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  1. If you have CubeCart's debug mode enabled, turn it off. I *believe* that switching off Debug mode will quiet the PHP8 Warnings (used to be Notices in PHP7). As for Google, please see: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/3047
  2. Please let us know what errors show up, if any, in the error log. https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/51550-how-to-create-the-error-log/ The error_log may show up in the /setup/ folder during install/upgrade.
  3. Suggest updating the News and Announcements forum.
  4. Please look at these lines: <name><![CDATA[mican]]></name> <display><![CDATA[Mican]]></display> <version>1.0</version> where <version> is what you need to compare. (The <skin version> is the structural format of the information contained in the config file.)
  5. Your browser probably has a Developer's Tools feature. One of those tools is a "Console" (maybe 'Browser Console' on a menu, More Tools section). It will list any problems the browser is having with fetching and/or executing javascript, CSS, images, etc.
  6. I entered all the info, clicked Secure Checkout, got the Address has been updated" message, and got the same page with my address, the contents I put in the Shopping Basket, new shipping choices, and a Secure Checkout button. Specifically, I did not lose the contents of the Cart. I click Secure Checkout and am taken to Stripe's payment page. I then click the "Back to Store" link and I get the same page as before. I still have the contents of the cart. Is your sequence of actions different? Did I misunderstand a step?
  7. Probably, the template content.checkout.medium-up.php has been edited to replace the <select name="shipping"> chooser with radio buttons. The same edit would be made to the template content.checkout.small.php. Please consider putting the table cells for the collection of radio buttons and shipping value on a new table row, because the phrase "(Get Shipping Quote Delivery Location)" is a nowrap, but takes up too much of the screen width, leaving very little room for the complete descriptive content of the shipping choices. From: <td width="10%" nowrap="nowrap">{$LANG.basket.shipping} To: <td colspan="3">{$LANG.basket.shipping} From: {/if} </td> <td> {if !isset($free_coupon_shipping)} To: {/if} </td> </tr><tr> <td colspan="2"> {if !isset($free_coupon_shipping)}
  8. In admin, Manage Extensions, unckeck all Status checkboxes that are (Payment) Gateways. PayPal is actually a Plugin, but do not enable it. Save. Have CubeCart clear its internal cache.
  9. In admin, Currencies, uncheck all currencies Status except INR. Save. In admin, Store Settings, General tab, Default Currency, choose INR. Save. Have CubeCart clear its internal cache.
  10. The UPS module makes a request to UPS's Rate Request site. There should be a response in CubeCart's Request Log, listing the services that will accomplish the mailing and the rates for each.
  11. This advisory message is a general (badly worded) message that says none of the enabled shipping modules returned a shipping method. In the case of USPS, a new user must apply for access to the USPS online Rate Request API. See: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/50782-resolved-please-help-about-shipping/ The USPS module will send the origination and destination zip codes, and the weight of the package to USPS. Then, USPS sends back all possible shipping methods and the associated costs. The module then filters out all shipping methods that the store owner has not selected as a method the owner is willing to use. The resulting methods are then shown to the customer to choose. For example: from the 10-12 Flat Rate and First Class shipping possibilities the USPS says it can ship a box, while the methods selected in the module is only Ground and the various Flat Rate Box methods, the common methods are only the Flat Rate boxes and that is what will be shown to the customer.
  12. In Catalogue Mode, customers are not even able to add items to a shopping basket. So, there is no way for CubeCart to log what the customer wanted. The admin can try to not enable any Payment Gateways. A shopping basket should be created and an Order Summary created, which the store owner can review and amend in CubeCart's administrative backend. But there will be no means for the customer to actually pay for the items via CubeCart.
  13. Not having looked deeply at any other programmer's text editor, because what I found at the time was very good, I use UltraEdit, UltraCompare, and UltraEdit Studio.
  14. The Developer Tools interpretation of the source is now also correct.
  15. The only fault I have found so far is a mismatch in the hierarchy of the Billing Address area. <div class="panel-heading">Billing Address</div> <div class="panel-body"> <div class="row"> <div class=""> <dl>...</dl> <address> <dl>...</dl> <div id="address_form"> <dl>...</dl> <div class="row"> <dl class="col-xs-6">...</dl> <dl class="col-xs-6">...</dl> </div> <div class="row"> <dl class="col-xs-12 col-sm-6">...</dl> <dl class="col-xs-12 col-sm-6" id="state-list_wrapper">...</dl> </div> </address> </div> </div> </div> <div class="well well-sm"> <input type="checkbox" name="delivery_is_billing" id="delivery_is_billing" checked="checked"> <label for="delivery_is_billing">Deliver to billing address.</label> </div> </div> The </address> and the following </div> need to be swapped. Normally, the browser is sort of forgiving for situations like this. But experience has shown that an extra or missing <div> tag can cause all sorts of mysterious behavior. I have the source of the Basix skin template "content.checkout.confirm.php", near lines 282-283. These are the lines that get swapped. Whether that fixes reCaptcha, I do not know. After making the skin edit, you may need to clear CubeCart's internal cache.
  16. You say the reCaptcha at checkout doesn't work with Foundation either? Did you change anything about Foundation?
  17. The Developers Tools are showing a location of the closing </form> tag in a different location than the raw source code (which is in the correct location). Still looking.
  18. Have you modified the Basix template "content.checkout.php" or any of the other templates used at this stage? I ask because looking at the source as revealed in my browser's Developer's Tools, I find the HTML that acts as the g-recaptcha area sits outside the one and only <form>...</form> block. Also not in the <form> block is the Additional Comments text entry field, and everything below it. So, let's double check how the sub-templates are placed in the main checkout template, specifically finding where the <form> tags are.
  19. Did the reCaptcha used to work for you with any prior CC64X version?
  20. Sorry, I do not understand where you are finding this list.
  21. Would you also be logging in and out of the storefront? I have found that CubeCart uses the same cookie for the storefront and admin backend. Meaning, if working in the admin, and then also having logged in using a test customer account -- using the same browser, then logging out of the customer account, CubeCart destroys the cookie. Thus, you find that you are also logged out of admin. For a second observation, when I switched my server environment from Win2003 to Linux, I was getting logged out of admin frequently. It took me a few days to realize that I was getting logged out very close to five minutes and 35 minutes after the hour, every hour. Eventually, I learned that installing PHP on the Linux box also created a system event to be executed at these times to clear out all PHP sessions. I stopped the system from doing that. In the file /classes/session.class.php, there is a variable $_session_timeout having the value of 604800 (seven days). When in admin, use your browser's Developer Tools to examine the cookie CubeCart gave you. That cookie will have an expiration date that should be for seven days. (Note: every time you ask for a page from CubeCart, the cookie's expiration date should get reset for another full seven days.)
  22. I use these settings: Sending Method: SMTP with TLS (Recommended) Outgoing SMTP Host: smtp.gmail.com Outgoing SMTP Port (Default 25): 587 Use SMTP Authentication: Yes SMTP Username: <whatever> SMTP Password: <specially-acquired app password>
  23. Just to follow up to make the comment that there exists an alternate set of code edits -- not that these edits are any less than optimal -- if and only if the admin also checks the box for each row edited, but keeps the drop-down selectors at Don't Change and Do Nothing.
  24. In /sources/orders.index.inc.php: Find near line 720: } elseif (isset($_GET['search'])) { Change to: } elseif (isset($_POST['sold_site'])) { foreach ($_POST['sold_site'] as $order_id => $site_name) { $GLOBALS['db']->update('CubeCart_order_summary', array('sold_site' => $site_name), array('cart_order_id' => $order_id)); } $GLOBALS['main']->successMessage("One or more orders were updated with their sold site."); } elseif (isset($_GET['search'])) { Line 50 of the template needs fixing: From: <td><span class="editable" name="sold_site[{$order.order_id}]">{$order.sold_site}</span></td> To: <td><span class="editable" name="sold_site[{$order.cart_order_id}]">{$order.sold_site}</span></td> And there is something I don't like about lines 35-37 of the /source/ file code. When clicking a submit button (Go, Save, Search), the 'search' form elements do show up in the POST, although there are no values with them. That will cause an httpredir with everything in POST put in the querystring. That is very non-optimal. Change line 36 from: httpredir('?_g=orders&'.http_build_query($_POST)); To: if (array_walk_recursive($_POST['search'],function($v,$k)use(&$aSearch){$aSearch=sprintf("%s%s",$aSearch,$v);},$aSearch) && !empty($aSearch)) httpredir('?_g=orders&'.http_build_query($_POST)); You might need to have CubeCart clear its internal cache because of the fix in the template. Test extensively.
  25. It is easy enough to add a [Save] button, but that [Save] button will do exactly the same as the [Go] button. Please show us the new code that was added for the new 'sold_site' column on the Order listing table.
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