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  1. The pre-order module does this https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/pre-order-goods-plugin
  2. You can with this: https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/custom-order-status-colours-emails
  3. Yes, it's possible. Enable the currencies you want to use and update the exchange rates. base currency is then converted to selected currency using rates.
  4. Sounds like not all of your files uploaded correctly. review your upload log for errors
  5. extract the admin directory from the installer (6.2 zip file) and upload it to your site, replacing your existing admin directory
  6. you can do this using a module and hooks, it would require some custom code. I did something similar for somebody last year.
  7. I ran into this, clear your cache and retry. https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/1947
  8. Noodleman


    https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/guide-to-the-general-data-protection-regulation-gdpr/lawful-basis-for-processing/consent/ Simply put.. don't send marketing material to people unless they have opted in.
  9. Noodleman


    They need to be opted out unless otherwise opt-in by choice.
  10. skip step 3. just pick up the files/db, port to new server. update globals file with new DB details, delete root .htaccess file and you should be online. then pick up from step 6
  11. Noodleman


    CubeCart 6.2 will take care of a lot of these things
  12. I'm sure that was resolved recently via a fix....
  13. Which page / template file is this code from? your literal tags are the wrong way around or you missed the open/close tags during your copy/paste :). try this {literal}<script> fbq('track', 'Purchase', { currency: 'USD', content_type: 'product', contents: [ { item_price: '{/literal}{$item.price}{literal}', id: '{/literal}{$item.product_code}{literal}', quantity: '{/literal}{$item.quantity}{literal}', } ], }); </script> {/literal}
  14. you won't need extensions for these, they are copy/paste code you add to your store theme.
  15. they probably have JS disabled in their browser. happens now and then
  16. Quite easy, it's in your store settings. make sure you register for the correct keys using your google account
  17. yes, stop using V1. google are turning it off
  18. can you provide a detailed description your what you need?
  19. This is the closest match https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/product-addons-easily-purchase-related-products
  20. the warning about no changes made is a known thing. it's because the module stores it's data outside of the normal process which saved product data, thus CubeCart doesn't see the change and things there are no changes. the module isn't conditional at the moment, meaning you can't dynamically drop the price for one item based on the addition of other items to the cart. It's not a feature of the module but may be something I will consider in the future. I've another module on my roadmap which may provide this feature, but it's quite a way off being developed. There is a price override feature within the module, but it only checks if the addon product exits in the cart with it's parent product to apply the override price. it does not consider the other items which make up the kit.
  21. I wrote something similar to this for another customer last year. I can build what you want, with email feature in about 3-4 hours. Feel free to get in contact via https://www.noodleman.co.uk/support I guess one question is do you need your dropshippers to log in and tell you which numbers they have used?
  22. showing up when editing only is by design. It shows in upper case due to a CSS rule in the same copy/paste example. look for "text-transform" in the same example code and remove it.
  23. I encode all of my commercial modules to protect my source code. It's common for commercial software to be protected. I'm working on a revised copy/paste example in the upcoming update to the module. Something that is friendlier for responsive themes, and revised instructions. Navigate to "Manage hooks" int he admin area, click on the addons module and save. then edit a product and check if the tab is there. The text is in the copy/paste example.
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