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  1. lol - only recently added although that does mean it is at the front in every CubeCart store !
  2. This is simple to do and is one specific use case for this plugin https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/duplicate-cc-or-bcc-or-block-sending-of-order-emails and have quite a few clients using it simply for TrustPilot or other similar applications
  3. A category cannot be deselected within the plugin although this is a trivial task via a MySQL statement. However, if the product status or the category status is disabled, then products would not be selected anyway Ian
  4. Yes it will work on 7.4 as well - I will change the naming of the zip file to 7.2 and above
  5. It is communicating with the database fine - you would get a different error message if that was the case This means either the database user and / or the password are incorrect. You should check these values and then manually update them in includes/global.inc.php
  6. This is a possible solution, but it does mean that orders sitting at Pending have stock allocated against them blocking it from being available to other users, unless the auto-expire number of seconds is very low which should then release the stock and make it available again. This however, can cause it's own problems
  7. Hi Brian I would be willing to take a look and do some testing for you although if @Al Brookbanks is thinking of including it in core then really he needs to check and approve the code Send me a PM with the details and I will take a look Ian
  8. Thanks - I will upgrade a couple of stores having problems and hopefully this will make it better
  9. Seeing this now with two clients very intermittently - both use Stripe alongside other gateways such as PayPal Standard, POF, PayPal Commerce. Interestingly a good number of other clients that use Stripe as their sole payment gateway and are using latest 3.0.1, every single payment is going through and updating to processing perfectly
  10. You didnt answer any of the points above and now we, as a company apparently hate you - we bend over backwards to try and help you and you still react like this ! LOL What a joke ! Refunded
  11. All of our plugins have a 7 day full functionality demo. Secondly if you read https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/product-option-images it clearly says "The plugin also requires a licence code which will be sent to the email address of the purchaser shortly after the payment has been confirmed." That is untrue ! We created an account in our system, added the product, generated a licence code and opened a support ticket giving you all the required details, in exactly the same way we do with every other plugin purchase and nobody else has any problems ! Again untrue on all points. We have exchanged a large number of emails with you to try and get this sorted as you seem incapable of understanding how to login into a site and reply to a support ticket something which many hundreds of our other customers seem to deal with on a daily basis. We have not blocked you and have even sent password reset emails on your behalf, with another one sent just now. It is very easy to come onto a public forum and make all sorts of unsubstantiated and blatantly incorrect claims especially when you hide behind a name that has no connection to your personal or business name. More than happy to issue a refund and will process that shortly
  12. Also seeing this with a client - almost all of their orders are paid using PayPal Commerce (which is working perfectly btw !) but one order yesterday out of four paid for by Stripe also had this error
  13. Originally the Click and Drop integration was only in beta and RM would only open it up to a few selected accounts and would only allow it to work with integrations they had written themselves. As the answer on 20th November shows, this has now changed ------------------------------------------------------------- Hi all and thank you for your feedback. Following our successful trial of the Click & Drop API integration, we have now activated this integration for all accounts. You can find it in your Settings > Integrations. Thanks to everyone who took part in the beta program. Further information on how to import orders with the API can be found here: https://help.parcel.royalmail.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360011462338-How-to-import-orders-with-the-Click-Drop-API ------------------------------------------------------------- So all RM users with an account can use this and any developer can use their API documentation to write a plugin - @Al Brookbanks I would say that this should probably be a standard core / free plugin and because you have nothing else to do in your life at the moment ........
  14. An access attempt every 20 minutes is far from being bombarded and if you have proof that the WAF is preventing access (how do you know this and what WAF are you referring to ?) then it is doing exactly what it is supposed to do. Adding additional code to CubeCart would be outside the scope (a WAF is designed to do this) and would be considerably slower at doing the same job. WAFs are used to dealing with hundreds / thousands requests a minute / second so one every 20 minutes isnt even a ripple
  15. If your hosting server requires 777 permissions on any file or directory then it isnt setup to be secure and you should look to move to a different server / hosting company. Any breach on any site on the server can very easily then go to any other account hosted on the same server
  16. The forums contain a huge amount of information, some a perfect solution and some not quite so perfect ! Just be careful when looking at posts this old
  17. @ddub there is a specific edit that sometimes needs to be done manually to the .htaccess file on some hosting. Are the 404 errors on all pages or are they only on newly created products ? Early days investigating, but I am seeing some sites where the generated seo url for newly generated products has gone crazy !
  18. These need to be held against each product, so a couple of simple extra fields added to the inventory would be easy to add @Al Brookbanks can these be added in next version as also have a lot of people asking for them. They will also need to be printed on various documents. This is really an accounting procedure as is outside of the scope of CubeCart Not sure that this is inside the scope of CubeCart either
  19. I made those changes to your skin fo you straight away - you may need to remember them for future upgrades (to the skin) along with your other minor skin changes
  20. That will be a massive number of files and changes. Simplest way is extract a 6.2.9 zip file to one directory, a 6.4.2 zip file to another directory and then do a diff file comparison between the two directories.
  21. @traylor23 you are very welcome ! One takeaway is that you might want to look into the frequency and accessibility of backups your hosting company is doing. Minimum has to be full off-server backup once per day but even that for busy transactional sites can lead to massive data loss. As an example, we do hourly Continuous Data Protection backups !
  22. This will be because your hosting doesnt have ionCube installed - you can try contacting your hosting company and asking them to install but many will refuse as they have set ways of building their servers and will not budge. All plugins from us and also from @Noodleman require ionCube to be installed. We install ionCube on all of our servers by default and @Al Brookbanks will also have it installed
  23. As it stands, the multi currency option in CubeCart is simply for display / reference purposes- all current payment gateway modules only charge in the store base currency. It isn’t too difficult to amend a gateway plugin to use the customer selected currency for billing but there are many other areas that will still record the amount in the store base currency
  24. You should 100% get off of PHP 5.6 but really dont think that this will be causing this issue. I havent seen it before but dont have too many sites running 6.4.1 yet but those that are dont have this issue although I dont think any of them would have the Add subcategories to category URL path? setting set to yes
  25. This is an unusual plugin in our range as it is only applicable if you are running one of our two skins - Retail Therapy or Nautical - without one of those two skins, the plugin is useless. A demo can provide insight into the capability that it can provide but the inclusion on the marketplace is more to advertise its functionality and also to allow our many current users to be able to upgrade using the thunderbolt process. A new version will be released in the next few days along with major upgrades to both our skins
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