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  1. Hello again, Just noticed another quite major flaw with the Paypal standard plugin. If a customer clicks on the secure checkout from the checkout page cubecart directs them to Paypal as it should. However the admin panel orders page is automatically updated to show that a payment is pending even though the customer hasnt even logged into Paypal or paid. This potentially means admins are logging into the admin panel without checking if a payment has actually been made on paypals end and changing the order to complete and then delivering the products! Should the IPN be updating the admin back end this quick? Thought it was a problem with the plugin at first, but after reinstalling the problem still occurred. I only spotted it trying to created a hook so pending emails are send out to customers. Please advice Thanks
  2. I purchased the galaxyx theme , how we can receive support for a Premium product? i have sent 2 emails to seller and also use "email developer" in extension shop, after 3 weeks i have not receive any response!galaxyx theme problems:1- GalaxyX do not show switch languages box.2 - register / login button do not work on tablet.
  3. I wonder if someone can help or advise. I tried messaging Havenswift a couple days ago but no answer. I installed the Google schema.org Microdata plugin on my site but when i click on it it gives the message in the image. I can't access it to get it working. Any ideas or is there a plugin for this that someone can recommend? I checked with the hosting and ioncube is installed. I installed it with the token option. Is there something I may be missing or need to do. Or is there documentation. I also logged out and logged back in. Kind regards Niall
  4. Does anybody know if the following is possible with CubeCart Version 6.1.5 ? My client has a variety of products in his store (wymeruk.co.uk), which are for sale worldwide. However he has a couple of products that are currently subject to copyright dispute in the United States, although they have been cleared for sale in Europe and the Rest of the World. Is there an extension or code mod that can be installed, that will pop up or issue a warning message, preventing a customer from checking out if he/she orders one of these items with a delivery address in a certain country or group of countries? We are using the All In One Shipping module with Paypal and Sagepay payment gateways. I know that with the All In One Shipping module, if you order for delivery to a country that’s not in any shipping zone, you get a message telling you that the store cannot ship to that country – that’s the sort of thing we need, just something that prevents these two products from being purchased if your delivery address in in a particular zone. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. I am desperate for the ability to upload new products using something very similar to the current 'import catalogue' feature however I need something that will support very simple product options. Most of my products havejust a single option with 2 values either retail pack size or wholesale pack size (the size of retail and wholesale pack varies from product to product, but each product comes in just 2 pack sizes). The current 'import catalogue' is fine, a little clunky but does everything I want apart from handle simple options. Can anyone help?
  6. We just completed the web piece of a new product called OnItsWay. It allows store owners to show their customers the location of deliveries in real-time via a map. It would be great if a Cubecart developer could develop a plugin for OnItsWay. OnItsWay integrates into websites very simply: an OnItsWay user puts two lines of code into a page of his website where he wants to show an OnItsWay map. An example looks like the following: <!doctype html> <html lang="en"> <head> <title>My Awesome Website</title> <meta charset="utf-8" /> </head> <body> <!--Put the map anywhere on your page.--> <!--Copy and paste this "onitsway" div anywhere between the <body> tags.--> <div id="onitsway"></div> </body> <!--Put this <script> below </body> and above </html>.--> <script src="https://goo.gl/Hkb7U6"></script> </html> The above example should work if you just copy and paste it into a text html file, and open it in a browser. For a Cubecart plugin, you would only need to figure out some intuitive way for a Cubecart user to input the script tag in the Cubecart backend, which we provide on the OnItsWay platform. A live example of an OnItsWay map can be found at https://store.bikebeltline.com/on-its-way We would be happy to open a line of communication with anyone interested in creating an OnItsWay plugin. We look forward to an OnItsWay plugin for Cubecart!
  7. Is there a way to set dimensions for each item for sale or do you just have to use the blanket box size listed in the Canada Post extension? The sizes of the items I sell vary substantially and using the largest sized box for the smallest item I have would both over charge my customer and just not be feasible.
  8. We have today release V1.0 of our Skin Configuration plugin which adds the ability to configure certain settings and display options from within the plugin admin screen rather than having to make changes to a skin's core files. Three skins are currently supported (our flagship Retail Therapy skin plus also Nautical and Party Time) and all are available from the Havenswift Hosting website and also from the Extension Marketplace. It is possible for any 3rd party skin to be changed to also be supported. Features currently configurable are : * Slider Configuration - many aspects can be controlled Mode - Type of transition between slides Slide transition duration Start slider on a random slide Include image captions. The type of "easing" to use during transitions Ability to include video slides The amount of time between each slide transition Auto show starts playing on load Enable pause when mouse hovers over slide * Turn on the image magnify functionality * Choose the number of subcategory images per row - the Foundation default of 6 very small images is not to most people's tastes * Advanced Search Manufacturer layout - Choice between grid, table and chosen - as per new feature https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/1374 * Ability to choose between Search icon or have search box always open For Retail Therapy skin there are some additional items that can be configured : * The display of short descriptions for each Latest Product on the homepage can be enabled. * It is possible to disable the horizontal menu on the home page * It is possible to disable the horizontal menu on everything but the home page The plugin is free to all registered users of Havenswift Hosting skins
  9. Hi, I was just wondering if there is any refund options/modules in CubeCart (as I can't seem to find any)? And if not - as this is a pretty important part of running a store and dealing with customers - is there a plan on adding this in future releases, ? In PrestaShop (1.4) there is by default a refund option among the order-statuses, and if you have paid with PayPal, everything goes automatically. Item gets restocked and customer gets his money back. Elviz
  10. Hello everyone! I want to do an amendment on the site, so that when the customer would like to buy the site, you can specify the exact amount you want to buy. For example: I want to buy 2.3 kg of meat. (And I want this quantity will put it in the basket) It is a meat 10dkg 30 forints So, 230 x 30 = 6900 Huf This is the total price It would help anyone possibly do that? It would be important! Pls reply Thank you!
  11. I would like to submit a feature request for the USPS plugin / extension to be able to automatically generate prepaid shipping labels in a PDF format. For those of us with a USPS business account it would be terrific to receive the order, print the label, and ship it all from one website.
  12. I am using CubeCart V6 (latest update from March 16) and testing in preparation of launching the site. I have plug-ins installed for Paypal Express Checkout, All-In-One Shipping, and Amazon Payments. The Amazon Payments i not showing up on the checkout screen, even with all the tokens and such filled in (and set for sandbox). I have removed and reinstalled several times but there is no change. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks. Jack
  13. Hi i want to integrate pyumoney in my cubecart website, but i am not a developer can anyone help me with it? i am attaching all files here which is provided by payumoney... failure.php PayUMoney_form.php success.php PayUMoney Technical Integration Document.pdf
  14. I got the extension for Post Affiliate Pro. I completed the information on the Plug in Management page. However, in my Post Affiliate account it states "Do not forget to integrate your cart with the click tracking code, so the sale tracking can work." I cannot find an area in CubeCart to add the tracking code to. Usually I would do this on the Checkout page but i see no where to edit the check out area. Can someone help me figure out where to put the tracking code so my affiliate's sales will be tracked.
  15. The Zip download for PayPal-1.0.5.zip is empty and the Flash token doesn’t work. There is just an index.php file containing copyright information https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/payment-gateways/paypal-standard
  16. Hello all, I have a question : - How to display the e-mail the buyer on the purchase confirmation page with the module "PRINT ORDER FORM" in template file : print.tpl or else (as downloaded from the orders data such as below?) - This is an external system of data collection orders the customer so that he could ransom guarantees/Leave feedback. Regards
  17. Hello, I'm wondering if someone could help with a query please? We are a supplier to the trade and are currently in the process of building a webshop. We need to hide all parts of the front end so that they can only be viewed after entering a username and password. The log in screen should be simple and look similar to the cubecart admin log in screen. Our customers have different pricing structures so we'd obviously require the ability to set up unique usernames and passwords that are assigned to customer records. Does anyone know of an extension that could handle this? Thanks! Jonathan
  18. I have the facebook social plug in installed, and have set it to appear at the bottom of all the site DOCUMENT pages. The Facebook button appears at the bottom on all site documents - except the contact page (which is fine) and the homepage document - which is really the only place I NEED it to be. and idea why it displays on all document pages except the homepage? Or even know how to tweak it so it only appears on the Homepage document? Thanks Tom
  19. Hi everyone, I get this error when trying to checkout "Error: Security header is not valid Security error", (see screenshot below). I have tried on both sandbox and live same result. Additionally: on the checkout page there is a button for payment with credit cards which doesn't seem to be sending any data. when trying to use the button "or pay with paypal" nothing happens. Also is confusing to me that the checkout has two buttons has Paypal is the only payment we have in use. live page can be seen at: http://www.tubethailand.com/ Any help is very welcome as I am clueless of how to sort this issue.
  20. Hi.. I am new to cubecart but i can´t install extensions. When inserting any of the tokens from cubecart.com it just says: Error: Token was not recognised or has expired. Can somebody help? The error logs within the admin page shows nothing.
  21. Call out to anyone who has installed and is using any of the affiliate plugins. I'm new to this particular area. I have been asked by my client to install an affiliate plugin so that click-throughs from an external site that result in certain products being purchased will result in a commission payment to the originating site. Sounds fair enough, I thought, so I installed the iDevAffiliate plug in,since it seems to be the most popular. so... autoinstall using the generated token, enable it in the Admin Panel and refresh the cache...... then what? I can't find any instructions on how to configure it. The "edit" link on the Manage Plugins takes me to a very thin page where I can set the status and how to log the commission; there's a mysterious field called "URL to iDevAffiliate" to complete, but no other config options. What's the deal? Do I have to sign up with idevdirect to go further? Are there any configuration instructions out there? Are there any other plugins that might be better for what I need? Any advice gratefully received. Postscript: I guess that this is related to post https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/35588-affiliate-tracking-self-contained-in-cart/ but that post degenerated into a bit of a rant about email marketing, which I can assure you I'm not in the slightest bit interested in.
  22. I have just signed up for Braintree's sandbox, and installed the braintree extension, but I have a few questions. -Is there any way to get rid of the Choose Payment Gateway section when I start the checkout process? I only have one payment extension installed. -When I go to check out (in sandbox with fake credit card provided by Braintree) the security lock doesn't show up in the browser. Is there a way for this to show up? -When I click check out it shows a pending order in my admin view, but it takes me back to the checkout form without any verification that the transaction took place. Is there any way to get some sort of feedback/receipt here? I have tried searching for these items, but haven't had any success Any help would be appreciated, also if someone would recommend a different CC processor that works well with CubeCart I would gladly take that recommendation. Ideally I would like no monthly fees, and low ongoing fees.
  23. hello buddies I Created a market using cube cart. I opened an account in one of the local banks in my country and received information of getaway. now I want to add the capability of online paying to my store? how can I do that. the bank also send me some php and certificate files and of course a guideline, but unfortunately I am not a professional programmer and not to know what to do with them.
  24. I'm looking for a plugin that will only allow shipping to specific cities and/or zipcodes
  25. Hello All, I am running a Childhood cancer Awareness Shop on CC 6.0.6 @ Forty Six Seven Childhood cancer Awareness Is there a 'testimonials' plug-in available or in the works? and is there a site for 3rd party extensions / plugins? Thank you, Bill
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