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  1. --------- ok, duh... this won't work via full data dump, -- Table structure for table `CubeCart_customer` as it's missing the addresses and whatnot. Doh. ---------- Looking at the dbase.... seems like export of this: 'CubeCart_order_summary' but then filter to latest order per customer ID to get latest customer info and billing ? thanks for any feedback ... I realize this is an untypical newbie type post from me ;-)
  2. Hi, well, newsletters doesn't work for us to export customers as it doesn't have the full customer record, and we did not "auto subscribe" everybody to newsletters, so most customers not in that dbase (I looked). :-) .... think of it this way, what if we needed to import the full customer dbase into another system, such as another ecom system entirely if CC somehow went kabooky (not expected, but being paranoid ... we'd want a full customer dbase export that could be imported into anything else with all the normal customer fields for the ID, email, first, last, address fields, zip, country, shipping, billing (as in some case the company is one thing, billing is another), phone(s). Export "by unique" email works, as no client can have two accounts with same email; so any email account would have latest iteration of any data, which is why the "order export" method not ideal for full customer export. I can export all orders without any trouble, just not "all customers" (only about 1600 customers, so not billions). I am actually in the main SQL export, in Excel right now `CubeCart_customer` I need to get this done over the weekend, so let me play with this a little longer to see if I can at least get this one darn thing done. Then go from there. We do need the FULL customer record -- hence why newsletters option not useful (tried that first and went... oh yeah, doh), as only 5% of customers are in there as we ended up hiding the option if memory serves. Meaning, nobody after 2010 'opted in' -- and having the "optin" -- would only save those who optin -- would not save a complete customer record. Which would be nice option to have with the store, in general. If you come up with a plugin to "export customers" -- would love to buy that :-) Basically a full export of the customers, ala the way one can export sales from the sales history section. Sorry, that might have been redundant. Too much coffee, not enough lunch ;-) oh - and other reason we need FULL customer export is we are also going to do a postcard mailing to all past clients 2009-2015. :-)
  3. For the moment, in lieu of any automagical solution, am trying the export SQL, then import into Excel bringing comma delim fields into columns and keeping the '' wraps we need. Then will try to clean up all the non customer record stuff and see if this will work. I didn't look to see if there is plugin for this, but man that would be sooooooo much easier! "export customers" .... what a concept! ;-)
  4. Hi folks must be having a duh moment. Trying to do some different flavor data exports of our CC 5.2.13 shop for both posterity, and backups/migrations, paranoia, prior to CC6 move. Obviously can do full exports / backups of dbase via panel, cron, phpmysql, etc. which we do. So, I managed to easily do the "order search" from 2009 to today, filter by "order completed", export all as CSV, but obviously this will have duplicate entries for each customer on a line by line basis; seems painful to go through and manually remove duplicates for a customer who has done 100 orders with us.. There doesn't seem to be "export" button when doing a search by date range for all customers. If I do a 'view all' under customers, there is no export option. Is there perhaps a hack to add an export option to the customer search, or a plugin to "export all customers" that would work with v5 ? (and presumably could be adapted to v6 if there is no export customers option in v6 either?). One of those duh things that would have been useful in CC all these years. Export newsletter doesn't help as that does not have all the customer data and we have not been using this system for newsletter push. Thanks for any guidance on this! :-) Really not looking forward to manually editing the CSV/Excel file based on orders to remove dupes with sort by customer name column. I am super rusty with phpmysql, but if anybody has the "put in this string, and select these fields, dummy..." help, man that would be so awesome. I'm not MySQL/phpmyadmin illiterate, just only have to mess with that maybe once a year, so it's not my normal hang out. :-)
  5. Also, as FYI - Google does not use the "keywords" for anything, but that can help with internal search engine primarily. Google uses the first 250 characters or so of the description tag, and/or the open graph (OG) description tag -- which should be the same -- as well as the title tag to generate SERPS. Google also uses breadcrumbs as applicable to add "where am I" info in some cases for large complex sites (ours for example shows breadcrumbs in serps between the title and excerpt generated)..
  6. +1 on the fraudlabs plugin :-) I'd be a little dubious about FraudTrakr since they appear to be brand new, no partners listed, and appear to be operating as an anonymous entitywithout full disclosure of how the data is or will be used. Caution! :-)
  7. If Blueprint isn't using the same coding as Vector, that's great news all around. We spent a week trying to get Vector to work with various workarounds, including creating static CSS and over-riding the settings, but the conflict between how they did the dynamic LESS stuff along with the Fusion system, just breaks in Firefox, although we got it working in EVERY other web browser. (And of course, I'm likely to blame 'stupid' FireFox there ... but .... lots of people love it ... which sucks for me because I liked Vector, aside from the CC5 three page checkout funnel where people get lost ... but that's another issue ....) FYI, mod_SPDY is being built into the next version of Apache, so it will soon be a part of the web base platform, not host specific; so those who want it will be able to use it. Which is good since Google is really pushing the "https everywhere" concept. I just suffered switching 15 years of content to "all https" which we switched over on Dec. 1 ... ugh. Pain, in all the diodes down my left side. ;-)
  8. And actually the expiration headers are good for dynamic sites as they set a far away expiration time for resources which don't often change; and it's required by things like Google PageSpeed Insights to get a higher score. Expiration headers tell the browser not to keep reloading elements which don't change like a favicon, or the logo, etc. Expiration headers should absolutely be used with any dynamic site, including carts, WordPress, etc. Sorry to chime in on that if unwanted comment :-)
  9. Welll..... I know this isn't necessarily good answer, but I would run away from Blueprint as soon as you can, only because it's no longer supported - as you know - and the underpinnings are not really up to date after 2 years with all the changes to web browsers, and the fact we've run into a bunch of issues with the other theme Vector, especially in Firefox lately, and found it won't work at all with the next generation server optimizations like mod_SPDY at all (CSS won't load due to the funky compiled LESS CSS vs direct link to static stylesheet). I have not tried it yet with CC6 (was waiting for b3 to even install CC6); but we're going to go ahead and try to wrangle the new base theme as it will at least WORK with all modern browsers and mobile devices properly. Just my two cents, and sorry for not answering the question really :-)
  10. CC5 is NOT a responsive theme. It has a mobile function, based on 2010 "thinking" on mobile of having a different version of site CSS load. CC6 has a responsive framework, to use the "same pages" for desktop, tablet, phone, and does those tricky things like modern sites.
  11. You can also check the actual order by clicking on it in the orders list, and then under "transaction logs" ... it will show some shenanigans related to an order attempt, such as AVS mismatch, or whatever. (depending on the gateway being used; like Authorize.net...) NOTE for PayPal... we did see an issue *TODAY* for the first time with CC5, where client placed order, contacted me, as the status in the CC system said "pending" ... and not "order complete - pending" as per usual. I thought this was possibly due to e-check payment, which does take 3-5 days to "clear." However, I went to my PP account and saw the payment was tagged as "completed." Went back to cart, still stuck on pending. Even though I got order receipt from the system and email from PayPal saying order paid with PP, as per usual. So, I had to manually change the setting to "completed" on the orders screen. First time I've seen that happen, and it has only happened TODAY (Fri. 1/16). Might be a PP issue not sending back the "confirmed/completed" data properly. I am still running CC 5.2.3.
  12. Also be aware that if your host uses or intends to implement mod_SPDY to speed up server side SSL/https connections, VECTOR and its attendant requirements and modules/CSS, etc., are not compatible with some browsers like Firefox when running mod_SPDY and other optimization tricks ... since they load the CSS via a sort of compiled LESS/redirect, this fails on Firefox when mod_SPDY is running. VECTOR does still work with mod_pagespeed, however. Frankly, you might consider playing with CC6 on parallel install and look at the base responsive theme and see if you can more easily modify that to work long-term. The new base theme in CC6 runs on Foundation vs Bootstrap, but styles/classes are well documented. You can look at my "old" (soon to be retired) version of Vector with many hacks, here if curious: https://www.send2press.com/ecom/ We'll be retiring that due to our need to run mod_SPDY soon; but the above link will be redirected to new /folder/ when the new store install actually working by early Feb. This might not apply to you in any way, I only bring it up as reasons we are now moving away from VECTOR 1) lack of any support, or updates 2) not compatible with mod_SPDY 3) not fully optimized for Google PageSpeed Your mileage may vary, of course! :-)
  13. Note we use the PayPal module found in admin > modules > payment gateways > PayPal and *not* the pro version at admin > modules > plugins > PayPal try the first version, and it works the normal method of sending customer to PayPal server to pay securely. The pro version is designed to provide seamless experience for customer by NOT sending folks to PP site, then having to come back to cart. At least this is how we do it in CC5.
  14. Maybe add a $20 extension to remove copyright notices for CubeCart, or something like that. We paid for the removal, also, and prefer not to "advertise" what cart we run for security among other things.
  15. I only mentioned Bootstrap as I spent the last year and a half learning all the ins and outs of that for our main site, and also the "Vector" skin I was using (which is no longer fully compatible with next-gen tech like mod_SPDY) used that as well. So, it's pretty darn entrenched now with sites all over the place using it. But Foundation is one of the other popular ones, so that was not a bad choice at all. :-)
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