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  1. When I enter the address of my admin login to CubeCart the browser just comes up with a blank screen. Store pages come up fine and only having problems with admin. Any suggestions on how this can be resolved. Have tried in Firefox, Chrome and Edge.
  2. Afternoon, I am playing around with creating a plugin and have read the example guide but seem to have come stuck on creating tabs on the plugin page. Current structure is based on the Visitor Stat Example so you have the main settings page, then a new menu section and child link to a new page in the left-hand menu. Now when clicking the child link it loads the new page to list the content i want from the DB but theres no content in the tabs bar above the page content and not sure on how to create tabs as thats not covered in the guide. I know theres the admin.tabs hook but not
  3. Hello, Does anyone know where I can change the size of the font for the 'welcome' title ? Also, the font(s) for Featured, Best Sellers, Latest Products, etc. These fonts are way too large, and detract from the rest of the page(s) when viewed. Also, where can the colors be changed for the 'Your Shopping Basket' (the fields for what is in the basket, the weight, shipping method, etc.)? I have been searching the CSS files in the foundation and in the skin I am using, and so far have not found anything. I am using cubecart 6.2.2. and a custom skin. Thank you for your time and conside
  4. Hi, Upgraded to the 6.2.9 CC and the Square payment Extension. Great job Guys! Question... How to change the Add to Basket terminology and effects on the main page and category pages...as multiple size choices are offered for an individual product: I kept copies of the category and main pages before the upgrade like I used to do and they worked great on the older versions of CC, but it totally messes with the layout when I use them now. So, how to change the button to read: "Details" or "More Info" and lose the following error statement when you click from the main or cate
  5. Hey all, I have 2 shops - both setup at teh same time, both front ends working well but 1 will not move orders through whilst the other works perfect. I keep getting this error: 504 Gateway Time-out The server didn't respond in time. Any thoughts please?
  6. Hello, After updating to 6.2.9 all email - SMTP - stopped working. Any ideas ? Thanks Angrek
  7. I recently install a skin and then got this error and cannot see how to fix it. /classes/config.class.php:357 - Config write size error: config My website is on shared hosting so I'm not sure what level I can get to. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Does anyone know where to find the length of {product.description_short} I would like to increase the number of characters before the description is truncated. Thanks
  9. I added a non-superuser administrator to my store. I granted it read/edit/delete permissions to manage categories, products, customers, and orders. Upon logging in with that user to check it out, I find that it will not allow saving (edit) or deletion for those items! I really don't want them to be a superuser, so what do I need to do to fix this???
  10. Hi Guys Im using the Mican template on a 6.2.9 install and I would like to reduce the size of the search & currency bar directly under the header. Can someone give me a clue as to how I can do this.
  11. Hi Guys if I go into images in the admin section I get the following message in a red band across the top of the files page: Not enough memory to create thumbnail from `Screenshot_20180921_115412.png` or file is corrupt or invalid. cannot find this file anywhere and cannot get rid of the error. any help greatly appreciated.
  12. Hi Guys I have just updated a site to 6.2.9 from 6.2.8 i now appear to have 2 admin files just with random letter groups at the end of the name. one appears to originate from 6.2.8 and one from the upgrade. However if I delete the 6.2.8 admin file everything on the backend goes blank. apologies if there is an obvious solution for this i cannot find anything re multiple admin directories on the forum. Addendum I thought I would check out global.inc.php it would appear I have 15.
  13. I would like to be able to force customers to create an account/password because I sell a downloadable product and too many people uncheck the "make an account" box. I found some older answers to this problem, but it seems to only work with older versions of cubecart. Can anyone help me set up cubecart to force registration at checkout?
  14. https://www.navimaps4u.com I am new to cubecart but found editing and setting up this site no too difficult a task,I wouldn't say it is perfect so would like some critique and advice on how to improve on it. I am presently working on another similar site https://www.peedee.com.au with same products so would like ideas on how to improve, I am no good at coding but ready to try and learn the basics. Browse when time permits and give me some feedback. Cheers
  15. I am trying to purchase the Action Popup Plugin on the marketplace but I am getting an error stopping the purchase. I have logged in to my PayPal account and even tried a different personal PayPal account and it still won't work. Any suggestions? The error is as follows: There has been a problem setting up this payment. Account Account not found. Unilateral receiver not allowed in chained payment is restricted
  16. manka


    Hello! We can't create new coupon for some months. The System doesn't save the name of new coupon and it doesn't work, because it doesn't exist. Why? Thanks!
  17. Site: shop.robinsomes.co.uk CC 6.2.9 / PayPal Commerce Platform 1.3.5 / All In One Shipping 1.0.16 Perhaps I'm missing something obvious, but is it possible to refine the product details and shipping rates, to separate the weights of product and packaging? Example: I'm selling small booklets, which weigh 75 g. A standard cardboard mailer plus printed receipt weighs another 75 g, so in Products: General I give the booklet a weight of 150 g. I have All In One Shipping set up with the standard Royal Mail weight bands of up to 100 g / 101 - 250 g, etc. This works well with
  18. I am trying to set up a CubeCart for a car club so as to be able to sell admission tickets and tee-shirts. In addition to PayPal, I would like to have the ability to accept Interac payments but there is very little information about how to set this system up. The club has a bank account and the bank is part of the Interac network but they stated that they only support their own apps. Interac doesn't appear to have a support page and no-one from Interac has so far contacted me. I would to know how best to configure the Interac extension's fields: Allow bank transfers? [enable/di
  19. Hi, I've brought this up with PayPal and while I'm waiting for them to get back to me, I thought I might see if anyone has any ideas to help me. I can pay for an item using PayPal, and it works perfectly. I get all the notifications, emails and the money goes out of my credit card and into PayPal. Perfect! However, if I try to do another purchase immediately, the process hangs waiting for the PayPal screen to enter CC details.. It just hangs with the circulating thingy. I am using the black 'Debit or Credit Card' button. I've just tried it now and it has worked
  20. Hello & thanks @ all Cubecart Team and Community. I need your help because ssl admin tab don't work. let's encrypt is well installed. if i configure manually with htaccess. only homepage run https other pages and content stay insecure also loggin page. ------------------ firefox : La page n’est pas redirigée correctement (pages isn't redirected correctly) Une erreur est survenue pendant une connexion à www.love-weed.fr. La cause de ce problème peut être la désactivation ou le refus des cookies. (accept or refuse cookies) ------------ Thanks you for your
  21. Hi All, I am trying to change the images for the BXslider in the Foundation skin. In the folder "samples" are 3 pictures. They are the ones in the box slider. The address on the main page is the sample folder. If I change the pictures and leave them labeled the same, they still stay the previous images (Cellphones) Any help would be appreciated phagota.com/skins/foundation/images/bxslider
  22. I want to be able to sell Gift Certificates that are redeemable against a specific item. I sell training courses as well as physical products and I want to create a Gift Certificate that could be bought for someone (eg as a present) and then redeemed for a training course on a given date to suit the recipient. Is this possible? I know I could ask the purchaser to buy a Gift Card for a specific amount, but this could then be used for goods as well as courses.
  23. Hi all, I know there is integration for Stripe, however this extension is limited to a customer process - I'd like for telephone orders to be taken and entered as if they were an order, but obviously this requires a manual stripe payment (sometimes referred to as a MOTO transaction). Any thoughts anyone?
  24. i uploaded an html file in images while trying to add an item to the site using the karuto skin and i cannot find it in the images file to delete it. how do i find it to delete it? i am using 6.1.14
  25. CubeCart 6 Debugging: on Caching: off Cloudflare cache: off Browser cache: off Web server: display all errors Since the documentation for writing plug-ins in lacking for anything much beyond "hello world", I've resorted to brute force, line-by-line tracing. I'm working through the visitor stats sample plugin, I'm trying to trace program flow. In every PHP file in the plug-in, I've tried: inserting an echo statement with the filename using echo to insert a script tag to log the filename to the console writing the filename to a log file in a writ
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