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  1. Seeing this now with two clients very intermittently - both use Stripe alongside other gateways such as PayPal Standard, POF, PayPal Commerce. Interestingly a good number of other clients that use Stripe as their sole payment gateway and are using latest 3.0.1, every single payment is going through and updating to processing perfectly
  2. You didnt answer any of the points above and now we, as a company apparently hate you - we bend over backwards to try and help you and you still react like this ! LOL What a joke ! Refunded
  3. All of our plugins have a 7 day full functionality demo. Secondly if you read https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/product-option-images it clearly says "The plugin also requires a licence code which will be sent to the email address of the purchaser shortly after the payment has been confirmed." That is untrue ! We created an account in our system, added the product, generated a licence code and opened a support ticket giving you all the required details, in exactly the same way we do with every other plugin purchase and nobody else has any problems ! Again untrue on all points. We have exchanged a large number of emails with you to try and get this sorted as you seem incapable of understanding how to login into a site and reply to a support ticket something which many hundreds of our other customers seem to deal with on a daily basis. We have not blocked you and have even sent password reset emails on your behalf, with another one sent just now. It is very easy to come onto a public forum and make all sorts of unsubstantiated and blatantly incorrect claims especially when you hide behind a name that has no connection to your personal or business name. More than happy to issue a refund and will process that shortly
  4. Also seeing this with a client - almost all of their orders are paid using PayPal Commerce (which is working perfectly btw !) but one order yesterday out of four paid for by Stripe also had this error
  5. 1) Does it matter if it adds more than you need if it satisfies your requirement 2) Many of the additional functional additions are useful to most store owners, so while they are extra to your request, they will be useful to most stores taking manual orders
  6. Will be interesting to see if this works for newly created orders
  7. Yes ! Use our Enhanced Order Entry plugin which fixes a lot of missing functionality and adds a huge amount more ! https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/enhanced-admin-order-entry
  8. Thanks - very useful information !
  9. That would be best although there do seem to be a number of complaints about this plugin as well - although plenty of people are running it without any issues
  10. PayPal payments are still being taken OK ? Looks like you are using the old and unsupported PayPal Checkout plugin. This "testing" of the PayPal endpoint is known to fail and was removed from the PayPal standard plugin https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2633 cURL is installed, updated and working perfectly
  11. Originally the Click and Drop integration was only in beta and RM would only open it up to a few selected accounts and would only allow it to work with integrations they had written themselves. As the answer on 20th November shows, this has now changed ------------------------------------------------------------- Hi all and thank you for your feedback. Following our successful trial of the Click & Drop API integration, we have now activated this integration for all accounts. You can find it in your Settings > Integrations. Thanks to everyone who took part in the beta program. Further information on how to import orders with the API can be found here: https://help.parcel.royalmail.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360011462338-How-to-import-orders-with-the-Click-Drop-API ------------------------------------------------------------- So all RM users with an account can use this and any developer can use their API documentation to write a plugin - @Al Brookbanks I would say that this should probably be a standard core / free plugin and because you have nothing else to do in your life at the moment ........
  12. Agreed that searching sucks in CubeCart at the moment - there are plans to dramatically improve this soon though ! This only works with custom search code which I know a few people have done - shouldnt be any need when the enhancements are done
  13. Dont bother with meta keywords - they havent been used by search engines in well over ten years. Meta title and Meta description though are important - when you edit a document (including the homepage), category, product etc, there will be a tab for Search Engine - this is where you enter them. Ensure that you have the main SEO Store Setting set to "Enabled - Do not merge with global data" Ian
  14. Except that will give you duplicate titles on different pages - some debate as to whether having duplicates is worse than having no title. To be honest, you shouldnt really be bothered about having a title or getting your basket / checkout pages indexed
  15. Check your .htaccess file. Plus you will need to clear cache and also if you have saved any custom SEO urls then these would need to be cleared
  16. An access attempt every 20 minutes is far from being bombarded and if you have proof that the WAF is preventing access (how do you know this and what WAF are you referring to ?) then it is doing exactly what it is supposed to do. Adding additional code to CubeCart would be outside the scope (a WAF is designed to do this) and would be considerably slower at doing the same job. WAFs are used to dealing with hundreds / thousands requests a minute / second so one every 20 minutes isnt even a ripple
  17. Why would you want to change and especially why would you want a store with a mix of with and without ? (apart from the obvious of not losing indexed and product links already in use which is by far a big enough issue to not even think about playing with this). There used to be talk that a url without the .html / .php was better for SEO but that was debunked many years. I think this is a choice for new stores but current stores should not think about changing this Ian
  18. Thanks Brian - it might be suitable as there are three different printable documents one of which is meant to be a picking list. All of changeable as they have admin editable templates so could be changed to display anything you wanted Ian
  19. Memcached memory is set at the server level, it doesnt use port 0 (nothing does) and have no idea what you / they mean by adding that line into your "host name" !
  20. If you have memcached available to you in your hosting (most generic hosts will not enable this - we do on all our servers !) then always use it. Memory based caching is faster than file based caching and on busy sites or sites hosted on shared servers (which would apply to almost all CubeCart sites) then it takes a big load off of the disk sub-system which is always the slowest component in any hosting environment. In a dev system as Brian is running, there wont be any noticeable difference REDIS is nice software but is even less likely to be available to users on shared hosting and has no advantages over memcached for CubeCart users (CubeCart doesnt use any of the vast range of additional functionality available in REDIS). We dont use REDIS now with CubeCart customers although do make it available for our Magento clients where it is used for Full Page Cache !
  21. If your hosting server requires 777 permissions on any file or directory then it isnt setup to be secure and you should look to move to a different server / hosting company. Any breach on any site on the server can very easily then go to any other account hosted on the same server
  22. It wont be causing a problem but why have so many different weight bands at the same postage costs ? You could remove all of those and replace it with 1.75:3.99 This should be 8:15.00 Also, I would recommend using the All in One Shipping even if you setup charges only by weight as it is more actively developed / maintained.
  23. I honestly do not understand why so many people use a local WAMP based system in situations like this - while WAMP *mostly* works, it isnt officially supported and there are always annoying issues like this. If you have a Linux hosting account, why not simply create a sub-domain dev.your-domain.com, install CubeCart in there and put the store into maintenance mode. That way you can develop and test in exactly the same environment as your live store, not have all of these hassles and be able to copy files and even data if needed, easily between dev and live stores
  24. Simply price the item by the metre and then if they want metres they add 5 to the basket ! You can then add product options at different prices
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