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  1. should be this after an install $glob['installed'] = '1'; if it is, then perhaps it's one of the cache issues. try and clear the cache from the admin area of the store.
  2. Check your globals file in the includes directory, it may be set to install mode. this can happen if permissions are not correct after uploading the files.
  3. some control panels let you enable these things yourself. not sure what options you have available. some do, some do not.
  4. There's the problem... mb_strtolower your server doesn't have the MB string functions enabled in PHP enable multibyte and it'll fix the issue. also.. eeewwww. PHP 5.5! you should upgrade that to at least PHP 7.1. It's often overlooked. http://php.net/supported-versions.php
  5. 500 suggests PHP error. pull your web server error log (From hosting) and check for errors. Also check if you have "CURL" enabled in "php info" I've seen this break things before as well.
  6. hmm. do you have a .htaccess file in the root of the store? oh, also make sure you have mod_rewrite enabled on the server. it's often missed.
  7. no write access to the sub-folder, so couldn't create the .htaccess file. check permissions
  8. It should be doing this already, although looks like it's still on the roadmap. although, I thinking back, I believe I was waiting on this to be added into the Core CubeCart engine. I've had the requests open with CubeCart since 2015.... since those didn't happen the module didn't get updated. https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/619 https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/620 https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/622 I'll update the module to capture all these details
  9. I'll check into this. It should be pulling historic data
  10. sounds like you don't have the latest admin theme. check you're using the default one, if not change your settings to use the most recent. if you have the latest there is a "clear cache" button in the upper right corner. see also:
  11. It's possible they have partially set it up, but may require a restart of a service for it to start to work. Who provides your hosting? some companies provide instructions on how to enable it with their control panel if they don't enable it by default. Most who offer this feature have it documented somewhere in a support knowledge base. I'll see if I can track it down for you if required. When IonCube is enabled, there is a section in the php info page which says "powered by IonCube"
  12. You can find it in the /images/noodleman directory of the theme, simply swap it out for your own image or update the theme to point to your own logo.
  13. delete the module for the moment. Check the version of IonCube you have installed from the admin area (php info), you can search the page for IonCube. Also, please confirm your PHP version? There are different versions available based on PHP version, see here: https://www.noodleman.co.uk/downloads.html#price_tiers If you have an old version of IonCube installed, then I may need to send you a special version which will work with older versions.
  14. that is correct, including the directory named "price_tiers".
  15. Did you manually upload the files using FTP? It should have gone into /modules/plugins directory, with the final path being /modules/plugins/price_tiers once in that directory, you should see it from the admin area under the "manage extensions" list.
  16. Sure, you can install the module and try it out. it will work in a demo mode for a week without any limits, a try before you buy mode
  17. correct, it is group based, but it allows you to not have to worry about micro management of the product prices. you can change the % for the group on the fly as required,.
  18. Standard, PayPal only uses the values sent to it via CubeCart when billing a customer, so either the value sent to PayPal was different than the customer was shown on the UI. What does your Transaction log show?
  19. is this with PayPal Pro, or standard?
  20. The easiest way is this: https://www.noodleman.co.uk/discount-price-tiers-module.html setup a single tier with a min price of 0.01 and use a customer group to manage the % that customer can get. IE setup a customer group for 10% discount, then add that customer to the group and setup a 10% discount tier for that group. However, you can also do it using customer groups, but it would mean you need to manually maintain the prices for each product and customer group.
  21. Firstly, upgrade. there are many security issues fixed with the latest versions. 6.1.7 (in my opinion) is not secure. next, check where the traffic is coming from, review your web analytics. sounds like a bot is spamming your site, but analytics may give insight into where they got their links from. Probably not a major concern and just spam bots, but worth digging deeper just in case.
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