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    Hello, everyone, I'm French and lock me up for confinement against the coronavirus. I just put a little note here to say good luck to all of you and take care of yourself. Even if this is not the place for such a message, a little moral support for everyone cannot do any harm. So be careful. And see you very soon ..
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    I want to publicly THANK @havenswift-hosting for helping our little church with a FREE hosting account! Many years ago I used a series of various hosting companies and ended up leaving every one of them, one after the other, because they were absolutely no help at all if I had any problems - whether the problem was their fault or mine. Ian has time after time gone out of his way to help me with any problems I've had with our CubeCart install over the years. Most of those issues were of my own making, but he has always been super patient and prompt to respond and find a solution. THANK YOU IAN!!!
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    Thanks to all your guys for your feedback. I agree that we really need more extensions and significant enhancements for existing ones. Especially for shipping! I'm currently towards the end of a massive project with a huge global payment company and we are just about to release this as a new extension. Once that is done and proven stable we are hoping to be able to start work on improved extensions for 2020.
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    I have hacked CC629 so that: one product can contain multiple digital files. This allows, for example, one to sell an "album" of several files - each file independently downloadable. will override the above when assigning one of the multiple files each to an option. This allows, for example, one to sell an audible book (available in multiple languages) - the customer having selected an option for an available language (or an audio file, choosing a filetype of MP3 or WAV). This is not a plug-in -- it's core code edits. I am not convinced CubeCart has (or could ever have) the requisite hooks. (But who knows?) I need a beta-tester. Post a PM.
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    Great thnx it worked
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    See if in admin, Store Settings, Features tab, "Disable Shipping Groups" will get you what you want. When checked, "All in One Shipping" option group name is not displayed.
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    Just a quick thought: please check the admin Store Settings, Stock tab, "Allow delivery to non-invoice address". If not checked, I would think that CubeCart would disallow the selection of delivery addresses and force the use of the Billing address as also the Delivery address.
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    Keywords gone for 6.2.6. Feels great. https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2370
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    As pointed out in the other thread about commerce plugin, I was a version behind. This might be the issue 1.3.16 - Corrected array name on phone variable form order retrieval.
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    You will run into a number of minor issues -- all because PHP 7 (7.4 is what I run, so not sure about earlier PHP 7 versions) is more strict about several things. (Another site I manage is running PHP 7.3 with it making no complaints at all. The server environment is commercially hosted by a seriously professional crew, so they wouldn't run PHP 7.3 if it caused issues with CubeCart.) Much of the above mentioned issues will be fixed in CC6.2.10. These issues are minor because they (nearly all of them) only cause PHP 7.4 to complain, but do the job anyway. Go for it!
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    As is currently coded, CubeCart must have the images under its own management. However, because CubeCart is 100% human readable and can be changed to do whatever, it is not beyond some effort to make some small changes to the skin templates to make image links point to the CDN - assuming the filenames are using a calculable syntax. That is, "CDN_address/images/product_code.jpg", where product_code is exactly the same as what CubeCart has.
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    Welcome DeAllen! Glad to see you made it to the forums. Make a backup of your database, first. I suggest this because I haven't yet verified the following procedure works without any issues. In admin, Images, after having FTP'd all the images to the /images/source/ folder (distributing them to sub-folders as needed), click the Update File List tab.
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    Does this happen on every page load, or only waiting for CubeCart to process what was POSTed and to send back a fresh page, and only for certain POSTs? In admin, CubeCart does not use the cache. So, every query communicates with the database. In admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab, enable debug mode and enter your workstation's IP address in the adjacent field (www.showmyip.com). Now, when getting pages, below the content, there will be a grey section listing database queries, and also at the bottom, a "Page Load Time". For each query, there is a value in seconds. Don't be mislead by a number shown like: (9.0837478637695E-5 sec). The E-5 says to put a decimal and 4 zeroes in front of the nine, making this a very small number. Rarely will a query have a decimal and only one zero. The Page Load Time should also be small - less than one second. CC629 could have multiple sections of debug data - one for processing the POST, and a second when the browser is told to fetch the after-POST page. You aren't mentioning the storefront, so we can assume it is functioning normally?
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    Now make this edit: From: <button id="card-button" class="success">Submit Payment</button> To: <p><button id="card-button" class="success"><span>Submit Payment</span></button></p>
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    That just leaves the code that Stripe sends over to show these fields. It may have changed. Let me look at eTone and get back with you. Is there a web address we can see? (as I don't have a Stripe account).
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    The text does not look familiar. Would this installation of CubeCart be using a skin other than Foundation? It's my opinion that modules should strive to be skin independent. (Also, please verify the module is at the current version: now at 2.2.4.)
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    Shipping is a complex, rule based area with so many different solutions and each one totally different to every business. we built a module which lets you link specific products to specific shipping modules which can help with more complex scenarios. An example of this would be for a shop selling small items, and large bulky items. We setup two All In One modules, then linked their bulky items to one and small items to the other. They manage two totally separate shipping configurations for those "band" of products to get rates for each band, then the aggregated costs is provided to the customer for shipping charges. It works well, but as with all things there are pro's and cons plus it is entirely situational based on your requirements.
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    Yes, yes, and no. The registration form is under javascript control via the Validator plugin. One can create a rule that limits the length of the entry. CubeCart includes a security token when web pages with a form is sent out to the browser. When CubeCart receives that form, a check is made for a current token in the form data. If it's not there, the data sent in is immediately discarded. A study of web access logs shows that a robot will first request the page, obtain the security token, then makes a customized POST with whatever data it wants - bypassing any form element data entry controls put in place. So, CubeCart also has a few rules to test the data submitted against and will send back error banners if any test fails. Therefore, yes, more Validator rules can be made - assuming posting robots ever allow these rules, or reCaptcha tests, to get in their way; yes, more rules can be written into CubeCart; no, because... well, its all a game.
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    The form elements are passed through a "form validator". The validator checks for things like: something was entered, if entered, does it look like it is supposed to-- -- phone numbers - only digits -- email - proper syntax and does it already exist (ajax call) -- password must meet complexity level -- confirm password must match password -- T&C box checked The validator, if something fails the validation rules, will tell the browser where to show an error banner. The original HTML statement said: for the T&C checkbox, find the HTML with the same id as the this tag's rel attribute. The tag with the matching id attribute was the <span> tag just removed. The <span> tag was causing an inability to properly identify the box's children within the contents of the flex box. So, now that the <div columns> tag has this id attribute, where would the error banner get shown? I haven't tested that.
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    This is a handler for when more information is requested. A 'colorbox' is a pop-over containing that info. For example, when checking out, and the customer chooses a payment gateway that then displays a form to fill out (see Card_Capture, for example), there would be a link (or some other clickable trigger) that indicates "What is this?" for the CVV entry. Clicking the link will bring a pop-over that shows an image of the back-side of a credit card with the CVV highlighted. There may also be some explanatory text in the pop-over. The colorbox is used at numerous locations in admin as well. For example, clicking the Test button on the page where you fill in the Send Email parameters will pop-over the results of the test.
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    As for source images, we recommend no larger than 800x800 pixels, at less than 350KB. CubeCart makes the sizes it needs automatically.
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    In the Foundation template box.documents.php: Find: <ul class="small-block-grid-1 medium-block-grid-3 large-block-grid-3"> Change to: <ul class="small-block-grid-1{* medium-block-grid-3 large-block-grid-3 *}"> This comments out the layout directive for the medium and large view widths, having the small be used for all view widths. Have CubeCart clear its internal cache so that this template is freshly compiled.
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    Welcome Welshy! Glad to see you made it to the forums. The MarketPlace isn't a CubeCart store (at least, I don't think it is), so there isn't much other CubeCart users can help with this. I think contacting CubeCart HQ directly will be the quickest way to let them know of your difficulties. https://www.cubecart.com/contact
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    We custom wrote a plugin for a client quite a few years ago but as they stopped using Klarna a couple of years ago, it hasnt been updated since and will almost certainly require some changes to get it to work correctly with their updated API. As there is so little call for it, it isnt something we are likely to do unless the work is sponsored although after saying that, there probably isnt so much to do
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    In admin, Documents, edit the document that has the HomePage button selected. (Actually, you can put this slider in any document.) <ul class="bxslider"> <li><a href="{$STORE_URL}/tesa31.html"><img src="skins/foundation/images/examples/slide1.jpg" title="Promotional Message One" /></a></li> <li><img src="skins/foundation/images/examples/slide2.jpg" /></li> <li><img src="skins/foundation/images/examples/slide3.jpg" title="Promotional Message Two" /></li> </ul> The above shows how one can make an image 'clickable'.
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    Keep safe all. I agree with Al , especially here in the UK. Isolation is the best defence at the moment, unpleasant and worrying times for many and the economy but we will bounce back from this. All the best to you all and your loved ones.
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    Give it a try https://hosted.cubecart.com
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    When a coupon (including a GC) is being used, a database request is made for that code where the status is enabled. If no records are returned, an error message is displayed that says this coupon (GC) code is invalid. If valid, that is, the code is good and enabled, and the database record also has a 'cart_order_id' (the order where the GC was purchased), then a check in CubeCart_order_summary is made against that 'cart_order_id'. If that table record simply exists (as it would if its status was set to 'Cancelled' as opposed to the order having been deleted), then... A check is made on the Status of that order. The order must be in a Processing or Completed status. If otherwise, an error message is displayed that says, "Sorry but that code can't be used against an order of this status." (Which is misleading.)
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    There is no accounting for people that dont help themselves by running out of date software
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    Because CubeCart (for some skins) will collect, squeeze, and cache page resource files, you will need to have CubeCart clear its internal cache so that changes will be part of a new squeezed and cached resources file. If your skin doesn't do that, then you will need to force your browser to reload those page resources (CSS, javascript, and image files). This is usually done with CTRL-F5.
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    As a follow up on this... Tried to delete the thread before replies; it didn't work. We found a few solutions/answers: 1. The error log -was- created and logged to. We just didn't know it showed up in the admin logging - as web geeks we assumed (cough) it was a stand-alone log file. 2. The token method was failing because (as the venerable Al Brookbanks illustrated) of PHP not liking ZipArchive. We installed just about every zip extension for PHP that we could - no joy. Found manual extension install instructions in an old thread and - once we figured out which folder they needed to be in - the admin saw and installed the extensions. Did not see Al's reply until after we got it working because I thought the thread was deleted. 3. The permissions issues for CubeCart still bother me. We had to 777 just about everything to get it working. After we finish devel we will return to roll back what we can. Seeing folders with 777 rights gives me the creeps. And on the 'how did you install' question I did it manually - none of the 'one lick install' training wheels for me (smile). Like I have for WordPress, Drupal, etc I just copied the files to the target site and started banging my head with a permissions/rights hammer until submissive mercy was found.
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    The module discussed above gives you what you want. Send a PM with your email address and I will attach it to a reply.
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    We would ask, in what context? Here is some technical documentation: https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/optimization-indexes.html With respect to what CubeCart recommends, there is a list that is used in admin, Maintenance, Database tab -- the list is found in the admin file /sources/maintenance.index.inc.php, starting at around line 557.
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    Welcome gamssa! Glad to see you made it to the forums. In admin, bring a product with two or more options up for editing. On the Options tab, note the column named Options Matrix. For each applicable option, check this box. Click the Save & Reload button. On the Options tab, you will now see an Options Matrix table. Here, you can identify which combinations of Options should have its own stock level and other identifying details.
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    If I understand you correctly, please make this edit: In the POF module's gateway.class.php file, near line 46, change: } else { return false; } To: } else { return true; }
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    We have retired our very old helpdesk system and migrated to ZenDesk in order to server our customers better. The main benefits are that our chat and helpdesk are better integrated and email content is parsed more reliably. We also have tools to be able to benchmark how quickly we are able to resolve issues and now also provide a satisfaction survey for every ticket. Existing customers can find us on live chat or simply email [email protected] If your email address is recognised our helpdesk will securely pull up all your customer data, subscription data and ticket history. If possible and in order for us to serve you quickly please email us using the email address held against your subscription. Please do contact us if you experience any problems or if you have any suggestions as to how we may serve you better. Many thanks to all our customers for your business.
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    Would removing the "Please select" option work for you? If so, then in the admin template products.index.php, near line 248, delete: <option value="">{$LANG.common.please_select} &hellip;</option> Note: the "Please select" option is only available on the 'normal' customer group -- named "Retail Pricing". After having made other customer groups, and selecting any of those other groups to set prices, there is no "Please select" and as such, defaults to displaying, and therefore choosing when submitting, the first option in the list.
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    The errors are probably relating to the use of quotes within quotes. In PHP, creating a string by enclosing the characters in quotes means that the other type of quote (aka apostrophe) won't cause a problem. Same that with using an apostrophe to start and stop strings means that the other type of quote (aka double-quote) won't cause a problem. So, knowing that your content you want to add will be inside double-quotes, make sure to use apostrophes in the content itself. Incidentally, if you really, really need to use the same type of quote within a string that starts and stops with that type of quote, then put a backslash in front of it.
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    CubeCart will use the 'master' definitions.xml file if there isn't an overriding key phrase in any of the actual assigned language files. When assigning, there is the default language that is chosen in Store Settings. But that default can be overridden by choosing which language the logged-in admin wants to personally use, and also which language was being used when a customer registered. An admin can choose which language to personally use by editing their admin profile in the administration's Administrators page. When CubeCart is initially being setup, the language the admin acquires is chosen at step one where there is a drop-down selector that says "Update" (the default language).
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    Solved! I went to uninstall and saw a clone button. I cloned my installation into my other domain name and all is well. Thanks!
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    There is a module for Parcel2Go. There are others.
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    You can leave it blank. The value of Tax Class ID for 'full rate' (probably "Standard") should be '1'. You can verify this by using an external database utility - such as phpMyAdmin - and view the database table CubeCart_tax_class.
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    Yep - whoever setup the server should be hung, drawn and quartered and then shot for good measure !
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    PHP 7.3 has a new REGEX library called PCRE2. This library is more strict in patterns to match against for what was otherwise somewhat lenient. Because of PHP 7.3's PCRE2 library, all CubeCart installations prior to CC626 running under PHP 7.3+ will need to implement the code changes found in the Github issue #2308. There are two links to code changes for a total of four files edited. It's not a case of your coupon codes being bad. It is the case that the preg_replace() command is faulting from using the current pattern under PHP 7.3 to check for valid coupon codes. (This also applies if you are using CubeCart's new Custom Order ID feature.)
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    There is a product, Deep Freeze, that works on a per-system basis. SQL Injection is a vector, not necessarily an end result. The end result is a polluted database that needs to be trashed and restored from backup.
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    There are multiple reasons for people wanting to gain access to websites, and especially those that take payments : 1) Install keyloggers or other software to capture credit card transaction information 2) Redirect payments, either full or partial away from the store owner to another source 3) Redirect traffic to other websites
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    Save yourself a lot of time and hassle - meta keywords are a complete waste of time - no search engine uses this any longer so don’t bother filling them in. A unique Meta title is extremely important and you also need a good unique meta description. Also NEVER use the “recommended” setting to merge global SEO entries Ian
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    seems valid. One thing that can cause oddities is the session data not being stored correctly. check your web server error log and see if you have warnings about sessions in there. it may offer some clues.
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    snap aww, smilies are still broken

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