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16 minutes ago, Tony said:

Click on PayPal and then pick pay by card. This way you can buy it without signing up for an PayPal account.



Thats what I did and then had a great mess to sort out because the email did not match the account on this website, when I tried that email it would not let me pay because I have a terminated paypal in that account and it wanted me to login.


I sent an email to support@cubecart along with screenshots of the paypal payment etc.. and the nice support chap sorted it out very swiftly.

The new Square module does sort out the declined card issues I was having for 80% of customers.

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Good day Al

Ian purchased the Square plugin for me and I think I have installed properly. Though, I tried to make a payment and didn’t work. Browsing their website is a frigging disaster they send you back and fort with no solution and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. On the other end when I activated it (now I unticked it) it was showing among the payment buttons as Square and only if you choose it as gateway shows you can pay with Google Pay (I have no iOS so I don’t know if it shows Apple Pay as well) but the reason to purchase this plugin was to have it showing you can purchase directly with either Google or Apple, is it possible to change the way it appears on the checkout page?

Thanks in advance for your help, I’m kind of stuck here


Nicola Zingarelli

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