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  1. Hi, Macro {$DATA.link} does not work if used in the email template of the CANCELLED order status. How can I fix it please ? Thanks S.
  2. Hello, In Cubecart 4, we can manually adjust the "payment method" box within an order. This is great when creating manual orders or even amend an online order which failed online but completed over the phone for payment. In Cubecart 6, this function has gone. Under the overview tab of the order, I can see that a Gateway type appears under the "Shipping Information" table if the order has been processed online. However, if I process a manual order, there is no gateway type box for me to enter "PAID BY PHONE" for the records, nor can I amend an existing online order which failed but processed over the phone. Yet I can amend all Shipping Information under the Delivery tab but no box for Gateway... Does anyone know which files to amend and the code change required to make that box a permanent feature under the Delivery tab please ? Many thanks. S.
  3. hello everyone, i just set up cubecart 6.1.5 and the installation went fine. The storefront also looks good but when i want to login, nothing happens except behind .php ?_g=login appears. when i type in a incorrect password i get a 500 error. i have had the same issues before when trying cc 6.1.4. i am running on a local machine using xampp on windows 10, this is just for trial/development use. kars noordhuis
  4. Hi! I use Russian symbols in the "product name" field and it shows without any problem everywhere. However, when I export catalog and open it in Excel Russian symbols are shown wrong. If I open .csv file in UltraEdit and save it as UTF-8 file then it is opened in Excel without any problems. But I don't know what is original code-page of .csv file to use external converters (UltraEdit recognizes it automatically). Could you be so kind to give me the clue what code page is use by default in .csv file and is it possible to change inside CC615 it to avoid additional manual convertation? Thank you.
  5. Trying to upgrade to the latest version (6.1.5) from the previous version of v6.1.4. When I go to "Upgrade Now" and click on it, the page starts its thinking and then results in a blank screen. If I hit the back button or go back to the main store admin link, nothing has changed. In the past if this has happened, it would take me to the install upgrade screen. However, this is no longer the case. I am unable to automate the upgrade process. I do not want to continue if this is a potential problem/issue in the making. Can't risk it regardless of having file and database backups. Any suggestions or ideas are appreciated!
  6. Hi, Today after manual upgrade from 6.1.1 to 6.1.5 my store seems works fine only in admin panel ADVANCED > maintenance > database i see below notice: CubeCart_admin_users.admin_id has a key type KEY but expecting PRIMARY. CubeCart_category.cat_parent_id has no key set. Expecting KEY. CubeCart_admin_users.admin_id has a key type KEY but expecting PRIMARY. CubeCart_category_index.id has a key type KEY but expecting PRIMARY.CubeCart_category_index.cat_id has no key set. Expecting KEY. . CubeCart_category_language.translation_id has a key type KEY but expecting PRIMARY. CubeCart_order_inventory.id has a key type KEY but expecting PRIMARY. CubeCart_order_inventory.product_id has no key set. Expecting KEY. CubeCart_order_inventory.cart_order_id has no key set. Expecting KEY. ... ....
  7. Hello everyone, I have a problem with the H3 title given to product list in categories for instance. I am guessing that the title has a limited number of characters given and if the title exceeds that threshold it gets shortened with 3 dots. Not good ! I have been searching through the css files to address the problem but I have yet to find the source. I also tried to reduce the size of that H3 title but only managed with desktop, not with small devices but not sure that this is the right approach anyway. Thanks for your help. Many thanks S.
  8. Hi, Wish to make the sales report with the product details, which sql should I edit on? "product_code" is a new attributes that I add in, since it is not inside the table "CubeCart_order_summary". Actually, it is from table "CubeCart_order_inventory". And, How to sum the product_code? As the product code is in integer, digit form. The below code is from admin_LsSCSi/sources/reports.index.inc.php $fields = array( 'title', 'cart_order_id', 'product_code', 'order_date', 'status', 'subtotal', 'discount', 'shipping', 'total_tax', 'total', 'customer_id', 'first_name', 'last_name', 'company_name', 'line1', 'line2', 'town', 'state', 'country', 'postcode', 'title_d', 'first_name_d', 'last_name_d', 'company_name_d', 'line1_d', 'line2_d', 'town_d', 'state_d', 'country_d', 'postcode_d', 'phone', 'email', 'gateway' ); foreach ($GLOBALS['hooks']->load('admin.reports.order.pre') as $hook) include $hook; $orders = $GLOBALS['db']->select('CubeCart_order_summary', $fields, $where); foreach ($GLOBALS['hooks']->load('admin.reports.order.post') as $hook) include $hook; if ($orders) { ## If we are wanting an external report start new External class if (isset($_POST['external_report']) && is_array($_POST['external_report'])) { $module_name = array_keys($_POST['external_report']); $external_class_path = 'modules/external/'.$module_name[0].'/external.class.php'; if (file_exists($external_class_path)) { include $external_class_path; $external_report = new External($GLOBALS['config']->get($module_name[0])); } } ## Tally up totals $tally = array(); $i = 0; foreach ($orders as $order_summary) { $order_summary['status'] = $lang['order_state']['name_'.(int)$order_summary['status']]; foreach ($order_summary as $field => $value) { if (in_array($field, array('subtotal', 'discount', 'shipping', 'total_tax', 'total'))) { if (!isset($tally[$field])) $tally[$field] = 0; $tally[$field] += $value; } } $order_summary['country'] = (is_numeric($order_summary['country'])) ? getCountryFormat($order_summary['country']) : $order_summary['country']; $order_summary['state'] = (is_numeric($order_summary['state'])) ? getStateFormat($order_summary['state']) : $order_summary['state']; $order_summary['country_d'] = (is_numeric($order_summary['country_d'])) ? getCountryFormat($order_summary['country_d']) : $order_summary['country_d']; $order_summary['state_d'] = (is_numeric($order_summary['state_d'])) ? getStateFormat($order_summary['state_d']) : $order_summary['state_d']; $order_summary['date'] = formatTime($order_summary['order_date'],false,true); ## Run line of external report data if (isset($external_report) && is_object($external_report)) $external_report->report_order_data($order_summary); unset($order_summary['order_date'], $values); foreach ($order_summary as $field => $value) { if ($i == 0) $headers[] = $field; $values[] = (is_numeric($value) || !strpos($value, ',')) ? $value : sprintf('"%s"', addslashes($value)); } if ($i == 0 && $add_headers) $data[] = implode(',', $headers); $data[] = implode(',', $values); $smarty_data['report_date'][] = $order_summary; $i++; } $GLOBALS['smarty']->assign('REPORT_DATE', $smarty_data['report_date']); if (isset($_POST['download']) || (isset($_POST['external_report']) && is_array($_POST['external_report']))) { $GLOBALS['debug']->supress(true); if (isset($_POST['download'])) { $file_content = implode("\r\n", $data); $file_name = $lang['reports']['sales_data'].' '.$download_range; } else { $file_content = $external_report->_report_data; $file_name = ucfirst($module_name[0]).' '.$lang['reports']['data'].' '.$download_range; } deliverFile(false, false, $file_content, $file_name.'.csv'); exit; } ## Show table footer $tally['orders'] = count($orders); foreach ($tally as $key => $value) { $tallyformatted[$key] = ($key=='orders') ? $value : sprintf('%.2F', $value); } $smarty_data['tally'] = $tallyformatted; $GLOBALS['smarty']->assign('DOWNLOAD', true); ## Get external module export code $where = array('module' => 'external', 'status' => '1'); ## Start classes for external reports if (($module = $GLOBALS['db']->select('CubeCart_modules', 'folder', $where)) !== false) { foreach ($module as $module_data) { if(file_exists(CC_ROOT_DIR.'/modules/external/'.$module_data['folder'])) { $module_data['description'] = ucfirst(str_replace('_',' ',$module_data['folder'])); $smarty_data['export'][] = $module_data; } } $GLOBALS['smarty']->assign('EXPORT', $smarty_data['export']); } } else { if (isset($_POST['download'])) httpredir(currentPage()); $smarty_data['tally'] = array('orders' => 0); } $GLOBALS['smarty']->assign('TALLY', $smarty_data['tally']); $GLOBALS['smarty']->assign('POST', $report_filter); foreach ($GLOBALS['hooks']->load('admin.reports.order.filter') as $hook) include $hook; Thanks~
  9. An issue has occurred upon version update 6.1.3 - although as others have noted on this forum I'm not convinced this update since I had problems with it. I sell sheet music from a website and all the products are downloads - have been doing this with CC since Version 3.N For security, all downloads are in a directory at the same level as public_html I refer to them in Products/Dashboard/product name/Digital using the file path/name.ext mechanism for example /home/siteparent/filename.ext This has worked for years without problems. Following the update, this link is broken. In the Product tab, every reference to the file generates an error "It has not been possible to locate the download file path/name" Can anyone explain why this has happened and, more important, how to fix it please? Many thanks Brassman
  10. Regarding CC613, for stores with moderate and larger databases, having CubeCart do a database backup has the possibility of resulting in a partial backup file, PHP crashing, and you seeing a blank white screen. The problem is that the new means of reading short blips of the database and writing it to the file, opening and closing the file between blips, as a means (assuming) of staying within reasonable limits of memory consumption --- that new means is flawed. If this happens to you, please use any external database maintenance utility to make the backup of your moderate and larger database. This is only an advisory -- there will be no damage to your store files, nor to the database. An issue has been posted in the Github.
  11. Hello Good People.... I've used CC for many years now though not from its birth sadly. I have an issue. I wanted to install the Chinese Language. The system allowed me to list Chinese as a language, and even had a slot for the conversion currency for HKD (Hong Kong Dollars) but thats way off and doesnt seem to compute at all so in HKD everything is about 97% discounted. :). Tired of going round in circles..... I want to delete the CHINESE Language I set up. It has no flag. Looks bad. Tries to load in the extension .gif with no prefix for the image filename, I cannot edit or delete this language and am scratching my head as to how on earth to get the languages back as they were. lang1.jpg image shows the missing graphic holder. lang2.jpg shows the impossibility to delete the Chinese error in the language set and will NOT allow status changes.. Help would be superb. Token payment for a technician to go in and sort it is also available. But I cant afford CC's current fees sadly. They wont fit the budget. Thanks for reading. Neil.
  12. ok so I installed paypal extension, I push test, seems fine... for 3 days I have called paypal and spoke to someone trying to purchase on my site.... paypal says it seems fine...but, they could really care less cause they are really busy right now I am sure... anyways, not sure what to put in IPN ???? to get a notice of payment??? and she sent me a notice she see's when she goes onto her paypal account it says " Hi Linda I checked paypal and it said " [email protected] transaction details [email protected] - negative$18.44 [email protected] hasn't accepted yet. Cancel anyone know what this means?????????? HELPPPPPPPP PLEASEEEEE
  13. Hi to everyone, first of all Merry Christmas! I had a problem, I just configured CubeCart v6 with 11 languages and the flags appeared in different order and some times the same flag for different languages. Changing to any language work well, its only the flag appearance. Any suggestions will be helpful. Thank you very much for your attention.
  14. After the Xmas break, I checked on our Cubecart installation, and got this message on the dashboard: ... so I click on the "Upgrade Now" link, as I have done many times in the past, but my store thinks that he is at the latest version! Is there something wrong with the new version, or do I have to do the upgrade manually?
  15. Hello and Happy new year! I'm a new user of cubecart. Everything worked fine from installation to paiement methods (paypal + print order... only) but I can't put any image to a product! I already tried to reinstall but the problem remains : loading an image (<500kb) from product/image loads the image, save display the confirmation message, but no image is linked to the product... Thanks for helping me to solve this issue... Regards Benjamin
  16. Hi, I've upgraded to v6.1.1 to see if this upgrade can solve my problem, which didn't apparently. On front store screen, "customer"s right-top corner buttons navigates to nowhere. I don't recall what I have changed after upgrading to v6.1.0 but all I remember is, I was trying to solve POF (print order form) problem (which is still exist btw) When I mouse over the shortcut links, it shows link at the bottom of page as "..../cube/index.php#"
  17. Have looked at a few open source e-commerce solutions and have to admit that CubeCart is about the easiest of them all. However, notice during the testing phase that different browsers give different results when using the Foundation skin in regard to the appearance of the store. Older browsers (assume that the user would be using the latest and greatest but not always the case) show pages with a wide black border on either side and the middle section of the actual home page, product page, etc, in the middle. Very unreadable and very hard to navigate. Other browsers (like Slimjet, some newer versions of Firefox and newer versions of Opera) show a proper page, but the featured item and bestsellers are cut off and there is no horizontal scroll bar to alert the user that additional information is "hiding" on the right side of the page. Turns out that if I zoom down to about 90% the page will display correctly. Looked around the forum and didn't find a solution to this and right now only thing I could think of doing is to place a notice in the "slider" on the home page alerting users to upgrade their browser and/or zoom out to show pages properly (assuming they don't have the "see the middle only" issue). Right now, Vivaldi seems to be only browser that displays the page as it should be. Looked in the Admin panel to see if maybe I could "downsize" the page to at least fix the zoom issue, but either overlooking where it is or not there at all.
  18. I need to change or remove the free shipping box. Can someone help me? I can not find where to edit this section of the store. See attachment below. Thanks in advance Quality Bath and Body Products.html
  19. I was originally trying to edit my store and was unable. I noticed I needed to upgrade. Installed the latest upgrade unable to access website or admin site. I don't think it completed the process. I receive the error below. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home4/jnevada/public_html/shop/classes/config.class.php on line 223 My store- www.theestuaryshop.com/shop/ Please HELP!
  20. I rec'd my first order today ...they said they paid through paypal... it shows paypal on the gateway part of the order form I printed... now what do I do? just wait to hear something from paypal? I go into my paypal account and there is no activity... do I change the status from pending to processing on my end? will that help? I sell on amazon all the time but like I said I am new here... my first sale with cubecart..... helppppppppp please....thank you!
  21. Hi All, i have currently the Problem that when i try to rebuild the sitemap it takes a long time and than ends with the attached screen. I have alread activated the error_log using the file ini-custom.inc.php as suggested by bsmither in a different Topic. The Shop is running CC 6.1.1 and has currently about 39000 Products loaded. Since it is planed to increase the number of products to about 800.000 I´m a little bit worried about this issue. Hopefully somebody has an idea how this issue can be fixed. kind regards Christian
  22. Hi I have recently updated cubecart from version 6.1.0 to 6.1.1 and after receiving a cart order I tried to print an invoice and it is return the below server error. Internal Server Error "The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator at [email protected] to inform them of the time this error occurred, and the actions you performed just before this error. More information about this error may be available in the server error log. Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request." I have been on with my web hosting team and they cannot find any error on their side. If I reinstall version 6.1.0 it works fine. can anyone provide some assistance with this please
  23. When I upload an .epub file to the Downloads section, it says "Upload Successful" - but I cannot find the file I just uploaded. I did hit the Update File List and the list refreshed but the file doe snot appear. I renamed the file to remove all spaces, etc. and shorten it. It is about half the size set for maximum file size. What else might be preventing the uploaded file from appearing in my Downloads folder?
  24. At the bottom of my website there is an error reporting PHP and I have no idea how to disable it. Would appreciate any help.
  25. Only just noticed this. We've been running a Cubecart store for several years now.... Scandavian characters such as ø don't display correctly in the orders area of the Admin panel. The display fine on the customer's screen, and in the Admin customer area: See the screenshots for more details. Anybody got any ideas on how to fix this? CubeCart Version 6.1.1 PHP Version 5.6.27 MySQL Version5. 6.34-log Browser user-agent Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:49.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/49.0 Server Software Apache the database table collation is ut8_unicode_ci.
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