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  1. Personal observations, using Win7, Waterfox Classic + NoScript: There seems to be timeouts - likely "cookie expires" timestamps. If requesting another forum page within so many (just a few) minutes, the forum appears straight-away. After (I'm guessing 15 minutes) of no access, CloudFlare will interdict. (This will cause problems with certain forum functions - especially any AJAX-powered features. For example, after a long delay, one begins writing a response in the Quick Reply box. The editor's toolbar will be missing. Using a second browser tab, requesting a forum page will get fresh cookies.) Then, maybe after a few days(?, with maybe not detecting mouse cursor movements), the "I'm Human" checkbox will be played.
  2. A 'throbber' (spinning circle) that does not go away indicates that the javascript that is supposed to cancel the throbber and make the browser proceed to the next step, has crashed, failed to start, or failed to load. Failing to load could be caused by a browser extension that prohibits fetching javascript from non-whitelisted sources. While stuck on the CloudFlare page, examine the browser settings menu for a "Developer" section, then view the browser 'console'. It will indicate the cause of being stuck on the CloudFlare page.
  3. Ok. Please let us know what you get when you make the edit in shipping.class.php, using sprintf().
  4. Having looked into the DreamWeaver BOM issue, it seems that, if the documentation agrees with the version of DreamWeaver you are using, there is a default setting that can be established for when one is editing a PHP code file. Also, each editing session can have some sort of document properties set for that session.
  5. Three decimal places? Using sprintf() as coded should get only two decimal places. See: https://developer.ups.com/catalog?loc=en_US The 'Rating' documentation.
  6. I couldn't think of a way of using the capabilities already present in CubeCart. Also, the processes described seems a bit scarce. That is to say, if there are several approaches to a solution, the solution that initially gets developed may be totally inadequate when more of the desired processes are announced. Initially, I wanted to make an option where the customer could choose from a list of valid price offers (50, 75, 100, etc), and a text entry box for additional comments. But then you want the additional comments to appear in the product's description? And then what happens to the product's description? So, if you could provide more details and the rational for what would be absolutely required. (A popup to collect data? Why?
  7. Wow! Really messed that one up. It's in /classes/cubecart.class.php, line 893. Note: I would discourage using DreamWeaver to edit PHP code files. I do not know about the latest versions, but earlier versions insisted on prepending the "byte-order-mark" to files -- which will cause strange errors.
  8. Let's look at this another way. Instead of making sure the source data conforms to the needs of UPS, use a formatter in the module to make the passed in data be presented according to the needs of UPS. So, for the code handling dimensions: From: "Length" => $item['product_depth'], "Width" => $item['product_width'], "Height" => $item['product_height'] To: "Length" => sprintf("%01.2F",$item['product_depth']), "Width" => sprintf("%01.2F",$item['product_width']), "Height" => sprintf("%01.2F",$item['product_height'])
  9. The UPS API specs say that the dimensions are to be text strings -- 6 digits in length with 2 digits of significance after the decimal point. How have you specified these weights in the UPS module? There is a choice to use individual item dimensions or a global set of dimensions. Either way, check to see if the dimensions are stated as having four places after the decimal point. If so, make it to two places.
  10. Using a programmer's text editor, please make this edit. In /classes/catalogue.class.php, near line 893: From: $GLOBALS['catalogue']->searchCatalogue((int)$_GET['cat_id'], $page, $catalogue_products_per_page); To: $GLOBALS['catalogue']->searchCatalogue($_GET['cat_id'], $page, $catalogue_products_per_page); The variable $_GET['cat_id'] could actually contain the value 'sale'. Should this text value be cast to a numerical type, it equals 0, for which there is nothing to be found. The use of (int) was added in an attempt to solve some other problem.
  11. It seems that PHP is encoding the weight value as a numerical data type, whereas UPS requires a string data type. In the UPS module, shipping.class.php, line 315, make this change: From: "Weight" => $item['product_weight'] To: "Weight" => (string)$item['product_weight'] There are also the item's dimensions, but I think CubeCart handles those as strings anyway.
  12. Please see the Github issue #3204 for what is happening with ucwords(). The MySQLi Exception is strange, but maybe it was just a one-time glitch. Other undefined keys are from adding or updating items in an existing order's shopping basket where those items do not have any options assigned (or might not have the web form element to assign any options). Ignore the rest.
  13. A closer study of the first error listed above has been posted in the Github: In orders.index.inc.php line 307, when the admin is reviewing an order where that order may have been administratively created, there may not be any serialized data held in CubeCart_order_summary, 'basket' column. If not, $basket_array will be false.
  14. The first one (orders.index.inc.php line 307) is when the admin is reviewing an order, and that order was created with a product(s) (or services or giftcards) that does not have any weight specified - not even zero weight. The problem is not that the shopping basket does not contain a weight value, but that PHP 8 has decided to issue a warning when code is trying to access the weight element in an array where it doesn't exist. The rest is caused by the Dashboard wanting to fetch the latest news from the RSS server located at the forums. As you may have noticed, @Al Brookbanks has implemented (again) Cloudflare's 'Anti-Bot' protection mechanism ("Verifying your site is secure."). This interferes with every ancillary function of the forums, from getting user profile popups, to ajax-requested 'mentions' list, to re-editing code windows, etc, to fetching the RSS feed. One can cancel the request to the RSS server in admin, Store Settings, Layout tab, "Default RSS URL for Admin Dashboard" by deleting the URL found there -- if not knowing about the Latest News is OK with you.
  15. The "Link" dialog window offered by the CKEditor (product description, et al) has three tabs. The third tab, Advanced, has several form elements that all get put inside the <a> tag. Only in the most recent versions of CubeCart has there been a CSS change that will permit the visibility of a checkbox at the left edge, on the last row above the green OK button. You might not see the actual checkbox, but by clicking on the phrase Force Download, the checkbox might get checked. (I haven't verified this.) Please review: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/3368
  16. Please do this: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/51550-how-to-create-the-error-log/ Also, in the hosting provider management interface (control panel), find and read any error logs.
  17. Can you log in to the control panel provided by the hosting company?
  18. I am not familiar with a "stp" MIME type. Neither, I would think, does any browser. In the <a> tag, there is an attribute 'download'. <a href="https://mydomain.com/files/public/filename.stp" download>The STP file</a> See: https://caniuse.com/download https://www.w3schools.com/tags/att_a_download.asp
  19. I do not find any problem with the .htaccess file. You said, "There is a control panel. I cannot log in to the website management." Are you saying you cannot log in to the control panel provided by the hosting company? If so, you should try to contact your hosting provider to learn why not.
  20. Is the "digital download" the actual product (or service)? You say "no, don't think so", therefore it must be an auxiliary file that you then would mention in the product's description. CubeCart has set aside the /files/ directory to hold those files that are the purchasable product. There is an .htaccess file in this folder that prohibits all HTTP requests for those files -- relying on CubeCart's download functionality (and recently "media steaming"), which is PHP code. The declaration in that .htaccess file in /files/, which denies direct access by the web server, also includes sub-folders. Except, the /public/ sub-folder, having its own .htaccess file, which allows direct access by the web server. A direct link (www.example.com/files/public/info.pdf) will work for this file.
  21. Is the site hosted? If so, have the hosting company provided a control panel for you to manage it? Be sure that 'www' is a sub-domain that has been setup -- alongside the other sub-domains. Even though 'www' is very common and usually included in any automatic setup script, it is still considered a sub-domain and must be treated as such. The SSL Security Certificate, fortunately, will always be coded to know about the domain name, and as an alternate, the 'www' sub-domain. There will be more certificates required for other sub-domains, or a 'wild-card' certificate to recognize any sub-domain.
  22. After having experimented with the code edits, what is your opinion of the new functionality? Any thing else we can do? Otherwise, we can close out this conversation and make a suggestion to the programmers in the Github.
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