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Best upgrade path?


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Currently running:  v5.2.2




SemperFi - Related Items

Chuggy Skins - Additional Product Fields

Car Designs - Merchant Feed


If I just go ahead and do the upgrade, will the site function OK without these add-ons?


We'd really love to add the additional product fields back if possible. Can anybody offer any advide? We use the additional fields lo list the author etc, and have placed it in the Product Details section.

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I know the data created by the APF is databased, so if upgrading, that data will be retained. If you added the APF template variables to a copy of an existing skin, the copy will not be overwritten by the upgrade. (If upgrading to CC6, all your existing skins will not be touched as CC6 ships with Foundation and no others - so no skins will be overwritten.)

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I will assert that you can still use the APF plugin with CC6.

I believe that this APF isnt a true plugin and makes a small number of core file edits (files or admin skin template) and if that is the case then these would need to be done again - if it doesnt then as Brian has said, as data is stored within the database then upgrading shouldnt be much of an issue

As I said, your existing skins won't be overwritten by a CC6 upgrade, as they would be with an upgrade to the latest CC5 version.

If you are using the shopdev Blueprint skin as per your signature then you will be fine


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