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  1. I have no personal knowledge of this business or principal. Doing a Business Records search shows the business has existed for a number of years, and the principal is involved with several LLCs, in the arena of web development. I recall there being a third-party "store manager" for CubeCart3 (maybe it was for CC4) back in the day, possibly from a company called MagneticOne (a Ukrainian company with an office in Texas). They built an application (and variations thereof) that extracted data from a source (CRM, eCommerce, whatever) and delivered that data to a destination (some other CRM, eCommerce, whatever). MagneticOne started doing a lot of other stuff, and so split off the (desktop) Windows App section to eMagicOne (re: 'Company History of MagneticOne'). (The moderator may want to move this thread to "General Discussion.")
  2. If your site is hosted, you probably have a control panel to manage your site. If so, there will be a file explorer. Find the folder /images/cache/. This is where CubeCart codes the HTML links for the web browser to fetch the images to display on the page. The control panel's File Explorer should allow you to View the images. If so, do the images display properly? The File Explorer should also allow you to download a WEBP image to your computer. Once downloaded, have your computer display the image - but do not use a web browser to view it. Does the image viewer show the WEBP image properly? The above test is to determine if the problem is with your web browser not being capable of displaying WEBP images. May we have a web address to view a malfunctioning image?
  3. Please let us know the exact version of CubeCart and PHP being used.
  4. Ok. CubeCart (as of several versions now) will show the index.php page whenever there is a file not found (404 response). You can see this at the end of the .htaccess file in CubeCart's main folder. What is probably missing is either a directive in .htaccess to load and use the mod_rewrite extension, or there is a misconfigured web server configuration statement that allows .htaccess directives to override directives in the main config file. So, verify that the .htaccess file has the following directives: ### Rewrite rules for SEO functionality ### <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / Then research the Apache documentation to learn about AllowOverride All. The SEO rewrites are necessary because friendly web addresses, such as www.example.com/friendly-name-of-product does not exist and the web server will issue a 404 -- but then the 404 directive in .htaccess tells the web server to send a page anyway -- ErrorDocument 404 /index.php. The rewrite puts the friendly web address into a format that CubeCart actually uses. If there is still a problem, you may have to edit the RewriteBase statement as: RewriteBase /champcoclothingtestnew/ Otherwise, the rewrite may erroneously include the subdirectory as part of the friendly web address.
  5. Good. Getting somewhere. According to the info in /includes/global.inc.php, review where your database is at and the username and password to access it. Let us assume that your username and password is correct. That leaves accessing the database using 'localhost' is being tried, but the database is not aware of any user having the name 'peterp' trying to access it by 'localhost'. In my experience, 'localhost' is different than '', which is different than using any other IP address. (One can also use '*' to permit 'peterp' to access the database from any manner: localhost, IP address, unix sockets, whatever.) Somehow, you will need to look at the database and access the list of users it knows about for that database. Does the info in global.inc.php suggest that CubeCart is trying to communicate with the database located on the production server? If so, that database is not local to the development environment. If the target database is on the local development environment, then there must be a user created on that database named 'peterp'. What program do you use to access the database on the development environment -- assuming this is the database you are reading the records from CubeCart_system_error_log?
  6. I thought that be the case, but the error log entry posted above says that the error occurred trying to get to ?_g=plugins. Let's see what the error_log has in it.
  7. How is the above different than what was posted earlier? According to that error message, the Manage Extensions is what is being asked to show. This implies to me that you are logging in to admin, then clicking the Manage Extensions link in the Navigation pane. If you are not finding an "Exception" logged in CubeCart_system_error_log, look for PHP's error log. It will help to read this: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/51550-how-to-create-the-error-log/
  8. If that is the case, that config setting is stored in the database table CubeCart_config, the row named 'config'. You might be able to override this by adding the following to /includes/global.inc.php: $glob['ssl'] = 0;
  9. This is a Notice and will not cause a blank page. This error is coming from a PHP script that is the compiled skin template, "common.search.php". At the bottom of the template file, there is a foreach loop that will paste additional search forms to the slide-out panel currently showing text entry boxes for items to search for. The array $SIDEBAR_CONTENT will need to be assigned from plugins having custom content - I cannot find in the core code where custom content gets assigned to 'SIDEBAR_CONTENT'. That foreach loop used to be wrapped in a {if isset($SIDEBAR_CONTENT)} condition, but was removed as being unnecessary in CC6.1.11. Look for a database table entry showing 'Exception'.
  10. I've been reading up on XAMPP and SSL for 'localhost'. Seems it can be done. XAMPP has a script to generate a self-signed cert.
  11. There isn't enough of the first column's contents, nor the third column's contents. The second column's contents may be useful, but maybe not. I see that you are using 'localhost' as the domain name. I would recommend doing the following, In the file /includes/global.inc.php, add these statements, replacing any that mention 'localhost': $glob['storeURL'] = ''; $glob['standard_url'] = ''; $glob['cookie_domain'] = ''; I also see that the web address is using 'https'. This will not work on 'localhost', unless you actually have a weirdly-configured self-signed certificate.
  12. Not being able to get into the admin also means not being able to view the System Error Log. So, please use a database utility program to access the local database (or whichever database the local CubeCart installation is communicating with), and view the CubeCart_system_error_log table. There should be records with what went wrong -- unless what went wrong happens before the Database connection happens.
  13. Initially, I am going to say no. The include/exclude functionality depends on the product_id. If this function could use the product_code, then having a distinct product_code for each option combination in the Options Matrix Table, then there might be a solution. So far, the best I can advise is to clone a source product that does not include the disqualifying option, to create a new product that does include the disqualifying option - which will not be eligible for a coupon discount. However, re-reading your post, it seems that what you have is a product having a required option, that adds a cost to the product's price, that must be immune to any discounts. Maybe the publisher of this may have some info: https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/product-addons-easily-purchase-related-products-kit-builder Maybe this "option" would have a separate product that must be purchased at the same time as the target product.
  14. Probably because the "lightbox" is (a jquery plugin): * Featherlight - ultra slim jQuery lightbox * Version 1.3.3 - http://noelboss.github.io/featherlight/ https://github.com/noelboss/featherlight/ where the latest version is at v1.7.14 -- and now handles the WEBP format.
  15. The default tab for any plugin is "General". Then, in the module's admin skin template, this Smarty variable, {$MODULE_ZONES}, will bring in the tabs "Allowed Zones" and "Disabled Zones". (The visible nomenclature is relevant to the admin's language pack being used.) Also, in the module's admin index script, a call is made to instantiate a Module class instance, typically: $module = new Module(__FILE__, $_GET['module'], 'admin/index.tpl', true); where true relates to whether or not to determine and record countries allowed and disallowed and show the respective tabs. To add tabs, make a call to: $GLOBALS['main']->addTabControl(); where the function is in: /classes/acp.class.php When CubeCart is ready to show the collection of tab details, a hook, 'admin.tabs', allows for a module to fine-tune that collection.
  16. Comparing what I see vs the image above, not only is the menu icon missing, so is the search icon and the shopping basket icon. This suggests that, for some reason, the SVG file that contains the code to draw icons is either not getting fetched from your site, or the browser on the A54 is incapable of understanding how to process SVG image files. Other differences is that the telephone number is bold in the image above, it is not showing bold for me - although the HTML has <b> tags surrounding it, and a CSS rule exists for 'b' tags. Even when I force the issue, the phone number will not display bold. And that is really, really weird! Well, I just disallowed my browser to use fonts supplied by Google. The phone number got bold. Now I can't get my browser to go back to the way it was. Oh, well. Weird! Have you seen this situation on other devices/browsers?
  17. We have your web address. So, can you just put the image in your CubeCart main folder and let us know what the filename is?
  18. What I see is the store logo and shopping basket icon, then a cyan bar with a three-line menu icon on the left and a magnify icon on the right. Clicking on the menu icon will cause a hidden section to slide down into view. The first line in this new section is "Shop by Category" and when clicked on, will cause a hidden list to slide down into view. I see nothing obviously wrong.
  19. Unfortunately, core CubeCart functionality does not pre-determine what combinations are out of stock. The latest I know, CubeCart will only advise the customer that the selected combo is out of stock when the "Add to Basket" button is pushed. The Option Matrix table allows for discreet product codes, stock levels, and other details. As far what CubeCart does not do, (in my opinion) is because combining option groups does not scale well - so don't try. That is, color (6), size (6), scent (4), texture (3), shape (6) gets a combo table that is 2,592 rows long. However, there is this plugin: https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/absolute-matrix-option-prices-price-list-hide-out-of-stock-matrix-options It hasn't been updated recently, so be sure that the publisher can provide an encoded version that matches your PHP environment.
  20. According to the GitHub, issue #1134 changed the Shop by Category navigation code that got cached, in CC6012. At about that time, I was also having to add the following to the /includes/global.inc.php file, to force CubeCart to use discreet domain names: $glob['storeURL'] = 'http://www.example.com'; $glob['standard_url'] = 'http://www.example.com'; $glob['ssl_url'] = 'https://www.example.com'; Please know that CubeCart cares not what the "hostname" is, but whatever it is, CubeCart figures it out and remembers it. But, these config settings will override what was used. Which "may" confuse some web browsers -- I am not up to speed on the security and safety measures browsers have lately.
  21. It could be that the Apache web server, in its main config settings, has not yet been set to allow for directory overrides. Please see: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/18740419/how-to-set-allowoverride-all
  22. Given that domain names are a courtesy with respect to how computers actually talk to each other, using an IP address is the actual way to initiate communications - given certain conditions. The fact that the IP address remains as part of the link to the site, and is cached, suggests some part of your site is still at an older version -- where such version added the domain name to the URLs built for parts of the skin and then cached. That scenario was fixed many versions ago. When this happens, in the folder /cache/, examine all the files (other than request, sql, and lang) to see which one may have the full domain name (IP Address) in it. You might also ask your hosting provider to configure your web server [host] file to reject accepting IP addresses on port 80 and 443.
  23. This is (almost absolutely) an issue the hosting provider will need to solve. (Unless what you have is a fully self-managed private server.) The standard install of MySQL on a server box has a table to hold all the timezones, but does not populate that table. Thus, when a command is sent to the database server to use a specific timezone, there is no info to be had. Loading a timezone file into a database server is a very common thing to do, and your hosting provider should be able to do it. (There are plenty of web pages that describe the process. Your host can google for it.)
  24. My mention above about the manufacturers was that CubeCart (unfortunately) looks in the manufacturer's actual Name for the submitted keyword -- not the product's property designation 'manufacturer'. Or maybe I misunderstood your comment. But, for your store (music albums), you wish to change "Manufacturer" to "Label". I admin, Languages, click the Edit icon of the language you wish to change. On the next page shown, in the "Search this language" box, enter 'Manufacturer' and click the Go button next to it. The returned list has links in the Key column that will take you to an editing page where you can enter a new phrase for that key. (Hint: Right-click on the link and select Open in new tab. That way, it's easy going back to the first browser tab to make more edits on new tabs.) You will need to click with your mouse on the 'key' word to make the text entry box editable. (It's necessary to do it this way.) After entering a new phrase in the text edit box, click Save. After making the desired edits, have CubeCart clear its internal cache (the blinking orange button at the top-right corner). Changed phrases are databased, and so will survive upgrades.
  25. Ok, so regardless of where "man" was found, the listing is in Name A-Z (Title) order. There would need to be quite a bit of code edits if the search results listing was to be sorted first by "Found-in-Name", then "Found-in-Code", then "Found-in-Description". Not impossible, but somewhat complicated.
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