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Confused about taxes


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Taxes are all messed up, and I'm confused.

First, I applied a patch from one of the forum threads (I can't find it right now unfortunately) that made new items automatically get the "tax included" checkbox checked. This because I want the prices of my items have the Swedish VAT included (25%) immediately, easier for me to calculate.

So far so good, everything works. At the checkout, cubecart subtracts the VAT from all the prices and adds it up on an own line. A tad confusing, if you ask me, but I didn't bother.

Second, now when I wanted to extend my store to international customers, it seems that all the items suddenly has the VAT amount removed from their prices. Since the "tax included" was checked, the problem must be somewhere else.

So I headed into Admin->Settings->Tax classes and checked around. The (only) VAT-class existing was for Sweden, and those numbers are correct. Trying to add a new class, or edit the old one, to contain all countries, I fail. Seems I have to add all countries, one by one, to separate classes (except European union).

This looks pretty tedious, and I cannot understand why. The 25% VAT cannot be removed from the price (i.e., I'm not allowed to according to Swedish tax laws), no matter which country I ship to.

How do I solve this? That is, what I want one "flat VAT" - 25% - for all countries.

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Does Swedish law require that you be able, under any possible circumstance, to not apply VAT for the products you sell?

Does Swedish law require that you announce or display, in some prescribed way, that such-and-such amount is what the VAT is? (I think Australia requires prices to include the tax, but also requires a disclosure of what part of that price is the tax.)

If no and no to the above, then, as you see it, what difficulties might arise if you were to make the regular retail price be the final price plus VAT - and NOT enabling the setting that the price includes VAT?


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For #1: The only circumstance where I can remove VAT completely from the price is when the buyer is a company, with a registered VAT-number. Without that number, I am obliged to add VAT.

For #2: I'm not required to show the VAT-amount around there store (except, perhaps, a note saying "all prices includes VAT), but in the final step - order confirmation - the total VAT needs to be specified / shown.

In my store, 99.99% of the customers are ordinary persons. That is, no-one will get VAT-exempts. Therefore it will be easier for me to show / enter the prices with VAT included. I will try to disable the "VAT included" setting and see what happens.

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If I go to Tax Rules and disable the checkbox for Sweden, all prices (even abroad) keep the 25% VAT in them. This is correct.

The only drawback seems to be that Cubecart does no longer show the line "VAT amount: nnn SEK" in the basket / order confirmation. Somehow I need to add this information there (atleast in the printable receipt), so I will investigate and see if I can quick-hack some of the templates.

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The best way to setup CubeCart stores is to hold prices without VAT tax added and then setup the tax rules to add the tax for the countries where it is required.  If you would like to display prices to include VAT then using the plugin already mentioned by Brian is needed.  This setup works best under all circumstances


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bonjour, mon premier problème , je ne parle  pas anglais (seulement français et espagnol), 

je me permet de laisser un message  dans cette rubrique qui parle aussi de mon problème, mais un peu différent, je m'explique :

- j'ai la version 6 de cubecart 

- ma société est situé en Europe au Portugal 

- mon taux de TVA est de 23%

mes problèmes :


-  sur la vente de véhicules neufs homologués et immatriculés, qui oblige mes clients européens, d'acheter HT et de payer la tva dans le pays d'immatriculation.

et pour les professionnels  avec un numéro de TVA intracommunautaire  qui eux doivent acheter NET HT tout le catalogue.

donc je doit  pouvoir :

- appliquer la TVA a 23% sur tous les autres produits  quelque soit le pays de destination pour les particuliers.

- vendre net HT les véhicules neufs dans tous les pays  (sauf au Portugal) a tous types de clients pros ou particuliers .

- vendre net HT tous types de produits aux professionnels avec un numéro de TVA intracom.



je vourais pouvoir attribuer :

- un coût de transport spécifique a chaque produits 

- un coût de transport  différent suivant la destination

en espérant avoir été clair et  précis 


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Google translate attempt:


Hello, my first problem, i do not speak english (only french and spanish),

I allow myself to leave a message in this section which also speaks of my problem, but a little different, I explain:

- I have version 6 of cubecart

- my company is located in Europe in Portugal

- my VAT rate is 23%

my problems :


- on the sale of new registered and registered vehicles, which obliges my European customers to buy HT and pay VAT in the country of registration.

And for professionals with an intracommunity VAT number that they must buy NET HT all catalog.

So I should be able to:

- apply VAT to 23% on all other products whatever the country of destination for private individuals.

- sell net new vehicles in all countries (except Portugal) to all types of pros or private customers.

- sell net all types of products to professionals with an intracom VAT number.



I should be able to attribute:

- a specific transport cost for each product

- a different transport cost depending on the destination

Hoping to be clear and precise



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