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  1. Is there an existing plug-in that provides shipping quotes for ad-hoc customers? I am looking for something that allows a new customer to build a card then enter postcode and country to get a shipping quote and therefore a total price before they commit to the effort of building an account and parting with their personal details. Thank you for your advice, Russ
  2. Howdy, I am updating to CubeCart 6 from 4.3.4. It is complicated because my 4.3.4 installation is somewhat modified which is why I am still on 4.3.4. However, I'm all grown up now and I don't want to make the same mistakes again. I am developing my custom code as extensions. This has several benefits, even if I don't share them. Mainly, coding an extension means it will plug itself tidily into any new sandpit environments I create with no effort on my part. However... I am having trouble working out what is going on behind the curtains for the admin pages. By inspection, I have determined that the coding pattern is: Add any new tables that do not already exist. Add any new fields that do not already exist. Instantiate a module with $module = new Module(__FILE__, $_GET['module'], 'admin/index.tpl', true); Display the template with $page_content = $module->display(); Clearly there is a lot going on under the hood because the location of the template is not explicitly declared, and the global config is provided and saved automatically. All the template has to do is flash up the configuration page, drawing values from a magically created $MODULE array then assign the results to an output array called "module" and the results are somehow magically saved. This is fine provided (a) you don't want to initialise the config scalars and (b) you don't want to do anything dramatic such as initialise a table of config values. Which, of course, I do. The institutional IT guy in me desperately does not want to have to reverse-engineer all this to figure out how it works. I have looked at a mess of extensions and none of them seem to do anything dramatic except SFWS_Product_Dimensions which does some pre-initializations, but when I copy and hack it just the tiniest bit, it does not work - my values to not get added to the global config and the initialisations are not persisted. Is there any documentation on this anywhere? I have been thrashing around intermittently for a couple of days and it is starting to really annoy men. It is just too ghastly to think that everyone wanting to use this magnificent facility has to reverse engineer the entire thing before they become productive. Thanks for your help, Russ
  3. I recently made a rare purchase from Amazon. I also recently made a rare decision to upgrade from CC 4 to CC 6. CC 6 is beautiful. I love it. Except the checkout process. Everything is there but it is monolithic. The Amazon approach is phased across multiple pages approximately as follows: Review cart Enter billing address Optionally enter delivery address Select shipping options Enter payment information Review summarized information with option to change everything Commit CubeCart has all this, but it is on just two pages, one of which is optional: View Cart Check-out I believe Smarty will allow something more like the Amazon solution merely by changing the template Is there an existing template that already has something like this? My vision is: Review Cart (always) - including shipping quote according the current solution (with adjustments noted elsewhere) This gets us the country and postcode from which we derive the region And it completes the shipping method solution so we have a finalised order right here, on one clean, simple and beautiful page. Provide billing address there is a "Back to Basket/Cart" button there is an "I want to deliver to a different address" button there is a "Check out" button Optionally provide delivery address there is a "Back to billing address" button there is a "Back to Basket/Cart" button There is a "Check out" button Check out Start with "Would you like to save these details for next time?" If so, enter passwords Saving details for next time is a statement of customer benefit. Create an account sounds like something that benefits us. The benefits are clearly listed You wont have to enter address details next time. You can save multiple billing and delivery addresses You can see your order history You can reprint receipts and invoices any time You can create and park an order, then review it and pay later Then solicit permission to send newsletters Then select payment method or offer to park the order. All three sections have large clear headings. Summary List the cart, shipping information, account status (including username) payment method Buttons or links to revise any part of the order Buy or Park for later payment: Park is useful if the customer is having card trouble, or if they need to query the shipping price. It is also useful for us if the shipping solutions do not deliver, in which case, park is the only option. And it may be useful in other circumstances, for example where we have agreed to adjust the order in some way before payment. I use it for international shipments, because the price is heavily dependent on packed dimensions: Customer creates and parks order (I currently use the Direct bank deposit option for this, but it is somewhat misleading for the customer and requires explanation .) Ideally, at this point, the store sends an order confirmation. I work out the actual parcel size and weight, get a quote, adjust the shipping cost, notify the customer with instructions on how to find the parked order. Ideally, at this point, the store sends a notification of payment pending, with instructions. Customer chooses to proceed, logs in, pays. I ship.
  4. Question: Does CubeCart really assume that each store has exactly one size of parcel for each shipping channel? Corollary: Is there really no way to provide a shipping method with actual dimensions other than by modification of the code? From inspection of a variety of postage interfaces for version 6, it seems all still assume a single size of box. Use of any other dimensions means hacking the interfaces because they do not contain any hooks. Parcel volume is essential when there is air travel or couriers involved, or when large, light objects (like foam iceboxes) are send by post and the postal service invokes volume pricing. Getting these wrong results in under-charging and potentially significant profit reductions. Tell me it is not so... If not, I feel an enhancement request coming on... Russ
  5. I am trying my hand at a wee plug-in. I have been tracking actual shipping costs in my 4.3.4 site and I want the same capability in 6.1. I have a report that lists shipping variances (the difference between shipping charged and shipping paid) so I can confirm that the shipping algorithms are tracking reality. I also export some CSV files that create the credit card purchases and payments in the accounting system that pay for over-the-counter shipping charges. Saves quite a bit of accounting time. Rather than dump myself into the vat of boiling oil that is un-upgradable software (again), I have decided to do it as a plug-in. Build some character, learn new tricks, that kind of thing. I did the obvious thing which is to pay a pound for that splendid worked example, Semper Fi's ever faithful product dimensions mod. I have created (in the COBOL sense of cloned and changed) a new plug-in. The admin page is up, and it looks fine in its limited way. However I noticed that although my plug-in is listed in the Settings - Languages - EN_UK drop-down list, there are no texts listed, whereas they exist for the Product Dimensions plug-in. My texts are definitely used by my page - I can change them in the XML file and the changes appear on the page after a refresh. What is required to register the texts with the language maintenance tool? Thanks for your help, Russ
  6. Hi, I have a specific question. We are running a heavily modded version of the CubeCart 5.2.1. It is not possible to update the website due to the amount of changes we have done to the code - and before you say it, yes - I realize this means the issue I am asking about could have been caused by the changes I have made - even though I doubt it. Recently we had few issues about subtotals of the orders being incorrect and customers paying less than they should have. This is all the information and evidence I have regarding the latest occurrence: The customer places an order The customer does not proceed to the payment, the order status is Pending Up until this point, the basket data saved in the order_summary (and other log I have set up for other reasons) and the subtotal match I see multiple Pending status records in the order history, assuming the customer went back to the website, possibly retrieved the order and did.. something for half an hour: http://prntscr.com/i5vwd9 Finally the order is paid for, with the inventory being slightly different (more items than there were during the original order placement) but without the subtotal changing So even though the order is now worth more than €500, the customer has paid the original amount, which is around €400 We have a mod that adds a free gift to the order inventory if your subtotal exceeds a certain amount. This gift is always the last item in the inventory - however for this order, the sequence of the inventory items is following: Items that match the original subtotal Gift Items that have probably been added later, and dont account into the subtotal and havent been paid for This happens very rarely and the large amount of orders on our website works just fine. When I try to do it from the customer point of view and cheat the system in any way, I am unable to do so. Whenever I place an order, log out, log in, retrieve and update, the subtotal is always correct. So ultimately, my question is: Ever since 5.2.1 to this point, was there ever a bug that caused this to happen and was fixed on some of the versions after 5.2.1? Or does anyone have an idea what could be causing this and how to fix it? Thank you in advance for any feedback, I realize its a specific question regarding obsolete and modded version.
  7. I am developing a sequential order number solution and it seems like the right thing to do to create it as a plug-in so it can be shared if it gets off the ground. i have requested a hook at the appropriate place throug github, but until that materialises (probably the wrong word for software) I would like to add a custom hook so I can enjoy the whole developer experience. Is it enough to copy a nearby hook,then paste it with an adjusted name into the appropriate place? Is there any other declaration required on the provider side? I have read that the hooks.xml file is an info-only document, so I believe I don’t have to update that for a personal hook. Gotta say the whole hook/plug-in/snippet caper is a work of inspired genius, probably just one rung below the recent synchronised Falcon 9 Heavy booster landings. Full accolades to the perpetrators. I plan to use it for all my mods. Russ
  8. Under each product in a category list in the Foundation Skin, there is a grey bar. Does this have a function (as in under certain circumstances, stuff appears in it) or is it a decorative element?
  9. My existing store uses sequential order numbers. The coding for this is relatively trivial. I would like a code hook added to the createOrderId method of order_class. How does one go about requesting such things? I am thinking of something along these lines: -----------------------------------------8<----------------------------------------- public function createOrderId($return = false, $set_basket = true) { // Self-explainitory really... $this->_order_id = ""; <!-- Call hook here --> if ($this->_order_id == "") $this->_order_id = date('ymd-His-').rand(1000, 9999); if ($set_basket) { $this->_basket['cart_order_id'] = $this->_order_id; /* fix for admin generated orders */ if (method_exists($GLOBALS['cart'], 'save')) { $GLOBALS['cart']->save(); } } return ($return) ? $this->_order_id : true; } -----------------------------------------8<----------------------------------------- And while we are in there, we can fix the spelling of "explanatory". Kill two birds with one check-in...
  10. I reported a minor issue to a plug-in developer via a message. He would like to see a picture of the problem. There is a button below the message edit box that entices the author to "insert other media". However, "Upload" is not an option. Unlike the fora, there is no "Drag files here to attach, or choose files" option. How does one attach a new attachment to a message? ---- Breaking wind news --- Naturally, having posted the above (after half an hour of [fm]ucking about ) I immediately found a work-around. Open a posting to a forum. Drag or choose a file. It appears under "Your attachments" in the list of user-related stuff in the drop-down beside your username. Discard the posting to the forum. It has already done its job without being saved. In the message, choose "Insert other media - Insert existing attachment". But adding the "Drag files or choose" capability to the message editor would save a lot of hacking about.
  11. Hi, I am looking at adding an affiliate tracker to our website. Has anyone got any experience or recommendations to make on the ones currently available as extensions https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/affiliate-trackers, ie: iDevAffiliate , clixGalore , JROX , TradeDoubler , etc Thanks S.
  12. I am coming up to speed on the runtime solution for CC.6. I have read the “literature” for developers regarding extensions and plug-ins, installed the example and visitor stats demos and it all makes sense. Snippets are nice. But... (you were waiting for that...) is there a solution for templates that mirrors the hooks for PHP? Is manual intervention the only solution? Thanks, as always, for your help. Russ
  13. The Question: Is there an existing solution for tax-inclusive pricing throughout cubecart? Prompted by: In the downloadable 6.1.13 store, the test product is priced at $6.99, the subtotal is $6.99, and the total is $7.69. This is un-Australian. Update Found the "Tax inclusive" flag in the product definition Pricing page. Background: I have been running a heavily modded 4.3.4 for far too long, and it is time to update. My store is like walking into a Dickensian haberdashery, which is charming in its own way, but the kiddies today demand polish and sheen and html 5 and good phone behaviour, and we must deliver. God forbid that they should discover what real life is like... To my great surprise, when I search the Cubecart fora for "tax", I find nothing. Either CubeCart's tax handling is perfect, or we are all avoiding it (boom-tish!) Here in the civilised paradise of Australia, there is a law that says that if you hand over the price marked on a product, it is yours. None of this "How much is it?" "Five pounds, guv." "Excellent, my man, I'll take it." "That'll be five pounds anna 'arf, guv" nonsense. We feed people to their worst nightmare out of sharks, spiders, snakes or murderous outback hitchhikers for that kind of behaviour. There were, in fact, actual riots about it when the government (which promised at the election before the election before the tax was proposed "We will never, ever introduce a GST" but explained after the more recent election that everyone, ob-viously knew that this meant "never, ever within this current term" - true!) surprised us all with the concept. We didn't really care how much we paid. We just really, really cared that we knew how much it would be. All retailers that turn over more than pittance must, by law, list tax inclusive prices everywhere that Joe Public and Mrs might see them, and also point out that $x.yx of GST is included in the total value of the invoice. Joe and Mrs accepted this as a fair compromise, furled up their banners, drank their Molotov cocktails and retired to the beer garden for some not-yet-craft beer. Anyhow, I sorted all this out in the 4.3.4 store by declaring that prices included tax all the way through the food chain. In the cart, export orders (i.e. for delivery abroad) had the tax shaved off all prices and the total. The scope of the change was limited to the cart itself - the tax is x/(100+x) (i.e. 1/11th) of the invoice total, and for export orders, all prices at 100/(100+x)th of the quoted price. Because of this tax-inc display, we calculate the tax-inc price then round it to the most appealing number (so naturally, the Test Product above will be rounded to .. $7.49? Nah, make it 7.99! However the tax is still 1/11 of the displayed price.) In a perfect world, customers that log in with an account that has an export delivery address by default should probably see tax free prices through-out, but if they don't want to live in the land of sunshine, surf and sharks then they can just be pleasantly surprised by the lower prices at the end. Has this sort of thing made it into cubecart these 8 years hence? I cannot see a setting labeled "Prices are tax inclusive", but it may be labelled something else.
  14. Question: How do I create a discount voucher in CC 6.1? I can find gift certificates (effectively a deposit) but not discount coupons. The two are quite distinct from an accounting and tax point of view and not interchangeable. Question answered: Moments after I posted this, of course, I found them under Promotional Codes, mysteriously filed under Inventory. Which is where Coupons were listed in olden times too. So I have no excuse. Background: My current quaint version 4.3.4 store allows me to issue a discount voucher for $10 or 10% depending on whim and the amount of customer dissatisfaction that I am trying to mitigate. I use it in the unfortunate case when the shipping calculator cooks up a number that is embarrassingly different to the stamps on the box. I don't feel the need to issue a refund (after all, they thought the shipping was acceptable when they placed the order) but the discount voucher adds some goodwill and may well initiate another order. This is clearly not a gift certificate - it is, in this case, a credit.
  15. Hello, I have been using Cubecart 3.0.20 for years and I have also linked it to additional custom-made backend. I know that since 3 yers it is open source, however I can't remove "Powered by Cubecart" from the page title. I am not able to buy a license key neither because there aren't any. I can't upgrade as it will ruin my backend totally. Do you have any idea how can I do it?
  16. Hi, My apologies in advance for this - I have almost certainly done something (or not done something) that is causing this problem, but I have not been able to solve it on my own. I have a CC 434 store which I am planning to update to version 6 once I figure out how to get it to do what I want. I have downloaded the 6.1 installer onto a test system. The installer creates a database with a single product. I created myself as a customer and that worked nicely. Now I am trying to create an order in the admin console to sell myself a test product. I cannot get CC to save the order. I feel as dumb as a box of hammers for having to ask this question, but I have messed about with it for hours and I am flummoxed. I have defined a single tax for Australia at 10%. The order builder is not calculating tax automatically, but then it does not do it in 4.3.4 either, so I am not sure that is a problem. (It is nice that it now calculates the total all by itself.) The primary indicator of trouble (aside from the order not being saved) is that the inventory item line has gone red (ish). I changed the inventory for the test product to have 100 items in stock. Problem persists. Please put me out of my misery and explain what I have done wrong (or, more likely, not done.) Otherwise I will have to spend tomorrow reading code... Thanks for your help. Russ
  17. Hi Cubecart community! I just upgraded my website to have an SSL secure certificate. However, this seems to break Cubecart. Well maybe not exactly break it, but it isn't secure. The shopping cart still works fine in an un-secure mode: http://fitpacking.com/cubecart/index.php, as it bypasses SSL. But when I get to the checkout screen, I see this "not secure" browser window: I have tried to force the issue using https://fitpacking.com/cubecart/index.php but this somehow ruins the markup or breaks the Javascript or something. Do you have any suggestions on how to get the SSL certificate working with Cubecart? Thanks, Steve
  18. Hi can i disable token ( like below ) on add to cart and other forms on my store? <input type="hidden" name="token" value="7df6b9f14c4d76ef6f4b6777465295b0"></form>
  19. Hi, Just installed the Canada Post extension, set it all up, made sure all my products have weights, size, etc. Now when testing the checkout process I have discovered that there is an error saying my product is too heavy or can't be shipped to country... wtf?? |Has this happened to anyone else? I only ship to Canada, so my default postal code(shipping) and countries is all set in the extension...did I miss something somewhere? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  20. Hi, I am looking to offer customers the option of paying by instalments and wonder please if other cubecart users have found a provider. My products are approx £25. I currently use Paypal which is working ok. Suggestions most welcome. BTW I am completely hopeless at tech and rely on Al to get me through hiccups.
  21. Hi, Due to an outdated payment gateway I had to reinstall Cubecart. And yes, it looks way better! However, I had a side box placed in the right column. And I did it myself. Now I’m working with the Foundation skin and totally forgot what I did and where.. I already placed the Featured products in the right column and centered the image. Below this box I'm trying to place a box wherein I can place simple text with hyperlink. In HTML, no problem… Hope someone can tell me how to create this extra box. Edit: My question is mostly where to place the new box refer to display the new box at the site. I can use one of the boxes from the templates and edit it. Rename and insert the links there.
  22. Note: I have installed Cubecart on a Windows Hosting Server, so that might be the problem, even though everything else about Cubecart seems to work. Anyway, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get email confirmation of an order / purchase. I can successfully receive email using "Test (After Save)" from Dashboard > Settings > Advanced Settings When I complete my purchase (and pay via the Braintree / PayPal extension) I receive no email confirmation. However, my credit card is indeed getting charged through the Gateway each time I run a test. In Settings > Features > Misc > Order status for admin email notifications I have tried both Processing and Order Complete to no avail. I also check Force Order Completed Emails but nothing works. What am I missing? What event triggers sending an email? If it makes any difference, I do not sell anything that requires shipping, but I still want to receive notifications. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Steve
  23. HI at main store page, is this possible remove "index.php?" or "?" on canonical address ? <link href="https://domainname.com/index.php?" rel="canonical">
  24. I have used Xenu Link Sleuth to find any broken links and as many errors as I can before we push our site live. I am having a hard time finding / fixing one of the problems that Xenu pointed out. We have >7,000 products in our store. The error I am trying to find is " Broken page-local links (also named 'anchors', 'fragment identifiers'):” The weird thing is that this is only happening on some pages. Not all are product pages, and I can’t seem to find anything that is the same between the specific products that do have it. There are 18 like this: https://www.markwilliams.com/99780.html#product_description anchor occurs multiple times One of these: https://www.markwilliams.com/search.html#keywords anchor occurs multiple times and one of these: https://www.markwilliams.com/video.html#sitedoc anchor occurs multiple times I can see the duplicate div when I use the FF developer tools, but I can’t figure out how the duplication is happening. Also, if I just leave it, can you think of any potential problems?
  25. Hello. I am just beginning to learn about internet payment software and Cubecart seems interesting, especially with it's free extensions and payment gateways. Is it possible to use few of them at once on a website? Or I will be forced to focus on just one to make it work?
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