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  1. Unless you are a big company with poor track record I don't think it will be unless a complaint is made against your store.
  2. Follow the manual upgrade instructions. This feature will only work with default foundation skin from 6.2.
  3. Wow I've never seen anything like this before. It sounds like some code has got stuck in a loop or the mail server has a fault. There is no way to turn email off in CubeCart. Maybe remove or "comment out" this line of code: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/blob/6.1.15-branch/classes/mailer.class.php#L213 Alternatively you could change the email send method to SMTP in the stores settings and intentionally add incorrect information. That could cause slow page loads as it tries to connect to bad SMTP URLs.
  4. LOL! Sorry about that. I absolutely hate ads but the Google ones pretty much pay for the web hosting so its pretty handy.
  5. Ha! Yes I do. See us devs are more on the ball than people think!
  6. Exactly. The EU cookie compliance regulations were the same panic. I've been busy trying to make CubeCart compatible for you guys.. I've not even looked at CubeCart Limited yet! We have no mailing list though which makes it easier. BTW 6.2.1 is coming. FUN!!!!!
  7. Yes. A number of issues such as no double opt in and GPDR report tools. We are in the process of improving things further. It's a big fat ball ache for everyone but such a good thing. Hope to have 6.2.1 available next week.
  8. Just FYI I have reverted the forums to use the default look and feel after bugs since the last update. I have also turned done the amount of adverts it shows as it was a bit over the top. If anyone finds any problems please let me know but with default theme it should run smoother.
  9. reCaptcha V2 isn't available in CubeCart version 5.
  10. It's annoying and I'm sorry but the auto upgrade tool has had bugs and compatibility issues with some hosting environments. If you get errors as you did then it hasn't worked. In those circumstances you must upgrade manually as advised.
  11. What a mess. You can't just upload 6.1.15 after upgrading to 6.2.0. I'd suggest restoring a backup (database & files) prior to any work you have done to day then follow the manual upgrade instructions. Bad plan. Your store is now at a mix of 6.2 and 6.1.15 you must restore a backup.
  12. https://support.cubecart.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/228/43/how-do-i-upgrade-from-cubecart-v6-to-latest-v6
  13. It hasn't fixed it permanently. Proper fix coming shortly..... Here is the patch: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/commit/876811618abb89e3e0d7f5f2af7c488ef242db6a Alternatively just replace the classes/user.class.php file.
  14. Did you rename the admin folder and file before uploading as per the instructions? If you just uploaded the files as they are from the extracted zip file then the active files won't have been overwritten.
  15. In 1.0.0 there is a bug (in very specific circumstances) in the file modules/plugins/SFWS_Google_Badge/hooks/class.gui.body_js.php Find: require_once('modules'.CC_DS.'plugins'.CC_DS.'SFWS_Google_Badge'.CC_DS.'class.google_badge.php'); require_once('modules'.CC_DS.'plugins'.CC_DS.'SFWS_Google_Badge'.CC_DS.'class.google_badge.php'); Replace with: require_once(CC_ROOT_DIR.CC_DS.'modules'.CC_DS.'plugins'.CC_DS.'SFWS_Google_Badge'.CC_DS.'class.google_badge.php');
  16. Ok I haven't been able to reproduce this but it may well be cache related. We can removed caching from these queries which should fix this. Hopefully have a fix by this afternoon.
  17. Latest version? 5.1.6 or 6.2.0? I tried this on my development store and it worked ok (with caching turned on). Can you check that you; uploaded all the files over your existing ones. ran the setup process. If you still have the issue can you tell us what cache method you have enabled? file/memcache/APC/redis etc..
  18. You should still get an SSL certificate for secure padlocked pages. If your web hosting company are not greedy opportunists it should be free. LetsEncrypt: https://letsencrypt.org
  19. They are not entered on your page. That's the beauty of Stripe. They look like they are but if you look at the source code you'll see they are not self hosted input fields. On those grounds its just as secure.
  20. I'll have to make some tests around addresses when I can. The PayPal integration is certified by PayPal UK. They asked us to remove the PayPal payment method from the list. If you want it to show the PayPal "mark" then you can edit the modules/plugins/PayPal_Pro/hooks/class.cubecart.display_gateways.php file. Remove the conditions like; if(!in_array($_GET['_a'], array('basket', 'checkout', 'confirm'))) {
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