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  1. This also applies to our plugins and we will always make available versions of each plugin suitable for PHP 5.6 and 7.0, a second version suitable for PHP 7.1 and finally a version suitable for PHP 7.2 and 7.3. Currently ioncube have not released loaders or encoders for PHP 7.4 although beta versions are available so it wont be too much longer at which point there will be a 4th different version. It should be taken into account that PHP 5.6 and 7.0 are seriously out of date and have known security issues that are not being patched - sites running on these (and even 7.1 which is also now out
  2. This or move to a hosting provider that supports Webp image types ! Give us a shout if you are interested in moving over to us !
  3. Database and other configuration is in the includes/global.inc.php file Ian
  4. Looks like you have had multiple failed / partially completed upgrades. This really needs to be manually sorted out to ensure you only have one admin directory and one admin php file and that these are from the latest version that you have upgraded to, then also, the global.inc.php file needs to be updated to be consistent. How to do this has been covered in quite a few posts on here previously although dont have the thread immediately to hand Ian
  5. Using the digital product functionality
  6. It certainly is ! See https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/product-option-images Ian
  7. Hi Are you looking for a new "off the shelf" skin or are you looking at having a custom skin designed for you - the first option is relatively cheap and the second option can cost a lot depending on what you want. There are a few off the shelf skins available in the marketplace but you should be careful to choose one that is designed for V6 and is currently maintained so it has each version's bug fixes and enhancements adding to it. You might want to look at two of our skins Retail Therapy and Nautical which both come with a free skin configuration plugin which allows you to ame
  8. There really is no need - switch to using the All in One Shipping plugin which is much more flexible and allows unlimited number of zones Ian
  9. This wont be anything to do with the upgrade but almost certainly, the SMTP password will be wrong. This is something we come across a lot with our clients - browsers are auto filling a saved password (almost certainly the admin login password you have saved) when you are editing the Store Settings. If all other settings look correct and clicking "Test" fails, clear the password field and enter the correct password, click Save and then Test and almost certainly it will validate OK. The only solution is to disable the auto fill feature in the browser and also dont save passwords in the b
  10. The multiple copies will have been the result of a failed or partially completed upgrade and while keeping the ones referenced in the global.inc.php file is correct, it is likely that these are from different versions. You should manually re-upload via FTP, the contents of the admin directory and admin file Ian
  11. Hi Claudia Please log a support ticket in our system and we can help you directly with this. Please provide as much information as possible in the ticket Ian
  12. Yes of course I am aware that CubeCart rebuilds them on demand but unless MWEapril is only talking about having to change a handful (in which case why ask the question in the first place), it has to be much easier and quicker to extract the information from a database backup and restore
  13. only from a backup of the database - that function deletes them from the current database as the warning message clearly states Ian
  14. The defined order does still matter especially in your configuration. If you have defined a number of zip / postal codes in one shipping zone for example 90201, 90202 and then have a second zone that includes the state of California, then the zip code zone needs to be above the second zone so it is processed first. This is used a lot for UK businesses that may define a zone for very local postcodes that could be free, another based on postcodes for Scottish Highlands and islands or Isle on Man or Isle of Wight as shipping costs to these are much higher, then might the rest of the UK - teh zo
  15. You could do this via a plugin - you could define a product quantity at which a popup message would be shown so in your example when defining a price break for a quantity of 10 you could define 8 as a trigger point at which a popup message would be displayed
  16. SMTP with SSL should be port 465 SMTP with TLS should be port 587
  17. That is because those images are cached by your browser - the original ones are not displayed for me as I have never visited your store before. You would be much better to use different image filenames and change the references in the homepage document Ian It is not the CubeCart cache but rather the browser cache
  18. There is no "option" that you can set but you can add coding to your skin to use data made available by the plugin That has nothing at all to do with what I was saying re Trading Standards - they dont like one price being shown on a website and then a different price (due to VAT or any other reason) when consumers come to pay - you cannot do that if you sell to members of the public
  19. Hi Ross Your best bet would still be to use that plugin from @Noodleman - the display can be changed to do what you want so that it shows Ex-VAT or Inc-VAT Unless your website is 100% solely aimed at businesses then displaying prices only Ex-VAT may well land you in trouble with Trading Standards - this was the main reason this plugin was written ! Take a look at how we have implemented it in our Retail Therapy skin on https://www.cubecart-demo.co.uk using a toggle switch to choose between the two pricing schemes but that could also be enhanced to show extra wording if you wanted
  20. The only reason it would have broken your site is if you installed the wrong encoded version for your version of PHP or you don’t have IonCube installed at all on your hosting
  21. I agree that this would be a very good addition to core code, so could somebody add a github issue referencing this thread so @Al Brookbanks can add it to a future version
  22. First question would be do you really need to keep all of the old files - waste of space and possible security risk having them in your live system. CubeCart backup often times out especially on hosting accounts with low limits set but this can happen on many hosting environments if your account is relatively large. The CubeCart backup would only copy files and / or database for that installation anyway. If you are on cPanel, then a full cpmove backup file is the best way but many hosting companies prevent access to this unless you have root access Your only solution maybe to use F
  23. That is the "correct" sort order as it is done character by character left to right Yes - take a look at our enhanced sorting plugin which you can find along with all our other plugins in the extension marketplace here : https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/developer/havenswift-hosting this allow you to specify a custom sort order for products on each category page (as well as adding lots of other possible sorting options) Ian
  24. Cant say I have ever tried and would never recommend put a textual email address on a website as it will be scraped by email harvesters within days - best bet is to give it a try and see
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