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recaptcha issue


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What skin are you using, as there maybe a few small edits to get V2 working on older skins.


tell us your site, and I'll put a dummy account on, this will test functionality.


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Using Kurouto.


Many thanks.     I'll be offline now until Sunday so hopefully it's still usable.  


I quickly checked another skin & the new recaptcha appeared.  I've put it back as the site looks wrong otherwise.

I'll check back asap

Keat - apologies.  switched recaptcha off for the weekend so don't loose sales.  Will revisit when back online 

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On 3/23/2018 at 3:09 PM, Al Brookbanks said:

The upgrade has nothing to do with that message. Google are responsible for it. We have provided the means to use reCaptcha V2 instead.

It doesn't show on Kurouto.  Only the phrase Verify you are a human appears.   If I select another skin if appears.

This is on 2 separate shops.

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tried all but it does not work latest skin kuroto but it shows no progress contact form verify you are a human does not work 

what to do ? btw it does not show on any skin only the phrase , acn do nothing with it have to switch it off 

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Had done all skin site keys , it does not work, only the phrase is there and no click box

with old recaptcha on it  also shows the facebook pluging for likes , with recaptcha of it does not show the facebook plugin for likes 

btw is it not a google thing ? we have added the site and keys 

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was allready in
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