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  1. Yes blocked by a security feature in CubeCart itself.
  2. It's because it is pretty much prehistoric and not compatible with the browser you are using.
  3. I don't know much about this but I would suggest using UK only hosting to help make sure you comply with ICO rules. Working with companies that have to adhere to the same rules is important.
  4. Who said you need to and what country are you trading from? This will vary depending on a number of things. Disclaimer: I'm not a privacy expert.
  5. Essentially the gc_maxlifetime value is lower than the cookie session. This means the session data on the server doesn't exists when the cookie does. It was some months ago I looked at this with @keat and I have to say I can't remember what the best scenario was. I seem to remember setting your own save path with long gc_maxlifetime was the best solution.
  6. Ideally you want to have your own VPS and make sure the session garbage clean up syncs with PHP session length. Increasing the gx_maxlifetime should help. It was a while ago this came up now so I don't exactly remember the ins and outs but it can certainly be solved with some PHP config changes.
  7. Almost. They will become like normal options in the option_assign table if they are edited (e.g. given a weight or price).
  8. It's complex. If you make specific changes to an option assigned by option set it will become a normal option.
  9. I've never come across option grids? Where did you see that? Options encompasses the sum of parts surely? I agree with @bsmither. Can you be more specific in what you are asking or say what you are trying to achieve?
  10. You could sell it on the marketplace if you wanted renumeration.
  11. @hairydog if there is anything you feel you can contribute we would be grateful. CubeCart us free, open source and community dependant.
  12. He means optimised. The default skin is developed to be easy to customise. For this reason there is no minification etc. This is highly recommended however along with compression. I have no doubt other optimisations can be made too.
  13. What was the issue? Did you get it working? The signup process seems pretty fluid to me but I've only done it in their test sandbox mode. We have quite a few merchants using this now and on the whole feedback is good. Nothing is stopping you switching back to the old system if you don't want to continue with this integration.
  14. No I'm afraid not. Instead use the PayPal Pro extension and you can put it in Express Checkout Only mode.
  15. Check this out... https://support.cubecart.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/223/45/how-do-i-debug-a-blank-screen-error
  16. Which payment system are you using? If it's Authorize.net make sure PHP has mhash enabled.
  17. Hi John, There is no test mode on the PayPal powered by Braintree integration due to the connection method. I'll get in touch with PayPal on Monday and see if there is a way to do this.
  18. That's exactly what media queries are for. The CSS logic can be along the lines of "if screen size is less than X pixels make font size y pixels". Maybe I misunderstood you.
  19. You are best of using CSS media queries to look at the viewport size. However deprecated in the PHP code there is some code to look at the user agent. https://github.com/cubecart/v6/blob/98e2ad3c6fc91a8eb6750cacb391333c234633e8/classes/gui.class.php#L903-L931
  20. It's either because you have more than one window open or the form submit exceeds the max amount of form fields allowed in the PHP config.
  21. It's been a great year at CubeCart and we have been pleased to welcome a great deal of new merchants. We would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and prosperous 2018. Please find our office hours during the festive season below.. Christmas Office Hours Monday 25th Dec - Closed Tuesday 26th Dec - Closed Wednesday 27th Dec - Open (9am - 5:30pm) Thursday 28th Dec - Open (9am - 5:30pm) Friday 29th Dec - Open (9am - 5:30pm) Monday 1st Jan - Closed Tuesday 2nd Jan - Open (9am - 5:30pm)
  22. It will be because the max input variables or post size has been exceeded. http://php.net/manual/en/info.configuration.php#ini.max-input-vars
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