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Cubecart 6.2.1?


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Cubecart 6.2.1 ? 

i have been hanging back on upgrading my store to the new 6.2.1 version when its ready that Al said would be hopefully next week on the 27th April in a thread, currently on 6.1.7 upgrading for this dam GDPR but i assume there has been a problem with the release.

is it worth me upgrading to 6.2.0 or shall i hang on?



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Wasn't pushing for it Al, i know you guys work hard and we all appreciate the hard work that's put in to it.

i am away for 10 Days so i will look at upgrading when i return.

Thanks for your fast reply.





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TLS 1.2 is not part of CubeCart.

That security is provided by three things, where any one thing provides the protocol to whatever needs it.

1. CubeCart uses PHP's CURL extension which has a SSL/TLS library compiled within it. You can determine the library version by going to CubeCart's admin, PHP Info, scroll to the CURL table, and noting the version of the library. You will want to see OpenSSL v1.0.1 or higher.

2. PHP also has a SSL/TLS library it has as an extension. In PHP Info, the first table will show this version.

3. And, the operating system (Linux, Windows, etc.) could have its own SSL/TLS library that executables can use, if they don't include their own.

So, the answer as regards CubeCart is to make sure the version of PHP running on your site is at least 5.6, which means there is a good chance, but not a certainty, that the CURL extension that shipped with it is of a version that has TLS 1.2 or better.

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