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Coupon for Free shipping in Cubecart 6


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Finally our CC6 site go live yesterday after 4 years of living in old times of CC3 and hesitation in upgrading!
Everyone likes it! Here is 1 small problem :

Old Cubecart 3 used to have an option to give free shipping with a coupon (without giving any other discount),but seems to be missing in CC6

any idea how we can solve this? any third party module or some idea on custom code will help a lot

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Hello, I asked granny matter there is a time on a forum. and I found the solution with the plugin Freeshiping. I needed a coupon used to make free shipping from 99 €. with the plugin Freeshiping I managed to do it without having to slip and that it automatically when the customer arrives to 99 . this is much more convenient than the coupon. so here is my experience can help.

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Yes, I think it is possible. I made up "free shipping" coupon, 100% discount on shipping, on all products. However there is no limits as to where the shipping could be. Thats OK, as I can give these coupons to my best customers, as I know where they live.


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Hello Mario,

I used a coupon to give free shipping. Once the coupon was made, I then messaged all my customers to say they could use it.

If you want to give free shipping over a certain $ amount, all I can suggest is to advertise the coupon code on all the pages (and the checkout) where you want the customer to have the free shipping. They will then have to insert the coupon code then selves.

Thats the only way I can think of doing it at this time without some indepth programming.

Lets see what other forum people suggest.

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