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  1. The second sql statement will delete all records in the customer table that have never placed an order. The first is a variation that deletes the same but only when they were registered before a specific time Implementing sql statements that delete records without knowing what they do would always be risky !
  2. As a preference all users should use encrypted SMTP (either SSL or TLS) as this is much more secure and your emails that are being sent stand a considerably better chance of being delivered to the Inbox of the person you are sending it to. phpmail() is very old, insecure and there is talk about removing it in future PHP releases and a good many hosting companies disable it anyway. There is almost no good reason to ever consider using phpmail()
  3. This is very unlikely to have anything to do with CubeCart but is almost certainly caused by a server level change done by your hosting company - likely some form of front end caching that they haven’t configured to correctly pass through the visitor IP address Ian
  4. You might want to think about adding this to the CubeCart Extensions Marketplace and also looking for a couple of people that would trial it for you. You need to give a detailed explanation of the functionality that it includes - at the moment, nobody will really understand what this does or have any idea where to get it from ! If this plugin has been done correctly, then it would be a good addition to the list of available plugins. If you would like to contact me via PM on here or via our website, then I might be interested in taking a look at it as one of our clients could definitely
  5. Please register as a client on our website and open a support ticket - more than happy to further discuss your requirements but we should do it off of the CubeCart forum All our plugins have a free 7 day trial so you could download it yourself from the marketplace, however, we are just about to release a greatly enhanced version which isnt available on the marketplace, so once you have registered on our site, open a support ticket requesting a copy of this and I can send you one Having a left and a right column is extremely old fashioned design - Retail Therapy gives you the choi
  6. That wont work if someone orders more than one or orders that item along with some other items that do need a shipping charge
  7. You could set the weight of that item to zero and then have a specific weight band of zero weight at zero cost. That way if an order only includes that item, no shipping but if that item is part of a bigger order, the zero product weight will not increase the shipping coosts Ian
  8. All you need to do is speak with your hosting company and ask them to confirm you are tripping a mod_security rule. They may be able to help determine what the cause is based on what rule is being tripped but to be honest, most won’t bother and your only option then is to.ask them to whitelist that rule for your account. It is VERY unusual for up to date standard CubeCart to trip mod_security rules though - if it isn’t mod_security, then your hosting company should be able to determine what is causing the 403 Ian
  9. You should still be able to use All in One Shipping for everything and you have a lot more flexibility and control using that than you do with the Shipping by Weight. AIOS can have multiple shipping methods setup - without knowing your specific requirements it is difficult to say any more but have a look at what rates you have setup in the Shipping by Weight and try adding them into AIOS Ian
  10. I moved this thread to the Retail Therapy thread A demo url for this skin is https://www.cubecart-demo.co.uk This site also includes many of our own plugins (list is here https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/developer/havenswift-hosting) but isn’t dependent on any new of them except our free skin configuration plugin. Both the plugin and this skin are being continually updated and extended and if there is any functionality anyone would like added, we are always happy to consider any suggestion.
  11. You would be better looking at the All in One Shipping module which willalmost certainly be able to do what you want to do Ian
  12. It will not be the version of CubeCart you are running unless it is a very old version - you need to speak to your hosting company and if you don’t get any immediate solution from them as they should be able to see exactly what is going on, then maybe look for a new hosting company
  13. Have you looked at our Retail Therapy skin which comes with a free skin config plugin. We are just about to release new greatly enhanced versions of both of these and are always happy to listen / implement new changes to either or both of these for future releases
  14. While CubeCart definitely needs more quality skins, I would be very wary of a “CubeCart developer” that suddenly turns up out if the blue promoting a new skin, there are a few commited developers but also a lot of template shops that dont understand CubeCart and won’t be around in a few weeks / months for upgrades and support. Strange that it was released when it was and yet is already on sale - think that contravenes UK law ?
  15. Some older versions of some browsers used to cache SSL certificate details and on changing or renewing the certificate, used to report problems but I haven’t seen this for several years. Many hosts will report no problems from their end as a ay to get rid of you but as @bsmither has said, we would need to see your website to determine what is going on Ian
  16. This is almost certainly caused by the content you are entering in the description field tripping something known as mod_security which is a basic WAF, which while it can pick up legitimate security issues, does also pick up a lot of false negatives especially if the mod_security database isn’t updated as often as it should be or you are running old software (for example CubeCart V3 and V4 trip a lot of current mod_security rules much like other applications that are that old) Ian
  17. That slippery slope of making changes to core bites again ! Yes, that will stop the second email from being sent but still leaves you with problems which the commits to that issue solve
  18. This is supposed o have been fixed by this https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2230 so have you upgraded to 6.2.4 ?
  19. Would be much better to simply ask your hosting company to add these tables - I am amazed that most hosting companies dont seem to have this added when it is so simple. Deleting the lines leaves you potentially open to the problem that this fixes plus it means you have to remember to remove them after each upgrade. One line may not seem much but making "just a small change" to core code is a very slippery slope that many started down and then ended up getting stuck at a version and not being able to upgrade because suddenly half their core files had been changed
  20. @Al Brookbanks answer on that issue is correct - you will need a hard refresh as your browser will have cached the JS file. I have seen this while updating clients but a hard refresh sorts it
  21. This plugin adds a huge range of schema.org microdata which is also useful for Pinterest as well. https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/google-pinterest-schema-org-microdata-plugin aggregateRating and reviews will only be part of the schema markup if a product has reviews and that option is enabled in CubeCart. "Offers" is a range of sub-items which are included where relevant. Google are constantly changing the goal posts with this and I noticed yesterday that several new sub-items are now recommended so looking to add these into the next release Ian
  22. Click on the "Follow" button top right of the page just above the green "Reply to this topic" button
  23. Chris If you have ssh access (which you should do if it is your own server) then one simple shell command as shown under the "Populating the Time Zone tables" section in the link above will solve this issue Ian
  24. Hi Eddie You should never need to make any changes like that after any upgrade - the reason you get that CSRF error is because the upgrade hasn’t been completed correctly and you have a mix of files from different versions. As a minimum you will have the admin.php file (or whatever it has been renamed as) and the files in the /admin directory (again or whatever it has been renamed as) at different versions. You may well have multiple different admin directories with files at different versions so you need to ch3ck the config.inc.php file to check what the admin file and directory should
  25. Hi Chris This has been covered in several posts on here already but this is caused by your hosting not being compatible wth this release, specifically the mysql server doesn’t have the required timezone information Ian
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