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  1. @keatwhile sort of understand that, firstly, I think you would be very surprised how well people adapt these days to changes to online systems and secondly, that can never be used as a reason not to update and improve systems otherwise we would all still be using Windows 3.1 and basic html based websites. Have no problems with new / upgraded plugins especially where they are improving functionality but what is a problem is when it restricts or forces different behaviour that prevents a business carrying out a vital process flow Ian
  2. @Al Brookbanks is this a requirement from PayPal - it is one of several reasons why people dont like this new module. That and the by-passing of certain fields like customer order comments etc
  3. Understand that but there are a LOT of people that dont like being forced to have certain aspects like the express button (or simply cant for very valid business reasons) and will never upgrade to this plugin while this is in place. This is going to lead to a LOT of sites running the old unsupported PayPal plugins and if they break at some stage in the future, then some have already said they would consider stopping using CubeCart and move to a different package which is not somebody that any of us want !
  4. This is asked for every now and again but is not something that CubeCart can do at the moment. Have looked at adding this to a new plugin adding to / enhancing the register / login process so if you (or anyone else) would be interested in part funding the development, then happy to chat over the ideas via PM Ian
  5. Sounds like they had a major security leak - a DDoS attack would usually cause problems at the time it was happening, not days or many weeks later. As I have also said, a DDoS attack is also very unlikely to be causing the issues you are experiencing. If they havent come back to you yet with an answer then maybe time to look for a new hosting company
  6. @Cpupall hosting companies have problems now and again and all are subject to DDOS attacks on a regular basis - however only the largest should cause any issues and these should be mitigated quickly and definitely not be causing issues several weeks later. It is extremely unlikely that a DDoS attack would be causing these issues
  7. Foundation already has this code added and so any skin based on this should also have this code already added so no need to try adding it again Ian
  8. Have you tried asking your hosting company - this support should come from them and they should be able to diagnose a simple problem like this in a few minutes - remember, you get what you pay for with hosting. Likely to be a permission or mod_security issue - both hosting problems and almost certainly not a CubeCart problem
  9. Have you checked the PHP error_log file or asked your hosting company for help ? The problem with cheap Hosting is often no support - you get what you pay for. If changing PHP version is breaking the store then it is likely you have ionCube encoded plugins which need replacing for the correct encoded versions
  10. Try beta testing 6.4.0 as lots and lots of improvements added - have a look at the github issues that have been completed for this version. Been testing and working with this version for a while and the changes in this area are fantastic Ian
  11. PayPal quite often have random problems like this - we have had a a few days where about 50% of our customers that use PayPal havent been receiving the PayPal notification of payment but others have. This is spread across multiple servers and where others on those same servers havent had any problems. Clients have spoken to PayPal who as usual say that there are no problems on their system - amazing that PayPal NEVER seem to have any problems ever with any of their systems lol Then miraculously, it all starts working again for all the customers, all at the same time
  12. Good luck as many clients are not getting any support ! A new solution to menus for CubeCart will be along very soon in the form of a new plugin - watch this space !
  13. Add a 301 redirect from /index.php to the root domain which solves your problem and also avoids the possibility of duplicate content penalties
  14. An extension developer doesn't get notified of updates in these forum posts so @Noodleman may not have seen this
  15. So one Like (from Al) and no Retweets so guess not that many people are that interested ? There are some votes and a couple of additional comments but this needs wider publicity and social media is the way to do that.
  16. @sailing123 and @Lastwolf (indeed anyone reading this) if you are on Twitter then can you Like and Retweet If you both (or anyone else that is interested in this) also Tweets from that integration page, then everyone else can also do the same
  17. Voted and added a comment and also Tweeted it so if anyone can find that and retweet it and also tweet themselves that would be helpful
  18. Are you intending to use that field for other purposes ? Often better to add new fields rather than repurpose However, to answer your question - it wont save more than 20 characters as the database column is only defined as a varchar(20) Ian
  19. That is correct behaviour as the item is allocated against the order Is there a specific reason why you have it set this way especially if you have a number of items with very low stock levels and also customers that dont immediately pay for their items. There are some specific use cases where having it set this way is required but most stores would decrease stock once an order is paid for and goes to Processing This however doesnt sound correct - sounds like there is a bug there. You might want to log a report here : https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues
  20. Unfortunately, they are probably correct in that very few CubeCart users will be sending 100 orders a day They closed that loophole then ! I think this would have to be Al's decision as to how much noise and what noise he would like to make
  21. Even more crazy when they eventually (after being difficult for a few weeks) allowed me access to a Despatch Manager Online account to write, test and support a plugin for this system which was then replaced by the Click and Drop system. Apart from setting up the dev account, they didnt have to provide any additional help or support. Do customers who already have a Click & Drop account have access to the API documentation - that was the way I originally got around RM initially saying they would not provide access - I simply used a client's account with their permission and got all the
  22. During the installation you would have been given the admin url but you can check what the admin file is called by using FTP or a File manager and look for a file called admin_AbCdE.php and then add that to your shop url
  23. That is not what I have been saying ! You should 100% change the settings as I outlined earlier and do it through cPanel which then updates the correct files such as teh local php.ini or user.ini etc Speak to your hosting company if you are unsure
  24. There should also be no need to manually change this in the php.ini file especially if you are using cPanel hosting
  25. So to clarify : version 6.2.9 core CubeCart along with version 1.0.19 of the AIOS plugin has this feature built in. I havent checked other shipping plugins, but would expect that these still need the work to be done
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