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  1. @Ploughguy If you upgrade from V4 with extended order numbers, the upgrade will ignore those order number extensions, and revert back to however many are default (16 or 18 digits i think). It's possible to upgrade and keep these, but there will be work involved. When I did mine, I opened the new database tables, along side the old tables then copy and pasted the extended order numbers. (The upgrade will delete anything larger than the aforemention 16 or 18 digits) If I recall, I did this by exporting as a CSV and using MS Excel. Not overly difficult, but an added step in your upgrade process. Personally, the way I would handle this, would be to create a new domain, and build an exact mirror of my live site on a password protected second domain. get this working as an exact copy of your V4 site. You can then play until your hearts content that you've cracked the process. If you mess up, start over. I upgraded from V3 to V6, i spent weeks fine tuning the process and documenting fixes/pitfalls as I went.
  2. Customer adds an item to his basket, but doesn't yet checkout. Later in the day, i modify the price of this item. Customer checks out. The item in his cart remains the same price as it was when it was added, and doesn't reflect the new price. Is this intentional, or do I have a problem.
  3. I've seen this with my admin info on the customer account. If I remember correctly, it will show my login name in one of the fields (possibly mobile phone), if it's blank at the time. Annoyingly, it will then save if you click the save button. Scouring the database, I found 3 occurances, so definately a security concern if you're not keen eyed.
  4. My guess that this a server setting. We had a whole thread going on session_gc_maxlifetime, which is basically a stale session cleanup routine which runs at server level. It generally runs at around 35-40 minutes. There's little you can do about it if your'e on a shared host. One other thing you'll probably find if your'e prepared to play about a bit, is that it will also empty cart contents. and
  5. how odd. here's a screen shot of mine, note how i'm not logged in, yet the express button is clearly visible.
  6. I just added PayPal express as I was certain that it does. Add contents to the basket, click 'View Basket' and the PayPal express button is clearly visible. Are you sure you installed PayPal EXPRESS
  7. I've had snippets go wrong and do this. In fact I have a snippet for what appears to be the same thing. Last week i modified the snippet to increase the minumum order value, and it went bad on me, producing something very similar
  8. You might want to look at the PayPal Express Checkout Gateway. I believe this is shown right from the start of the checkout process, allowing users to checkout directly using PayPal and thus skipping the registration process.
  9. Contact Daren at Semperfi, he's pretty good and won't let you down.
  10. Any ideas how to add hreflang to my site
  11. In the end I went for a simple aproach. I created a new category but have this hidden from the front page. In main.php, I removed the 'Featured Product' call, and added in it's place a small amount of html to create a button with hyperlink to the hidden category.
  12. did you do this as a hook ?
  13. Just be aware that these changes in the database will probably be lost if you update your site at any point, with potential for data loss. Take a look here as there are additional code edits.
  14. On the featured product box (Popular Products), is there any way to have this show 3 products instead of just one random product. At the moment, we have this called Deal of the Week. All products have 'show in featured product' unchecked, apart from one. This then sits there static. I'd like to show 3 products. I assume that any changes would need to be made in catalogue.class, but it's beyond my realms Mican Skin by the way
  15. There is a mod avaiable called vertical navigation box by semperfi. Feel free take a look at my site to see it in action. Cable Ties
  16. It turned out in the end to be a mis communication. I've removed "Featured Product", the boss thought that we could utilise the space where the column would have resided. He assumed that he could push a 4th product in the column space. I thought he wanted to show 4 icons across.
  17. using the Mican skin, is it possible to reduce the size of the latest products thumbs and having 4 across instead of 3 across.
  18. If you've not used this before, then you may have to enable it in the dashboard store settings. I use it frequently, as it also copies the product options, which saves loads of time.
  19. Guys what's that image banner feature called which is part of foundation. I'm looking to have a play with it, and for the life of me don't recall what it is.
  20. What I found is, it doesn't matter what settings you put in any php files, they are all over ridden by the server default of 20 minutes. Although, that 20 minute figure is then influenced by the garbage clean up, which may run later. On my server, this equated to about 40 minutes. Al did some coding work, that would copy this session data and dump it somewhere for safe keeping, although I recall him saying that even this wasn't ideal, as you would need a certain amount of user rights over the server, which most hosted plans don't offer. I don't recall the specifics, maybe speak to Al. As I have my own server, and it only hosts a few cubecarts, it was easier for me to chnage the server default, than it was to start modifying files etc.
  21. I didn't submit it. I'm happy to share it though if it helps CubeCart_geo_zone.csv
  22. its caused by sessions.gc_maxliftime, and has been the bane of my life for getting on 2 years, until Al and I found it. session.gc_maxlifetime This value (default 1440 seconds (20 minutes)) defines how long an unused PHP session will be kept alive. For example: A user logs in, browses through your application or web site, for hours, for days. No problem. As long as the time between his clicks never exceed 1440 seconds.
  23. There are a number of discrepancies. If I recall Middlesex isn't in there. In the end I created a whole new county list, however, Ceredigion wasn't on my radar. I also included Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey as counties.
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