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6.28 to 6.29 Upgraded partially. Database still 6.28

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The update was partial.  It seems that the database cannot be updated.

It says that there is an error but none is written. What I found when It start again the installation is the following info :

mysqlnd 5.0.12-dev - 20150407 - $Id: 3591daad22de08524295e1bd073aceeff11e6579 $ MySQL 5.5+

Thanks for your help


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@B.F, please try to determine if the database user that CubeCart is using has CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES permissions.

If you are on a hosted environment, you may need to ask your hosting technical support to determine this. Perhaps the database tool provided in your hosting control panel, phpMyAdmin, can show this to you.

You got an error, but we would like to know what reported the error: a CubeCart error message, a PHP error message, an error message from the database that got passed along that eventually was displayed on your web browser? And what the error message actually said - if it was revealed.

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did not work for me also system hangs  had to get back to backup, tried the  what was mentioned in the release did also not work 

so what to do ?  no error message just hanging system

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Assuming your store is already at 6.2.8 please follow these steps.

1. Login to with SSH: (replace username with your MySQL username and example.com with your hostname.)

ssh [email protected]

2. Login to MySQL (replace username with your MySQL username)

mysql -u username -p

3. Enter your password 

4. Select the database to update (replace database_name with your database name)

USE database_name

5. Run the following SQL (if you have a database prefix amend the table names accordingly). This can take up to 30 minutes or more in some cases.

ALTER TABLE `CubeCart_cookie_consent` ADD `log_hash` VARCHAR(32) NOT NULL;
ALTER TABLE `CubeCart_cookie_consent` ADD `url_shown` VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL;
UPDATE `CubeCart_cookie_consent` SET `log_hash` = MD5(`log`);
ALTER TABLE `CubeCart_cookie_consent` ADD INDEX(`log_hash`);
CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE `tmp_cookie_table` (SELECT * FROM `CubeCart_cookie_consent` GROUP BY `log_hash`,`session_id`);
TRUNCATE `CubeCart_cookie_consent`;
INSERT INTO `CubeCart_cookie_consent` (SELECT * FROM `tmp_cookie_table`);
DROP TEMPORARY TABLE `tmp_cookie_table`;
INSERT INTO `CubeCart_history` (`version`, `time`) VALUES ('6.2.9', UNIX_TIMESTAMP());

6. Delete the setup folder. 

Your store will now be at 6.2.9.

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40 minutes ago, -=Mike=- said:

Its not even updating here.

Uploaded all files with ftp, then in browser to /setup/ and choose upgrade and press continu then nothing happens ???

Thx but dont know how to edit mysql  can go to phpmyadmin and to cubecart cookie consent but then im lost.

Lot more problems says last version cubecart is (upgrade history) 6.2.6 while backup says 6.2.8

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