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  1. Hi guys. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions. I have set up a new site to focus primarily on one group of products that I also sell on my main site. I want to import only these categories and products to the new site. What is best way to do this? Also I want to create a shared inventory between the two. For example if a product is sold from one site it deducts from other. Any thoughts? 8-)
  2. I currently use Parcel2Go, offline from Cubecart, since the volume of things I sell is low. I've inherited the Cubecart site from the previous business owner and I'm in the process of updating it before it goes live with a new look. I have investigated the Parcel2Go extension, but not tried it in sandbox mode yet (not sure if I can). It would seem that the setup page wants you to put in the dimensions of a parcel. In my case that's not possible since I ship things that are anything from 20x20x10cm to 120x35x50cm. Does anyone know if the dimensions of the package can be configured on a per-order basis? Thanks, Nelly
  3. Hi Guys I have tried installing on 1&1 in the UK - a shared Windows Hosting package - and the prog installs but shows "curl" is not installed. I can login to Admin but I cannot see the Store Front ... just a blank page appears. Any ideas? Do I need Curl? Should I look to Host elsewhere - though I'd rather not!? Thank you ....
  4. I suggest you put that cup of coffee down and swallow whatever is in your mouth before reading further. We don't want any nasty accidents. Safe to proceed? OK. I have an online store that runs CubeCart 4.3.4. I tricked it up so it does some nice things with shipping, made the invoices Australia compatible and fiddled with the tax handling to make it agree with the letter of the law for GST. Added some display stuff etc et etc. Installed some enhancements to get linearly numbered invoice numbers and stock levels for product options so it does pretty much what I want it too. Doing it all once was OK, but doing it again for version 5, then version 6 ... you know how it is - rather go to the beach, the races, the bar, the proctologist... Maybe for version 7. Anyhow, I have had to move my development environment to a new machine and it almost works. I use a subversion/Coda rig to keep it all in order. In the interests of general hygiene, I copied the production system installation back from the live server to make a test environment, rather than muck around the ancient setup from the original system. Oh, and it all runs on a Mac. Has done for years. However, the test environment is only partly functional. The store itself is good except that the images are not showing up. (probably need to rebuild the image database, whatever that does. That ain't the problem.) Problem is that the admin screen returns with this: Not Found The requested URL /~russ/shop/~russ/shop/admin.php was not found on this server. The url to the shop itself is http://localhost/~russ/shop and that works fine (except for the images.) Something is infecting the admin URL with an extra "rootRel" from global.inc.php. Any ole-timers got any thoughts about what this might be? Russ
  5. Hi My setup is that I have a main site with just an index.html page and the shop in a subfolder, like this www.mainsite.com/shop Is there any way to add the shop's search box to my main site homepage (www.mainsite.com/index.html), so that clients can search the shop from the homepage? Thanks in advance Joel
  6. Hello, I'm new to CubeCart and I have this problem ... what does it mean? Thank you. Aviso: `name` no está permitido como clave en la tabla 'CubeCart_config'! en / storag e / ssd5 / 176/2489176 / public_html / classes / db / database.class.php en la línea 900
  7. I love Cubecart and have used it for many years. I am in the process of starting up a new business/site but I am hoping to have more site integration. I am looking for the best CMS or HTML design that will integrate nicely with Cubecart. Is Wordpress the best thing to use for this? I do not intend on modifying the site much at all, but need something that is easy to modify if necessary. Here is an example of what I am trying to accomplish.... https://www.coffeebeandirect.com/ I like how everything is there on the frontpage. I do not know what cart they're using, or whether or not it's wordpress etc. Is Cubecart capable of this? I have tried everything under the sun and I can't get my cart to look like this.
  8. Hi, I searched the forums for this first and realise it may be a requested, future feature. I previously posted on how to have a custom title on the contact page, I managed to figure it out myself (and posted the fix). However, for the life of me I cannot figure out how to get the login page to have a custom title (a page title with "Log in" prefix). Anyone know how to do this or have a workaround? The solution I used for contact doesn't work for log in. Thanks! Neil.
  9. The site i use (inherited) is currently on V5 and I'm in the process (see thread in upgrades forum) of updating to V6. The site uses individual products for individual sizes and for multiple items of the same product at present, but I may use option sets for sizes (small medium large). Can you combine quantity discounts and sizes? For example, I could have Small item = £10 Medium item = £15 Large item = £20 That, i know, is easy to do in options / option sets. I now want 3 x small item = £28 (£2 discount) 3 x medium item = £42 (£3 discount) 3 x large item = £55 (£5 discount) i.e discount is according to size, not quantity. Can the option matrix and or quantity discount handle this, or should I just use one product per size and have the quantity discount apply, nit use option sets for the size? I hope I've explained what I'm trying to do OK! Nelly
  10. Hello! Is there any ready/semi-ready solutions to collect and show customers feedbacks about store? From my perspective, it may look same as the product review solution. Thank you.
  11. Hello! I would really appreciate if somebody explains me how to show 'featured' products on the main page instead of 'latest' products. Thank you
  12. Hi I noticed that the sitemap is including absolutely every single page including all products, categories, etc that have been unticked under "visible" and "status". I do not understand why pages marked to be no visible or no status unticked can appear in the sitemap. As result, search engines are crawled them all when they should not. This has to be a bug surely ? S.
  13. Hi, I need to change the light salmon colour of the symbol (kind of square shape) in the order admin overview tab and in the dashboard to alert admin that a note has been added by the customer or a coupon code was used. At the moment it is so light in colour, it is barely visible. I had a quick search in css but going nowhere. Would anyone know which file I need to amend please ? Many thanks S.
  14. I have not upgraded my current store to the latest version of 6.1.7 yet because I had a lot of CSRF errors even though the site is not currently on an SSL url. I now have access to upgrade to SSL for the site. My question is whether or not there is anything I should be aware of before enabling SSL on my site? Will this cause any issues in my store that I need to be aware of? I am not sure I can undo my SSL upgrade once it is done. However, I do not want to be without the latest and greatest cubecart versions! Any advice will be helpful!
  15. Hi Creating a newsletter via admin at the moment. What I would like to understand is where is the content of that newsletter, once created (not referring to email template), is stored ? ie what's the URL for it ? I noticed that when you click on unsubscribe, the page that opens contains the heading: "Newsletters There are no archived newsletters right now." So I am guessing that is where they will show ? Also, I would like to add a message on my newsletter like "Email or pictures not displaying correctly? Please click here to view it as a web page.", also the reason why I am asking. Many thanks S.
  16. Hi, I want to add some custom text to the [host]/shop/index.php?_a=gateway page - see attached for page, and where I want to insert the text. Which file(s) do I need to edit to do this? I've had a search in the forums and a look in the cPanel files but can't find anything. Cheers.
  17. Hi, Still a rookie with CC, so forgive me if this is posted elsewhere, I searched and couldn't find anything pertaining to it. If there is a post regarding this, please link it to let me know. I am using CC6.1.7 with the PayPal Standard Gateway v1.0.5 (I am also thinking of adding the PayPal Express Checkout option) On the Checkout page it gives you the "Choose Payment Method" text. Currently though there is nothing to choose, and to me this might cause a sense of confusion for the customer. With this being the only option offered there is nothing to choose. Is there a way to eliminate this and add the PayPal Credit Card logo somewhere in lieu of this text? Are their any recommendations on this? Maybe the attached image or does someone here have any recommendations. I think I saw somewhere where you can choose a graphic in the admin area, but if this is so, I can not find it anywhere. Thanks in Advance, Matthew
  18. Good Morning. I use 2 user profiles: retailers and end customers. With the normal products I have no problems, but when there are variants, I see that I can only put a price for each option in the matrix. Is there no option to be able to set one price for retailer and another for final customer in the array of options?
  19. Hello! I'm trying to add a vertical gallery, which was presented in 6.1.7, to a site worked on 6.1.5. I triyed to copy a piece of code from element.product.vertical_gallery.php (lines 13-27) to content.product.php . The result is blank page. As I understand, some classes (or may be more) are defined and described in other files of 6.1.7 release, however my knowledge of the CubeCart engine isn't enough to understand all interactions. Could somebody be so kind to help me with this task?
  20. Hello! I changed content.category.php for traditional pagination, according to internal comment. However, in desktop version I have number of pages buttons _and_ more button. In mobile version it lloks properly. Screenshot is attached, the piece of code is following next. Where did I a mistake? {* Uncomment for traditional pagination *} <div class="row"> <div class="small-12 large-9 columns"> {$PAGINATION} </div> <div class="large-3 columns show-for-medium-up"> <dl> <dd> <select class="url_select"> {foreach from=$PAGE_SPLITS item=page_split} <option value="{$page_split.url}"{if $page_split.selected} selected{/if}>{$page_split.amount}</option> {/foreach} </select> </dd> </dl> </div> </div> {* Add "hide-for-small-up" to the class attribute to not display the more button *} <div class="hide-for-small-up" id="ccScrollCat">{$category.cat_id}</div> {if $page!=='all' && ($page < $total)} {$params[$var_name] = $page + 1} <a href="{$current}{http_build_query($params)}{$anchor}" data-next-page="{$params[$var_name]}" data-cat="{$category.cat_id}" class="button tiny expand ccScroll-next">{$LANG.common.more} <svg class="icon"><use xlink:href="#icon-angle-down"></use></svg></a> {/if} </div> <div class="hide-for-small-up" id="lang_loading">{$LANG.common.loading}</div>
  21. Hi Forum, Can anyone give me some idea on how to display all products (say in alphabetical order) on the home page? How can I generate the full product list using the database query with a new global variable $all_products and use it in my home page or in a box? Any clue from anyone? Many thanks in advance. Madan
  22. I have some goods which have same names (books with same names, but different publishers). As a result it's difficult to assembly order without pictures of goods. Could it be possible to add a small picture of each product in Order/Overview tab? For example, as in Product section? Also, it would be nice to convert a name of product from text to hyperlink on the product. I tried to play with admin/skins/default/templates/orders.index.php (line 165 ish): <fieldset id="items"> <legend>{$LANG.catalogue.title_items}</legend> {foreach from=$PRODUCTS item=product} <div id="item"> <a href="{$product.image_path_large}" class="colorbox" title="{$product.name}" target="_blank"><img src="{$product.image_path_tiny}" style="max-width: 30px; max-height: 30px" alt="{$product.name}"></a> {$product.quantity} x {$product.name} - {$product.product_code} ({$product.line_formatted}) {if $product.digital}{/if} <span>{$product.price_total_formatted}</span> ... But in real life $product.image_path_large and $product.image_path_tiny are empty... As I understand it is necessary to load their values from database, but I don't have any clue how and where to do it... P.S. The current configuration is 6.1.5.
  23. Hello! I found that if I, as an admin, make changes in an order (status 'Processing'), it doesn't affect to inventory. For example, I remove a product from an order and stock for this product doesn't increase. Is it feature or bug?
  24. Hi I noticed that macro {$DATA.link} does not work with some email templates, for instance, the Cart: Fraud Review one. Could someone help why ? I am basically creating a new email template for a specific order status in which I want to include the data link macro but it is not working. When I tested it, I got a blank space instead. So I tried to add it to the fraud review template and noticed that it does not work either. So I need to understand the logic behind it. Thanks S.
  25. Hi, When I create a manual order, 99% are for a UK address. The system forces me to select a county which is not a compulsory data for delivery with Royal Mail for instance. When I use Royal Mail postcode search, you get addresses with no county. So now, I end up having to search Google with my postcode to find the county so that Cubecart allows me to save my manual order. Is there a way I could stop the admin to force a county selection for manual orders but leave it live with online orders ? Thanks S.
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