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Coupon Code Error


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When trying to use a coupon code it does not allow me to get to the gateway screen. My first alert box says:

Thank you. That code has been accepted and discount applied to your basket.

Then a second message says 
Promotional Code has been removed from our basket.

And it does not allow me to checkout

I am currently running 6.1.0 .... I cannot do the upgrade because there is way too much customized work involved in this website

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See if this helps you:

I have a highly edited install as well. Each edit is commented before and after the edit, so I can easily see what I have added and why. I use BeyondCompare to do a file difference compare of all the files in the upgraded stock version and my live store files. I can easily see how to merge the two and get the upgraded version with all my edits intact. I do have to be sure to run any setup db changes required in the new version.

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Unfortunately this is why, for most people unless you are technically minded, you should not make any / extensive edits to the core code. You have a few options now :

1) As DB has said, you can use a file comparison tool to determine every single code edit made to your installation, do the upgrade to 6.1.1 and then re-apply every change.

2) You can either manually or automatically (via your own git installation) make the changes between 6.1.1 and 6.1.0 to your store

3) You could manually apply just the coupon code fixes from 6.1.1 from your store to solve this specific issue but be aware that there were quite a few other bug fixes to 6.1.0

None of these options are ideal in that they require work on your part this time and then each and every time a new version is released.  You can of course pay somebody to do this for you this time, and if you want to keep moving forward with new functionality each time a new version is released, but that starts to get expensive and you might as well have paid a developer to make your required changes into plugins in the first place which don't change core code


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Git was a bit confusing when I first started looking at it. If I was in the same situation I would manually apply just the coupon code fixes from 6.1.1 from your store to solve this specific issue.

Then download the latest version of Cubecart from https://www.cubecart.com/download and do a file compare using BeyondCompare and make updates to your core files where necessary. 

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Robsta must have made a settings change -- when logged out, I don't see the CC6 Free Mods forum, and the topics in four other CC6 forums are sequestered.

If you do not want to create an account there (but there is absolutely no reason to avoid those forums), send me a PM with your email address.

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