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  1. Morning, Sorry about that, ionCube made some changes in the latest release which was made available a few days and I've not had time to update things yet. I've encoded a version of the module which should work for you with the latest ioncube versions. Download Here
  2. http://www.noodleman.co.uk/downloads/product_addons/1.0.12_product_addons_PHP7.1_and_above.zip if that doesn't work, I'll build another version. the 7.1 version was built with the later encoder library
  3. check the apache error log, what's in there?
  4. There is a whole bunch of code neede in your store theme to get the invisible recaptcha working. has all the code been ported from the latest foundation theme?
  5. did you sign up for invisible recaptcha in your google account (needs a new key) using latest CC version and foundation theme?
  6. id didn't post it.. it captured it in an error log. if it was posted it would be all over your store front for all to see
  7. I mean, the log shows CC did it's job. an array was illegal... and it removed it. seems like a bot looking for a way in to post crap on a forum
  8. so many !!!!!!!!!! is your store hacked? Check for code snippits that you don't know about
  9. From the error you are using PHP version 5.5, you also do not have the IonCube loaders installed on your web server. This is a requirement of the module. Do you manage your own web server, or obtain your hosting from a company? If your own server, see: http://www.ioncube.com/loader_installer.php If hosted via a company, they may have support articles which suggest how to enable it for you hosting package. I would also recommend you change to at least PHP 5.6, or if available to you 7.1
  10. If it's on a new domain / store, yes it does. in the newest versions of the Foundation theme, the content.product.php file was split into some other files. you are most likely wanting the element.product.call_to_action.php file. You don't need to worry about the custom hook unless you are using an earlier version of CubeCart, if you have just installed it then I assume you are using the latest.
  11. Sure, if you need any help with it let meknow
  12. CubeCart can't do this out of the box, but the "Product Addons" module adds this functionality. https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/product-addons-easily-purchase-related-products Every product is a product in it's own right. you can associate products to essentially build part kits. I do plan on adding a "part kit" feature to make this easier in the future, IE, create a new product in CubeCart and configure which other products are included. When buying this one product it will add all the kit items to your cart. You can download/install and try the module out in Demo mode.
  13. Admin menu, Maintenance, Upgrade tab.
  14. Also, dont' forget to change the store URL found in store settings -> SSL.
  15. The issue is caused by the web server. the module makes a call to UPS using the cURL library and that will be negotiating using TLS1.0. It's unrelated to CubeCart cofiguration since it's the initialize of the request that negotiates the protocol. Review your PHP/cURL configuration first, if no joy I can send an updated module with a line of code that should force TLS 1.2 if your cURL libraries support it. You should ensure your cURL library is on the latest version for your PHP release. I have seen an out of date cURL library cause this kind of issue in the past.
  16. Correct, because it's not a good idea to email customers who have specifically opted out of receiving marketing material Customers can control their enrolement via their user control panel, and cusomters are offered the option to opt in/out upon account registration.
  17. You can build/send newsletters from CubeCart which will do what you want, but you will have to define the content of the newsletter manually.
  18. Morning Eliot, Please open a support ticket at https://www.noodleman.co.uk so we can share more specific details, I can then provide you an estimate of time and thus cost. I've ported several V3 stores to the latest version, some simple ones and some with 100+ custom modules which needed porting. Initially I would need to know if you want to port your existing store theme?, and do you have a list of custom functionality you would like ported? Thanks, Alec.
  19. You could use this, and give some items a rule to link to the free shipping module. https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/shipping-methods/link-cubecart-products-to-specific-shipping-services-/-modules
  20. it depends on the "Key" missing,. if it's a primary key (which I suspect) then it's something that must be fixed ASAP. using something like PHPMYADMIN to review the indexes on the DB tables in the errors and report back with what indexes / primary keys you have defined.
  21. if any new reports need adding let me know and i will release an update with it
  22. assign your table a class and build a CSS class to control it's max-width
  23. Did you see an error in the server logs?
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