIONS)}
  5. I will come up with a code change for the Crosshatch skin, but in the meantime, see: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/52184-resolved-improving-layout-of-product-page/ where it references the Mican skin.
  6. We must agree that reCaptcha is routinely thwarted by professional spammers.
  7. CubeCart does not provide a means for the customer to "open a folder" and make a purchase of what is inside. Where the files are located - in distinct folders, perhaps - is only for the organizational benefit of the Store Manager. CubeCart does not really care where the files are located (as long as they are physically located within Cubecart's /files/ folder or sub-folders). And the customer/purchaser will never know the physical location of where any particular downloadable file resides.
  8. If I understand correctly what you want to do, then CubeCart's file management screen works on one file at a time, but I do not see where CubeCart is not allowing the admin to move a second file from folderA to folderB when there is already some other file in folderB. Is there any error message?
  9. Please let us know if there are any extensions on your store that would send an email. Because the Subject is 'user-supplied', I am thinking it may be the Contact Us page (which is only plain text). However, if this is the Email Log, the To and From columns do not contain a valid email address. Interesting. In admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab, the setting for Log Retention, Email Log can be 1 day - which will prune away all entries in the database older than one day.
  10. This can probably be done, but I am not sure by what you mean not able to "put the individual sheets of the parts in one folder". CubeCart does not restrict in any way how files are uploaded to folders. Can you explain with more details?
  11. The Uncaught Reference error indicates that, for whatever reason, the skin is not loading jQuery correctly, if at all. The skin, in its final form, as displayed in the browser, has a resource link that points to a web address where jQuery can be found -- either from your store or from another location on the internet. Usually, when this error happens, it could be because there is a browser add-on or utility that prevents loading javascript files from other than your own site. The Request/Response does not suggest there are any errors to be reported.
  12. Ok, so everything looks like CubeCart is behaving properly? But giving the browser either of these web addresses: www.example.com/files/public/ www.example.com/files/public/images/ gets you a blank screen? That is probably because the webserver is configured to not allow the viewing of directory contents -- specifically named files, yes -- but not a listing of everything in the folder. There is this statement in CubeCart's main folder's .htaccess file: ### Apache directory listing rules ### DirectoryIndex index.php index.htm index.html IndexIgnore * The IndexIgnore has a pattern (the *) that means anything and everything is to be ignored (not shown) when the browser asks for a showing of the contents of that folder. There is another common directive found in the actual webserver configuration file that tells the webserver to deny requests to list the contents of a directory (that is, Options -Indexes). This directive returns a 403 Denied response code.
  13. I assume from your description, you FTP'd the files directly into /files/whatever/, as opposed to uploading them through CubeCart's admin, Downloads, Upload tab. And by "viewing the files in the folders", I assume you mean that the files are not showing in the admin, Products, (Edit a Product), Digital tab. They might not even show in admin, Downloads, Files tab. That is because, for proper management of images and files, CubeCart maintains a CubeCart_filemanager database table. If CubeCart did not log a file in the FileManager's database table, it may not show up anywhere in CubeCart. However, that can be rectified. In admin, Downloads (aka Download Filemanager), there is an Update File List tab, that when clicked, will scan through all the folders in /files/ and get all the files found, starting at /files/, loaded into the CubeCart_filemanager database table.
  14. The folder that many recent versions of CubeCart uses for storing files able to be downloaded is /files/. Within that folder is an .htaccess file that denies access to everyone to all files except files that begin with print and files that begin with hash. However, within /files/ is a folder named /public/, and within that folder is an .htaccess file that allows access to everyone to all files. So, if you created another publically accessible folder other than /files/public/, be sure that there is a .htaccess file that says: allow from all You say "another website of ours". Be aware that not all webservers understand .htaccess files. Therefore, if the two sites are in server environments that have different webservers, be sure the one that does not work understands .htaccess files, or get the webserver configured accordingly (e.g., nginx). Please note that these .htaccess files are instructions for the webserver. Files to be downloaded under CubeCart's control, as when a downloadable file is a purchased digital product, there shouldn't be any problems.
  15. If you were using CubeCart v5, or an early version of CubeCart v6, you may have been used to accessing the admin login with: www.example.com/admin/index.php With CubeCart v6 (at least after the first few early versions), that can no longer be done. The CubeCart code at that location will inform the browser that this web address is "404 Not Found" - which is a lie - but serves the purpose of forcing access away from this web address. After running setup for the upgrade, there should have been an announcement that provided two links: the current web address for the storefront, and the current web address for the admin backend. Maybe that was overlooked. Please look directly at the directory where CubeCart is installed (either via FTP or log in to your hosted account's control panel). You will find a filename that looks like: admin_aBcDeF.php where the hash is a random sequence of letters. That will be the web address to use: www.example.com/admin_aBcDeF.php
  16. A search on the Internet for collapsible css only gives several examples. The trick is to have a checkbox positioned off the page, with a label for that checkbox be the menu trigger. Clicking on the label also activates the checkbox. Then, the CSS for a :checked checkbox comes into play.
  17. Unfortunately, a 302 redirect may cause the loss of any POST payload (such as submitting a form). CubeCart will issue a 302 redirect to the browser when finishing the 'set_language' command. CubeCart, again, will issue a 302 redirect when finishing the 'set_language' command. As these commands are part of the <iframe> src attribute, I fear that nothing will ever work right (but I haven't tested this theory). Then there is the issue of redirects in an iframe. From my initial internet search, modern browsers may have become very strict on how that happens. I would think that the browser's Developer Tools, Network screen and Console screen would give some clues as to what may be broken.
  18. Try this: https://www.mystore.com/index.php?_g=remote&type=gateway&cmd=form&module=Square This will have Square's callback be to the Square module, but run the form() function. The form() function looks for the presence of the 'nonce' value in Square's callback POST payload, and if found, will pass program execution to the process($nonce) function. This is where we want to be when at the next to the last step in making payment. The last step, if there are no errors, is to send the customer to CubeCart's 'Payment Complete' page.
  19. In the Square Dev Dashboard, the Redirect URL is referencing the OAUTH section? Is this correct? I am also seeing code in the Square javascript that is powering the card entry form that generates a "card_nonce' value. Square sends this value back, but there is no code in CubeCart's core code that will pass it to the Square module's Gateway->process($nonce) function. So, even if the following URL is what is needed, without catching that code, Square may still complain about something. https://www.mystore.com/index.php?_g=remote&type=gateway&cmd=process&module=Square
  20. I haven't actually tried it, but if there are no shipping rates in a zone, there will be no calculated rates available for that zone. Note: if there is no zone (Brazil, for example), then it falls through to Rest-of-World. However, if Rest-of-World has no shipping rates, there will be no calculations for shipping to the rest of the world. I am very confident that "no calculated rates available" does not mean "free shipping".
  21. As I understand the code, CubeCart is very aggressive about making sure the products in the basket have the current and appropriate prices (no more on sale, customer group rates, etc). Also, whether any discounts (coupons) still apply after more "Continue Shopping" while checking out - free shipping, etc. Also, if the customer is logged in, CubeCart will database the customer's shopping cart, allowing the customer to sign in and out and in and out without losing their selection.
  22. Not that I have a solution, but the info I read simply asserted that a setting in your merchant settings at Square - the 'redirect URL - needed to match what the payment module was sending. I don't know what the payment module is sending, but it should be more than just your basic web address -- which might be all that your merchant settings screen at Square has. Can you verify that your "Dashboard"(?) at Square has what might look like a complete URL that includes your Client ID, some other stuff, and a reference to the redirect URL?
  23. In the admin skin file layout.css, near line 463, is a style rule for all tabs. Then, near line 489, is a style rule for the tab that is selected. A tab has a background that is light-grey, unless selected, which is white. Unfortunately, there is nothing in the HTML code that the browser could use to positively identify that any page is for anything specific: categories, products, documents, etc. So, we will try to have Smarty add styling if a certain condition applies. In the admin skin template main.php, near line 60, find: <div id="content"> <div id="tab_control"> On a new blank line after that, add: {if $smarty.get._g eq "products"} <style> #content #tab_control div.tab { background-color:#DDF !important; } #content #tab_control div.tab-selected { background-color:#AAF !important; } </style> {/if} This tests if the web address, in the querystring, has _g=products, then put in the styling. Pick your own selected and non-selected tabs' background colors.
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