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  1. The developer will probably / should be releasing a new version of the skin to take account of all of the skin changes included in this recent version. However, if you are using a modified version, then that update will not automatically apply to your store and you should chat to the developer about this. If you dont make all the front end skin changes then you wont be able to take advantage of any fixes / new functionality that has been added - you may say that you dont need this functionality but it is always best to stay fully up to date because the situation simply gets worse and worse with each upgrade that is released - this is the problem with having custom changes
  2. That is terrible but unfortunately you are not the only one with a similar story ! The chances are that most plugins will continue to work at least for a while but of course as more changes are made to CubeCart, the more chance there is of that happening. Also, if they have stopped trading which now seems increasingly likely, then there is no support and no upgrades etc. If you, or anyone wants to get in touch with a view to replacing any plugin, then please get in touch and we can discuss
  3. I dont know what the problem is as have no direct contact with this developer and he hasnt been active on this forum for many years, however, there have been many reports both on here and from many of our own customers stretching back over the last couple of years of long wait times or no replies to emails which seem to have gotten worse over the last couple of months. Have a search on these forums for previous posts. The website has been suspended since the weekend and while oversights can happen, it is looking increasingly likely that they are no longer trading.
  4. If you want to be able to do that, then look at @Noodleman plugin https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/absolute-matrix-option-prices-price-list-hide-out-of-stock-matrix-options
  5. I would be quite careful for several reasons : 1) The plugin hasnt been updated in over two years - while this doesnt necessarily mean anything by itself, CubeCart has moved on a lot in 2 years 2) It isnt just the demo site that is suspended, the whole website is suspended - this again could be a temporary oversight and may be back online any time soon or may mean a lot more. 3) There have been numerous complaints over quite a long period of time from users and many posts on these forums about not hearing back from this developer both for paid development work and also support
  6. An extension developer doesn't get notified of updates in these forum posts so @Noodleman may not have seen this
  7. So one Like (from Al) and no Retweets so guess not that many people are that interested ? There are some votes and a couple of additional comments but this needs wider publicity and social media is the way to do that.
  8. @sailing123 and @Lastwolf (indeed anyone reading this) if you are on Twitter then can you Like and Retweet If you both (or anyone else that is interested in this) also Tweets from that integration page, then everyone else can also do the same
  9. Voted and added a comment and also Tweeted it so if anyone can find that and retweet it and also tweet themselves that would be helpful
  10. Unfortunately, they are probably correct in that very few CubeCart users will be sending 100 orders a day They closed that loophole then ! I think this would have to be Al's decision as to how much noise and what noise he would like to make
  11. Even more crazy when they eventually (after being difficult for a few weeks) allowed me access to a Despatch Manager Online account to write, test and support a plugin for this system which was then replaced by the Click and Drop system. Apart from setting up the dev account, they didnt have to provide any additional help or support. Do customers who already have a Click & Drop account have access to the API documentation - that was the way I originally got around RM initially saying they would not provide access - I simply used a client's account with their permission and got all the information that way One other option I already suggested to @Al Brookbanks this morning, would be to use social media such as Twitter
  12. ionCube loaders are distributed freely so no need to pay for anything ! They are freely available and can usually be added as a PHP module from within your hosting control panel - 5 minute exercise. Absolutely no reason why it should be a mess and you would have to start again either - simply remove the encoded plugin and all will work as before
  13. Why would you not want to activate ionCube ? Does absolutely no harm and allows you to run a large number of plugins that are encoded with it That will get rid of the intial problem but will leave hooks enabled in the database that should be manually deleted
  14. The original developer hasnt been involved with CubeCart for a number of years - I believe that CubeCart have taken over the maintenance and "development" of this skin although as one of the original V5 skins, it rarely gets any updates and doesnt keep pace with new functionality being added. If you have a fix to a problem then suggest contacting @Al Brookbanks directly so he can update it at least for that
  15. A nice idea but how about building in some functionality that will flag and optionally delete image files that are no longer associated with any product / category. Care would need to be taken in case images are used for logos, slideshows or embedded in documents etc so hence the flag as " possibly unused" and do you want to delete
  16. There have been a lot of changes to functionality that is missing within these older skins Exactly right and Google now almost exclusively indexes based on a "mobile-first" basis for all websites Unfortunately this has been the case both with skins and plugins although a much smaller choice of supported skins for V6 - even the few V6 skins added are often not maintained or supported going forward - we have and always will support the two skins we have released with not only standard updates but we continue to develop and add more features
  17. We have already been in touch within an hour or so of you purchasing this plugin and supplied the licence code and I believe this message pre-dates that email but if you are still having any problems, please open up a support ticket and we will help you. In case it helps anyone else and to add to what it says on each of our plugin pages: After downloading any of our plugins, you can run it for 7 full days without changing anything (it installs with a "demo" licence"). However, we will always be in touch within an hour or two and supply your licence code which should then be entered.
  18. A neat and useful addition so thanks Al - would be great to have something similar for product options and also customer group prices as well
  19. This has been fixed in the latest release after I reported it - see https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2394 If you come across an obvious issue like this, you will get a much faster response by creating a new github issue Ian
  20. This plugin works fine as long as the site ID is entered correctly - had many instances of customers entering it incorrectly, either partially or too many characters and even some entering the whole code instead of just extracting the site ID from the provided code. Carefully check the code against that provided Ian
  21. LastPass password vault is encrypted and stored locally on the device although can be sync'd with multiple devices so the same vault is available on mobile devices as well. Even LastPass cannot access or decrypt the vault without the master password and as should be standard practice for any important login, you can have Two Factor Authentication as well - see https://www.forbes.com/sites/thomasbrewster/2019/04/10/what-happened-when-the-dea-demanded-passwords-from-lastpass/#14141b97ebeb and also read https://www.lastpass.com/how-lastpass-works That is good for that one server root password but what about the hundreds of other sites you have logins on - if you have ever used the same combination of email address and password (and dont use 2FA as well) then there is a very good chance that this combination is known due to the huge breaches that have happened in the past which are used by hackers to randomly try on whichever site they are trying to hack - check out https://haveibeenpwned.com/ and see whether your email addresses have passwords in the public domain
  22. That stops the error messages but obviously doesnt solve the problem. Most of the big hosting companies have standard images that they burn for every server and in this case it isnt the case that "it will affect other customers" as it cannot have any detrimental affect at all - they cant be bothered or getting it into their standard server image is complicated. Unfortunately when paying silly amounts for generic hosting (no idea who you are with or how much you are paying but just a guess) then there are lots of compromises many which are there without you knowing until there is an issue like this. Move your hosting to a specialist CubeCart hosting and get many more benefits that servers tuned especially for CubeCart Hi Keat That is a relief but just went from your post which said this was what you had run ! Bear in mind that the server root password is different to the MySQL root password although many people commissioning servers set them to the same. If you have problems with passwords then use a password manager like LastPass - we have thousands of passwords stored most of which are 20 random characters and all unique and only ever have to remember one password (the LastPass one) Ian
  23. @Ferguson did you ever get to the bottom of the "invalid positive integer" issue - we have a client that is also reporting this for a number, but not all, order payments via Stripe. It is caused as you said by a payment amount of 0 being sent to Stripe but havent yet figured out how that is happening - did you get anywhere or did you revert back to 2.2.1 ?
  24. Robin Assuming that you gave them the details that Keat mentioned - you should be asking some serious questions about why they did what they did - they dont seem to have a clue ! But then, setting the root MySQL password to what it was shows the level of competence so maybe not surprised (assume you have got them to change this as that is a critical security issue for the server as a whole). For the sake of your business, I would serious question the expertise of your hosting company
  25. Yep - whoever setup the server should be hung, drawn and quartered and then shot for good measure !
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