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Sale for items on sale


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I have a number of items which are heavily discounted to clear stocks, the site is configured for "Sale Mode Per Product"

For example: An Item - Normal Price £10.00, Sale Price £5.00.


Last week, we had a global sale on the site which was 10% discount across the whole range. (Global Percentage Discount)

Only now the item above reverted to its original price of £10.00 and was subject to a 10% discount.

Of course, this meant that although we had a 10% discount on the site, this particular product (and others) actually increased in price.

Is there a method to overcome this, ie exclude items already "on sale" from the global setting ??

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Not without a plugin (or code hack).

Without that, my only solution is to actually lower the retail price, but then doing that removes the product from the "Sale Items" listing. It may also affect some sales reporting that makes calculations based on knowing the regular vs sold prices.

I would make a "Clearance Items" category and add that category as a secondary category to the specific items.

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We like the feature of the sale item as it shows what the price used to be, then crossed out and replaced with a new price.

I have about 100 or more end of line items configured this way.

I did consider changing the retail price, but then we would lose that "crossed out" feature, and changing the retail price every time we run a "Global Discount" is impractical, so would have to be done and left this way.

All of our discounted items are in a "Stock Clearance" category, but there doesn't appear to be a way of excluding this from a "Global Discount" other than maybe switching off the status.


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11 hours ago, bsmither said:

I think that plugin doesn't solve the issue of, once a product has been clearance priced, putting the store on a global sale mode would reduce those prices even further.

and there would be my next issue.

We have some items which we are selling at cost price. If these were subject to the global discount, then we would be effectively selling for less than cost.


Also, it seems that this plugin is geared towards adjusting prices, rather than simply excluding "already discounted" items from a global sale.

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This should work in the meantime if anyone wants to give it a try.

If you want a global sale but leave already discounted items as they are just run the following queries (No need to put store into global sale mode but set to Per-Product and assumes a 10% discount is required but this can be changed by altering the SET `sale_price` = `price` * 0.9 section)

ALTER TABLE `cc_CubeCart_inventory` ADD `sale_price2` decimal(16,2) DEFAULT '0.00' COMMENT 'Sale Price2';

UPDATE `cc_CubeCart_inventory` SET `sale_price2` = `sale_price`;

UPDATE `cc_CubeCart_inventory` SET `sale_price` = `price` * 0.9 WHERE `sale_price` = 0;



UPDATE `cc_CubeCart_inventory` SET `sale_price` = `sale_price2`;

ALTER TABLE `cc_CubeCart_inventory` DROP `sale_price2`;


Best tried on a backup to test first.

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I've added a link to this thread to the Feature Request post. Please vote on the features you want to get priority consideration. (There is currently a flaw with the Request site - I started finding duplicates of the same requests past about page 7 - have alerted Al, and I'm sure that can be corrected.)

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Until an official fix is built, I ended up modifying the discounted Items, so we lost the 'red cross' feature for now.

MIght be worth considering re-applying though now thatere a work around.

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Keat posted this as a feature request on GitHub on 05 Sep 2016 - Issue #1222

Yes, it would help to have a checkbox to NOT apply global discount to already discounted items, but cubecart could simply test for whether the manual discount or the global discount is less and just apply the lowest price for that item.

I notice that Al closed the issue in early May 2017, but there is no indication that it was implemented at all.  I get the feeling that a lot of cobwebs in Cubecart's GitHub were cleared out in May and that a lot of issues and requests were trashed.

But it is still listed in the Request a Feature voting page (although I placed a third vote from Dirty Butter's link above and when I searched through the list it only had one vote and a slightly different link):


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