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  1. Hi How can i disable cash on Cubecart but keep performance as I want my product images list on google images search . after upgrading to cc6 i lose all my images listed on google images search thanks
  2. Hi, I am having an issue with setting EU rules etc. This may sound confusing but here goes. I do not want to sell to EU customers when it involves currencies, but, since I sell digital products, and occasionally add freebies, I do want them to be able to order and download those. I have tried every which way to mess with the tax and zone settings etc, and have had my CT from Australia, and a friend from the UK test for me, and no matter what, the cart stops them. I even tried setting up a tax rule of FREE set at 0 cost, but nothing let's them in. Am I doing something wrong, or is there simply not a capability to do this in CubeCart 6, I have the latest version.
  3. Running current 6.0.0.b7 I am having a predicament. I have my site pretty much how I want it but I have 8 vendors who supply my inventory. Each vendor drop-ships my inventory to my customers. Each vendor has a different shipping method. I thought about incorporating the price of shipping into the retail cost of the item and charge free shipping, however for some items it would not make sense since of the customer ordered three of the same item they could conceivably all be shipped for roughly the same price as a single item. Is there a method using what I have now to be able to at the very least offer a shipping method "By manufacturer?" This is something I didn't really think about before getting this far. I guess I should have. Is there anyone who can make this, or give me a good method of finding a shipping cost to items that come from multiple vendors? Any solutions will be appreciated. Christopher Rowe
  4. A few fulfillment companies I ran into online but have not researched in depth are. I just found these via google: - FBA - ShipWire.com - Chinadivision.com - Fullfillment.com I don't want to use amazon fba because of their branded boxes ($1 extra to unbrand), competing with the product with the data they collect and I have no interest in listing my product on amazon because I have my own sales channel set up to build my customer base. I chatted with shipwire but it's still kind of pricey for a $20 product. Hard to compete when ebay sellers are sending out the same item for $9-10 with free shipping. I'm actually happy if I can match my cost to what they are selling for, but with $6 fulfillment fees and a product that I can find for about $4 (without freight) then I'm struggling. The prices of Chinadivision is better than FBA and you had a personal contact you could reach by phone, but have no experiency of that. Anybody can tell me how it goes. Give me some feedback from using fulfillment company! Thank you!
  5. Hi, I have installed Cube Cart v6 and setup it up completely. I noticed that every time you click on "checkout" or "view basket" I get "HTTP 500 internal server error" I used foundation as my template. I tried the mobile version and it gave me a blank page. Any help?
  6. Hi can anyone let my know how I can Place a Comodo TrustLogo on my website? Comodo says to snippets of HTML code before your </HEAD> tag and this snippets of HTML code before your </BODY> tag I do not know were the doc is.
  7. I have been going round and round on this one and hopefully there is an expert in mod_rewrites who can answer this. My site is structured with top level (lets call it root) pages all with a .php extension e.g. https://mysite.com/anypage.php (there are around 100 pages like this) I have moved to a wordpress site, as a sub folder of root, and CubeCart as a subfolder as root In my wordpress site, I have duplicated the text of the .php pages. A lot of the pages rank really high in the search engines for their terms. And I don't want to lose that ranking. I know there is a way to redirect an entire site from one domain to another with 301 redirects. And there is a way to redirect root pages to a subfolder with 301 redirects. For example I found this # Redirect domain.com to domain.com/folder/ Example Below… RewriteEngine On RewriteRule ^$ /blog/ [R=301] # end redirect With /blog/ being the sub folder. The problem, is it keeps the .php extension and I would like to strip that away. WordPress will not let me add extensions so the pages end up showing https://mysite.com/wp/anypage Can someone help me with this?
  8. As we move into 2016 I would like to Thank some people that immediately come to mind for your help, advice and assistance to me in getting my CubeCart store working and overcoming the hiccups I had. If I don't mention you, it is **not** a slight. I know I will miss some. First is Al Brookbanks - without him we would not have CubeCart. Next is Bsmither - I've always received excellent advice, and really appreciate his "stick-to-it-ness" in getting issues resolved. Next is Dirty Butter - Who's replies have been very helpful Havenswift-hosting - Who's replies have been very helpful And finally Geotex - who has given me tremendous support, and helped with numerous issues, the move over to different hosting, and much, much more. Geotex was the one who first told me about CubeCart. So Thank You All, Merry Christmas, Happy Belated Hanukkah, and a Very Happy and Successful 2016!
  9. Good morning, I would like to know how to get the prices of products. I would like to leave the page alone as product catalogs. Thanks
  10. after my problems with the review pages.. my recaptcha also works now , fortunatly , but the New recapcha does not work, i only get a line of text verify you are human .google code is in have done this several times Any ideas ? Grts Rob
  11. Hello. I'm testing CubeCart 6.06 (at teh moment running old 3. versions on different sites). I've applied the french langage package, and udpated it for the missing translation on some fields. Task almost done now. Only remaing part, which I could not handle is the wording when emails are sent from the shop, ending with : "Kind regards, The (site name) Staff" I've searched every where in the fr xml file, as well as the shop files on the FTP, but can't find WHERE this can be changed to French. Any assistance is welcomed. Best regards Fabien
  12. Hi Cubecart powered ecommerce stores can now build their own branded exclusive app in a fortnight. Contus M-Comm is compatible with Cubecart as well. Right from push notifications, payment gateways, promotional mechanisms like subscription, deals etc, multiple language support, multiple currency support, COntus M-Comm has all that is needed by your Ecommerce mobile app.Find out more about Contus M-Comm @http://www.contus.com/mobile-commerce.phpDrop in your details in the contact form for a free consultation or requirements. We’d love to hear it from you
  13. Google has removed the category tree choice I was using for Baby Toys, and I need to do a find/replace to go FROM Baby & Toddler > Baby Toys TO Baby & Toddler > Baby Toys > Baby Soothers I tried this, with single quote, double quote, and back tick variations, but nothing seems to work on a Simulated Query in my phpMyAdmin. UPDATE CubeCart_inventory SET google_category = replace(google_category,"Baby & Toddler > Baby Toys","Baby & Toddler > Baby Toys > Baby Soothers"); Can anyone tell me what is the correct way to do this? PS: This is the first time I've had to deal with a google-category change - might be worth checking yours to see if any of yours now have reverted to Please Select. At least your previous choice should still be in your database (mine is).
  14. hi I want to add a custom option on payment methods. this option will let customers to pay cash to our staff when the products delivered to them, how can i do that?
  15. Hi, How can I integrate a payment gateway in CC for which there is no plugin available in the CC marketplace? I wanted to add Citruspay (www.citruspay.com) Payment gateway to my site.
  16. Hello everybody! After testing several ecommerce platforms I'm trying CubeCart, and I like it very much. But as I'm not a genius developer I need simple documentation. Recently I developed site using Processwire CMS, and there was API information (https://processwire.com/api/). Is there something similar for CubeCart? If no, could somebody who knows it enough make such a thing? It whould be enormously helpful.
  17. When I upgraded from v5 to v6 I've lost part of the skin template on my site and I'm not sure why.. It's the only thing I've seen thus far that isn't working so I'm confused as to why it's not working anymore.. Below is the script I was/am using. However the links are not even showing on the site anymore, it's not even in the script and from what I'm seeing it's pulling from a different file than the previous one? Any help could be great! <<< ----- main.php file ----- >>> <div class="u3"> <b> <font face="Open Sans Condensed" size="4">Additional Links </b></font><hr> {if !$CONFIG.disable_mobile_skin} <font color="#FFFFFF">&bull;&nbsp;</font><a href="https://tundravalley.com/index.php?_a=document&doc_id=3">Terms & Conditions</a><br /> <font color="#FFFFFF">&bull;&nbsp;</font><a href="https://tundravalley.com/index.php?_a=document&doc_id=4">Privacy Statement</a><br /> <font color="#FFFFFF">&bull;&nbsp;</font><a href="https://tundravalley.com/index.php?_a=document&doc_id=12">Tundra Valley Careers</a><br /> <font color="#FFFFFF">&bull;&nbsp;</font><a href="https://tundravalley.com/index.php?_a=contact">Contact Us</a><br /> {/if} </div>
  18. I BET $1,000,000. I HAVE THE HOTTEST SITE ON THE PLANET LOL Keep Reading and Check Out the Links Bellow Hi, I have been using your CubeCart for Many years now, since version 3 came out. It's been Great, and was easy to tweak the php script myself to suit my needs etc.. Tweaking All the Old Skins to my liking was Fairly Simple and I am not really a Pro. And this New Version is Awesome, and easily upgraded without issue. It does need more Skins and it needs a Bulk wiper for Stupid Spam Reviews. That’s about all I think it Version 6 needs built in from what I see so far, but I only upgraded March 30, 2015 Thanks a Million... www.CarolinaReaper.ca or www.Ghost-Powder.com or www. Bhut-Jolokia-Pods.com
  19. So I updated to 6.0.2 and now in my dashboard I see over lapping text. See attached. I don't think I can fix this - or maybe I can. Maybe its my PC - if its my PC then so be it - but figured i'd bring it up.
  20. I have the Small logo set for 12 columns, and the button row as well. But no matter what combination I try, I can't seem to get the three buttons to line up next to each other. I've obviously rearranged the code, so I know it's my fault. Help fixing it would be appreciated. I'd like the buttons to be centered under the logo. https://dirtybutter.com/plushcatalog/kids-preferred-plush-animals.html <div class="row marg-top"> <div class="small-12 medium-4 large-6 columns"> <a href="{$STORE_URL}" class="main-logo"><img src="{$STORE_URL}/images/logos/barnlogojaggedframe.jpg" alt="{$META_TITLE}"></a> </div> <div class="small-12 medium-8 large-6 columns nav-boxes"> {* DIV CLASS *} <div class="row"> {* ROW 1 SMALL*} <div class="right text show-for-medium-up">{include file='templates/box.basket.php'}</div> <div class="left-text show-for-small"><a class="left-off-canvas-toggle button white tiny" href="#"></a><i class="fa fa-bars fa-2x"></i> <a class="button white tiny show-small-search" href="#"><i class="fa fa-search fa-2x"></i></a>{include file='templates/box.basket.php'} </div> {include file='templates/box.currency.php'} {include file='templates/box.language.php'} {include file='templates/box.session.php'} </div> <div class="row hide" id="small-search"> {* HIDDEN SEARCH BOX THAT SHOWS AFTER ICON CLICKED ON SMALL *} <div class="medium-5 columns">{include file='templates/box.search.php'}</div> </div> {* END HIDDEN SEARCH *} {* END ROW 1 SMALL*}
  21. Anyone (business or individuals) selling digital goods to European Union members under new EU law are required to charge VAT at the buyers rate. This new law is enforced no matter how small or large your turnover is or whether you are currently VAT registered or not. Our CubeCart marketplace takes care of this for you as we are required collect and pay all EU VAT taxes on your behalf. This means you can list your digital products in our marketplace with no VAT concerns at all and have piece of mind that this has been looked after for you. As many of you are aware businesses in the EU are subject to yet more red tape and legislation. Now the sales of digital products and services to European customers should begin charging VAT at the rate of VAT in the country in which the customer is based, not their own. Our extensions marketplace requires all sellers to input product prices inclusive of VAT. We have built a sales export tool so that you are able to get sales reports between specified dates. This will contain the buyers full name, address, IP address and VAT. This will allow you to easily submit tax returns via schemes such as MOSS. Details of this new EU legislation came somewhat out of the blue with little notification and as a result there is much confusion. We would recommend seeking professional advice from a qualified accountant. If there is anything we can do to make it easier for you we will be happy to look into it.
  22. Hi All, Can anyone please help me to sort out this payment processing issue which I am suffering with the card save payment gateway. My shopping cart has been plugged with the card save payment gateway for the moment.Once I have been redirected to the card save gateway payment page I getting the following error. “This transaction cannot be processed. It was rejected because the passed transaction date/time has expired. Please press “Back†in your browser and resubmit the transaction.†Any help please ? Regards, Ruchira.
  23. Hi, I have a client that requires some big custom modules and tweaks. We already have a team of developers and looking for an additional developer to assist. If you are interested please contact me on the contact form on http://definitivelabs.co.uk/contact-redux Vinnie
  24. Well, when I installed CC5 and used the skins with CC5 I had no issues with this. Now I am using a different skin, and I want to be able to have some very simple boxes added to the side bar. I have read a couple of posts based on how to create boxes, but for some reason I can't get it to work. When I add straight HTML to the main.php file I do not get the formatting for the box. So basically, I need help. My boxes will not contain anything specific to the site functions. The box will be visible to everyone, and it will be static, no dynamic functioning to it at all. But I want to be able to add more than one box so I am trying to create a simple template. The box creating method I was trying to do is at this link: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>(bsmither's post) Upon trying this it crashed my site so I was unsuccessful. Can someone explain what I need to do? There is an attachment picture. When I add HTML the html is obviously seen (This was for demo purposes). I am trying to get it to look like the other boxes, title in grey and content. I want it to look like "On Sale" or "Shop by Category" just with my content inside.
  25. FYI, as of January 1, and still today as of 9:50am PST Jan 2, 2015, getting 500 server error trying to access: https://www.cubecart.com/ http://www.cubecart.com/
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