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  1. I just installed the latest cubecart for teh first time, and I understand the process of adding the products etc, I think this is a great product - but I have a couple of questions... I looked into editing the template files to fit in my own header and footer, but could not find the tpl files, and as this job is a time sensitive thing I am putting that on the back burner to completely learn how to do it. But I would like to have my own style front page based along the lines of the current demo I have at http://2016.carolinawreath.com/ Questions... How can I carry through the styles of that navigation bar into the inner pages? How can I make this page be the main home page link? Thanks!
  2. Am running cc6 with minimaliser skin. This shows 3 products per row. Can I make each item smaller and show 5 or 6 products per row. Else people have to Really scroll a lot more to see more products.
  3. Hi, We regularly add custom notes to the "Public Note Content" field in the Order Notes. We've inserted the code {$DATA.note_to_customer} into the HTML of the Completed Order email template, but the new lines in the "Public Note Content" field aren't being respected when the email is sent. Example: - "Public Note Content" field: Text line 1 Text line 2 on a new line with a blank line between - Email: Text line 1 Text line 2 on a new line with a blank line between How can we get new lines to appear in the email? Thanks.
  4. Hi, I know that the HTML of the email templates can include a long list of data using the macros listed underneath, but can details captured in the Product Options area be used? I've searched the forums and couldn't see anything... An example: we capture the Make, Model, registration and year of manufacture of motorbikes for one of our membership products (non-physical) as Product Options. We would like to reference these when the Order Complete email gets sent. Can this be done? If so, what would be really handy would be if some logic could be used in the email template along the lines of "If empty, then display no text. If not empty, display Make: DATA.Product.Option.Make_field" - I hope you get the idea. Thanks.
  5. My hosting service has announced they're going from PHP 5.5 to 7.0 I may have missed it in my searches, but I want to make sure the latest version of CC is compatible with PHP7. Thanks for the info! EDIT: I see mixed responses from July about working with php7. There is nothing special I need to do when upgrading my PHP, correct??
  6. Hello, I am not sure if there is a thread for my query already in the forum. I would like to know if there is a way to place a restriction in a product to be sold in a specified area. The reason being is that I am willing to sell items such as fragrances which are restricted to sell internationally. I would much appreciate if you could help me on this. Thanks
  7. Hello everyone! I want to do an amendment on the site, so that when the customer would like to buy the site, you can specify the exact amount you want to buy. For example: I want to buy 2.3 kg of meat. (And I want this quantity will put it in the basket) It is a meat 10dkg 30 forints So, 230 x 30 = 6900 Huf This is the total price It would help anyone possibly do that? It would be important! Pls reply Thank you!
  8. I have a site (theolyn.com) I'm building in CC6.0.12. We're based in the UK and prices are in GBP. However, we're taking more sales from the USA and would like to offer an alternative browsing experience there that is more America-friendly. The solution I'd like is: Some sort of script that can identify a visitor's IP address and forward them to a sub-directory of the site as appropriate, so everybody sees the UK site unless they're from the USA, in which case they're forwarded to theolyn.com/us. Having identified a visitor as US-based, prices will then be shown in USD, rather than GBP. The ability to price products in different currencies precisely, so that a product that costs £349.99 can be specified as $449.99, instead of the less customer-friendly conversion of $453.29 (as it happens to be today — it will be slightly different tomorrow). Setting enticing prices in GBP is great, but it's much less enticing to Americans if the price is some awkward conversion, instead of a priced tweaked to be enticing to them. Does anybody know how I can make my site US-friendly, please? Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to help. UPDATE: I note I was in touch with bsmither a while ago on the topic of setting specific prices in different currencies on a per-product basis — see thread here: Assuming he gets back to me with a useful response, I'm just left with the problem of identifying and redirecting users based on IP address. Fingers crossed!
  9. Hi How can i set a rule in .htaccess that index.php?seo_path=my-seo-path 301 redirect to domain.com/my-seo-path.html as i see many index.php?seo_path=my-seo-path on Webbots and this is bad for seo.
  10. My Logo has been updated and I have 3 different variants for various purposes, and I have somehow managed to update the website store logo, and the logo on the invoices. However, I can't figure out how to make a banner display properly on emails. It is all bunched up :-(
  11. Hi, Which multi channel stock/order management systems would you recommend best to work with Cubecart and other platforms like Ebay, Amazon, etc ? I am aware that there is a very good plugin for Ebay but it will not be enough if you sell across other channels or have more than one domain using the same stock. I googled that query and came up with a few like Linnworks, Expandly, brightpearl.com, e-trackit.co.uk, stitchlabs.com, some looking super expensive for a small business. Thanks, Sandrine
  12. I'm new to CubeCart. I installed and set up the USPS shipping module, and would like to know if there is a way to let the customer choose to have signature required and/or insurance to be calculated into the USPS price. If there is not a way currently, it would be a great enhancement as the vast majority of our shipments go out with signature required and insurance. In our current cart (which we are getting rid of), we can select if these are mandatory. It would be really helpful if we can tick a box that says mandatory and then add a price level where the calculations start. And also have a box we can tick that would let the customer opt to purchase signature confirmation and extra insurance. Does this currently exist? Thanks in advance for your replies!
  13. Hello I have some setup questions, I’m new to this platform and would like make some changes (if possible) so I can get rolling. 1. Search our store and advance search, I don’t need I have one product and maybe the possibility different sizes down the road. How do I get rid of it? 2. Customer reviews, is there a way to add pictures to this in a mod? Would be nice to have reviews with customers picture using or holding product. 3. Logo space is too small, if there is a way to remove search box will this free up space for a larger logo? 4. I don’t need a featured product cause I have one, when I uncheck box in admin for this it also took away latest products and I was left with the home page slider and nothing else it might have been the other way around either way, nothing on home page except slider. I want it simple, if they make it to the website they just want to buy my product. 5. Do you have to have a SSL for PayPal to work correctly? Is there a tutorial in the forum for paypal some where that has eluded me? I setup install with http: and not https would I have to re install if ssl is needed? 6. I would like to put a video on home page, is there an easy way to do this? 7. Its quite simple, I have one product that I would like for the consumer to have the ability to buy on home page without registering (or does this affect shipping) to my site, pay through paypal express checkout. Sorry for all the questions but I need to get this site the way it should be and quickly, Thanks for any advice and replying.
  14. Hi, Please be indulgent with my english... I need some help to fixed taxes rates on shipping and coupon. I thought I was doing it well but it seems to have failed. There's no taxes applies on my shipping and there's something weird happen with taxes when I apply a coupon. I need to apply canadian taxes on shipping amount and I need to apply both of canadian taxes correctly on subtotal after the system calculate the coupon discount. Please help me!
  15. well I attempted to do this <H1></H1> tag just like I did for another page. It worked for the other page but it didn't work on my contact-us.php page. I put both tags in shop/skins/mican/templates/main.php file. Here is what I have: {if $smarty.server.REQUEST_URI|stristr:'contact-us.php'} <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"> <head> <title>Contact Form</title> <H1>Contact Information and Form</H1> </head> </html> {/if} Can someone tell me what I did wrong and how to fix it? thanks
  16. how i can remove parameters from url , like i have page http://www.abc.pk/index.php?_a=viewCat&cat_id=1 to http://www.pakonlineshop.pk/mens-fashion i have tried many options but did not get , if i use this rule #RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} (.*)$ #RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f #RewriteRule ([^/]*)$ index.php?_a=viewCat&cat_id=$1 [NC] this loads some category's products on http://www.pakonlineshop.pk
  17. Hi verybody, anyone can tell me where to set up my email to receive notifications when someone performs an order? thanks
  18. Smallmouse wrote in 2008 "Hi again, I am trying to sell tickets to events online using cubecart. Is there any way that when the customer enters in the number of tickets they require and add to basket, then they are given a form to fill in with the names of those attending for each ticket? I am really stuck with how to do this. Any help appreciated. Thanks. Lisa." I am trying to do the same, however at the moment I use digital items and have the attendees registered name only. Would be nice to a full blown ticket agency using a CC plugin. Any takers? regards Duncan
  19. I need to add a banner for the paypal billmelater to my website, but it's in <script></script> form. I tried putting it in the Welcome Message text but it won't show the banner. I have spent 8 hours trying to figure out if I needed to tell javascript to be true, but i found so many references to javascript that I'm not sure where I have to change anything and I thought javascript was enabled cause I use recaptcha. Anyway if someone can help me figure out how to get this paypal banner that's in <script></script> form on my website I'd appreciate it. I have Cubecart 6.0.11. I do have the script already as given from Paypal. I could put it in my header too if that helps anyone help me. I use the Mican - Blue theme.
  20. Hi, My second post and I'm totally new to CubeCart... For a small set of specific products within my shop, I want to have a number of mandatory fields appear when any one of those products are ordered and on a "per product" basis, i.e. if more than any one of these products is purchased in a single transaction these fields appear for each product in the transaction. I want the data captured in these fields to be recorded as part of the order details, not the customer. My questions: 1) Which table(s) in the phpMyAdmin area would the new fields need to be added to? Any tips on some of the more unusual field options (e.g. I get "mandatory", but others?) when creating them... 2) I know I'll need some PHP coding to have the fields appear (getting that sorted) and I think it'd be best to have that occur in the "Basket" stage of the purchase. Which PHP file(s) would be the ones to change the code in? 3) It'd be great if I could have this mandatory data appear in the CubeCart Admin Control Panel -> Orders -> Overview tab - Order Summary. I'm guessing this would be PHP code changes too - again, which file(s)? Many thanks in advance.
  21. Hi, I am having an issue with setting EU rules etc. This may sound confusing but here goes. I do not want to sell to EU customers when it involves currencies, but, since I sell digital products, and occasionally add freebies, I do want them to be able to order and download those. I have tried every which way to mess with the tax and zone settings etc, and have had my CT from Australia, and a friend from the UK test for me, and no matter what, the cart stops them. I even tried setting up a tax rule of FREE set at 0 cost, but nothing let's them in. Am I doing something wrong, or is there simply not a capability to do this in CubeCart 6, I have the latest version.
  22. Greeting to cubecart's team and cubecarters, I just started using cubecart v6 and I was very impressed with the functions of cubecart. However, I'm now encounter some problems and I need some suggestions here. I used Softaculous to install my online ecommerce website (Ohsembuy) with the latest cubecart v6, it's working fast and smoothly without any hassle. Until now, I've uploaded more than 20 products onto the store. Yesterday, I'm ready to add the "Online Payment Gateway" from "WebCash". The customer support manager from WebCash informed me that I need to insert the "Online Payment Gateway API" by myself. I login to my webstore and try to add on the gateway API. However, I found out that I can't edit those PHP codes (All the PHP codes are fixed) just like the below picture: I can only view the PHP info, but can't barely change or edit the PHP codes. My question here - Is there any alternative solution for me to add the "Online Payment Gateway API" onto my webstore, since I can't change or edit the PHP codes? PS: I really need to solve this problem urgently, hopefully someone will guide me here. Thanks in advanced. Regards, Simon Wilson.
  23. Hi Cubecart forum, I have found in: Products/images there is an Exclude Image tick button. However I am unable to click on it or even untick the included Image box. Does anyone else have this issue? I also found that if I uploaded an image with the same name I get both listed in the file manager. Your comments and observations please.
  24. Hello, Just looking to see what everyone does for their record keeping processes. Currently, I have to manually input my sales in to Quickbooks and am looking for a better way! I then print out the invoice from the cubecart store and place that into a folder for a hard copy. I see a lot of people don't even keep their orders in the system. I am just looking to see if there is a way to streamline this process, it's very time consuming and wasteful as far as ink/paper goes!
  25. So, when my store was installed some years ago it was a different time.... now I am wondering if I could EASILY move my store from it's /store/ directory to the root directory without issue?? Is there a write up on this somewhere? I couldn't find one if there is. If it requires database changes and all that reconfiguring it is not worth it in my opinion. I will need to just create some sort of redirect to point to the /store/ directory, but I'd really rather avoid that. Any help is appreciated.
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