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  1. You can always do backups - files via FTP or ssh and database by exporting via phpMyAdmin. Then you need to find a better hosting company come and have a chat with us about hosting / supporting your site You need to do a manual upgrade to the latest 6.4.2 version - even more important if you have had previous failed upgrades. You will NOT lose any data and will not need to recreate products
  2. Hi We have a plugin that has this functionality - drop us a ticket via our website and will be able to help Ian
  3. The forums contain a huge amount of information, some a perfect solution and some not quite so perfect ! Just be careful when looking at posts this old
  4. Not sure when this was last done - probably many years ago hence the massive number that are missing. As to quality, maybe if you want to correct any of those as these will also be part of any exported language file
  5. It is known to be incomplete as it is not maintained - none of the languages are except the main language definition file which is in English and contains every single language string. If you do go through and translate any / all of the missing language strings then I am sure that @Al Brookbanks and other German speakers would be very grateful. If you use the Admin Language option to do the translations, these are stored in the database but it is then possible to export these as a language file which could be sent to Al to be added back as an update
  6. Following an upgrade from 6.2.8 to 6.4.2 seeing the following issue in a standard core site with no plugins. If a site has "Add category to product URL path?" SEO store setting set to "top level and all sub-categories" and it seems to be adding the category path again and again for each sub-category level ! This setting isnt often used and most stores have this setting set to "No" On a newly created product this is the url that was generated. https://www.domain.co.uk/terrain/terrain/6mm/terrain/6mm/walls-fences/terrain/6mm/walls-fences/brick-walls/terrain/6mm/walls-fences/brick-walls/high/100mm-damaged-high-brick-wall-straight-2-test.html This should be https://www.domain.co.uk/terrain/6mm/walls-fences/brick-walls/high/100mm-damaged-high-brick-wall-straight-2-test.html So for each sub-category, it is adding the preceding category path again so for "6mm" sub-cat it is adding "terrain" again before it for "walls-fences" sub-cat it is adding "terrain/6mm" again before it for "brick-walls" sub-cat it is adding "terrain/6mm/walls-fences" again before it for "high" sub-cat it is adding "terrain/6mm/walls-fences/brick-walls" again before it Does anyone else have this same SEO configuration and are you seeing the same issue. Havent traced it through yet but the seo.class had changes made to it while adding the redirect functionality for 6.4
  7. @ddub there is a specific edit that sometimes needs to be done manually to the .htaccess file on some hosting. Are the 404 errors on all pages or are they only on newly created products ? Early days investigating, but I am seeing some sites where the generated seo url for newly generated products has gone crazy !
  8. You can do it by counties but postcodes give you more granular control and postcodes are also always a required field - there are often issues with people being able to enter addresses without a county. You also dont need to enter all UK postcodes, only those to define your NI zone which is a handful
  9. No because it isnt a separate country - that would be like making California a different country ! There is no need to do this and this isnt what the OP requested. @onebrowncow if you want to contact me via PM or via our website then I can help you configure this - we do it all of the time for our clients and it works very well
  10. You dont need to. Define the small specific areas by postcode and ensure that these are at the top of the list AND that you select "Use first matching zone only". The after all of the exceptions are covered it is followed by a UK wide zone by country which catches everything else but will never be reached for your exceptions Ian
  11. This often had to be done even before the whole Brexit thing with NI in order to split areas like the Highlands and Islands or Isle of Man / Isle of Wight etc off into separate postal regions. It can only be done via postcode but is pretty easy and quick to do - remember that you can use partial postcodes when defining post code regions and it is easy to find the first 4 characters of the postcode regions covering these areas Ian
  12. CubeCart doesnt have an EPOS system and you need to get that information from your client - nobody here would have a clue what they are using ! There are a number of cases of stores that have developed links to third party external systems and I know several linking into EPOS systems but there is no standard plugin into any as far as I am aware - it has all been custom work
  13. These need to be held against each product, so a couple of simple extra fields added to the inventory would be easy to add @Al Brookbanks can these be added in next version as also have a lot of people asking for them. They will also need to be printed on various documents. This is really an accounting procedure as is outside of the scope of CubeCart Not sure that this is inside the scope of CubeCart either
  14. All text shown in CubeCart is held in the language files which are then databased - in Admin, look for language option and it will be a string within one of the offered sections. Finding which section a specific string is in, can sometimes be complicated. Some are relatively obvious depending on where the message is displayed but some are far from obvious and finding them either comes with experience, or manually searching the language definitions file. There is a github feature request for a search facility to be added https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2671 which @Al Brookbanks is considering and I hope will be added sooner rather than later
  15. You will get hundreds and hundreds of undefined index notices - they can all be ignored
  16. The subscription provider handles it so no need for repeat orders but again this is a limited product range where each customer will only likely have one product each. It could be amended to work in a larger store though
  17. No, this site uses a custom bit of code within an iframe and a third party subscription provider. The integration could be expanded on and built into a plugin but there wasnt a requirement to do that in this case
  18. We have recently create a site that does this but they only deal with 3 products - see https://www.grandies.co.uk This approach currently wouldnt work very well with a much larger number of subscription products but there could be changes made to the way it works if you are interested Ian
  19. Switch to use authenticated SMTP rather than phpMail as emails have a much greater chance of deliverability. Always use an email from the domain hosting your store. After that, it is down to the IP reputation of the IP address your website is on and how good your hosing company is about dealing with issues and how often they let spammers send emails Ian
  20. Sorry, but this does not agree with what you are saying now. CubeCart works well on sites with tens of thousands of visitors a day and many hundreds of orders per day and with proper hosting setup could no doubt deal with more As I said, this will simply be down to a lack of knowledge or understanding of what information is where and how to do upgrades. This will come as you get more experience and can be helped by people on this forum This is a case in point - this is not a bug but rather the software is working as expected with your configuration - you will have the setting enabled to hide empty categories
  21. While CubeCart can be made to work on Windows / IIS, it was never designed for this environment and is certainly not officially supported. You would be much better off switching hosting package / supplier so you use a Linux based system utilizing Apache Ian
  22. @Al Brookbanks this might be interesting to add into core ?
  23. CubeCart is not "very complex software" at all (try looking at Magento, OpenCart, Prestashop or most of the other packages) and is much simpler to use from an admin point of view than most. Is it missing a few things, yes of course but so does every single product out there but @Al Brookbanks does a fantastic job developing and maintaining this. There are many thousands of sites using it successfully including some with large large turnovers or taking hundreds of orders a day. The various problems you are having are likely down to how it was installed or upgraded and the hosting environment you are using @Nebojsa this is a case in point - what Brian has pointed out is something that is clearly shown on the version notes in this forum as a manual change that *may* be needed
  24. Hi Brian What version are you on ? Have you recently upgraded ? If so, did it work before ? When you say it doesnt work, are there any errors shown on screen, in the CubeCart system error log or in the PHP error_log file ? Ian
  25. Have you checked PHP error_log file for any errors - sounds like an ionCube version mismatch so do you have any plugins that only affect admin side and that are encoded (from Noodleman maybe?) Ian
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