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  1. I wouldn't worry. lots of people do this to check what your shipping price will be sometimes. "just to make sure". I do it myself when comparing prices of the same item across sites
  2. and this https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/category-document-security-plugin-customer-groups-security-plugin-for-cubecart You can configure all of your categories to require customers be in a specific group. you, as the admin can drop people into or remove them from those groups. You can try out the module to see if it does what you require without any cost.
  3. hello. If it stopped working at the time you upgraded the module, it may be related.which version of PHP are you using, and which version of the module did you install? (There are 4 different released per version). to prove if it's the issue, you can use FTP, navigate to /modules/plugins and rename the module directory. if it is the root cause this will bring the store front up until the correct version of the module is installed
  4. I see this often, especially when using either Edge and occasionally Chrome. It can happen if you have a larger store as the installer will timeout (thus 500 error) but is still running in the background. once the installer gets beyond a certain point (later version) it starts to work again. smashing F5 over and over until it starts to behave usually works.
  5. We need to protect our IP, otherwise I would agree. Until there is a more viable method there isn't much choice. happy to explore alternatives should you know of any viable ones?
  6. if you use any third party modules, they are typically encoded for a specific PHP version. if you swap out your PHP version you may need to replace the installed version of the module with the version targeting your new PHP version. I provide support for PHP 5.4 to the latest version of PHP for all my modules and downloads for various PHP versions can be found via the CubeCart marketplace our my website downloads area.
  7. unless you setup 3, as RRP, and 4 as 50% again. this feature requires explicit matches on quantity
  8. You can use quantity discount, buy 2 at 50% of the price.
  9. per chance are you using any modules? I fixed a defect in one my modules that triggered this error recently.
  10. Try another browser in case it's specific to one.
  11. this... https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2421
  12. just upgrade the 6.1.8 store and then merge
  13. I think it's malformed the content when saving, I replicated the same problem here as well. Assuming the forum doesn't malform it, try this: <p>Hi {$DATA.first_name|capitalize},</p> <p>Your digital files are now ready for download. Please use the links provided below to access them below:</p> {foreach from=$DOWNLOADS item=download} <p><strong>{$download.name}:</strong> (Link expires on {$download.expire}<strong>)</strong><br> <a href="{$download.url}">{$download.url}</a></p> {/foreach} <p&g
  14. did you revise any other templates? What's the full error in your error log.
  15. put the editor into source mode, and past this into the HTML section: <p>Hi {$DATA.first_name|capitalize},</p> <p>Your digital files are now ready for download. Please use the links provided below to access them below:</p> <!--{foreach from=$DOWNLOADS item=download}--> <p><strong>{$download.name}:</strong> (Link expires on {$download.expire}<strong>)</strong></strong></p> and in the plain tab, add the following: Hi {$DATA.first_name|capitalize}, Your digital files are now r
  16. Which template was it you edited? is it only the digital download one?
  17. If your template is pretty much stock with minor adjustments then I would delete it and start over. I can grab the default code for you if you want? Alternatively, if your template is heavily modified then you will likely need to copy the source code to an editor and review it line by line to correct. it can take a while. I probably see this with other customers about once every couple of weeks.
  18. I see this happen all the time. in short, just dont' edit the templates using the editor. Copy the source code to an external editor, then use that to modify and save back. It malforms the smarty code in some cases. Check your store error log, you'll probably see a related smarty error
  19. Use the smarty engine. https://www.smarty.net
  20. the other, make sure you are using a domain name, not IP address to access the site URL. I've seen this cause issues with the cookie domain and cause similar behaviour.
  21. this might sound silly, but try it. try the installer in another browser. I've been caught in this loop when using multiple sites in the same browser before. it might be the same thing.
  22. seems valid. One thing that can cause oddities is the session data not being stored correctly. check your web server error log and see if you have warnings about sessions in there. it may offer some clues.
  23. snap aww, smilies are still broken
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