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  1. There is no guarantee that all users on all hosting can set these and you need to ensure you set them correctly or the website might not work at all ! session.gc_maxlifetime = {your value} - this value is in seconds and 2 to 4 days is usually more than enough session.save_path = "/home/{USER}/tmp" - directory must exist and should ALWAYS be above the public_html directory
  2. That is not the case, this can and should be set on a per account basis BUT you should also change the location where your session files are stored so they are not in the default location and are therefore affected by the serverwide garbage collection
  3. It isnt just updates that will change the User Agent String, if the IP address also changes, then it will cause the same issue. Dynamic IP addresses can change quite frequently when using certain ISPs and when on mobile devices, especially when moving (car or train for example) as you move between different towers. This will also be logged in the PHP error_log file so if you know the date / time when the customers complained about this happening, you can compare this to the logs and see if this is the cause
  4. Using a CubeCart backup isnt the best way of moving from one hosting to another especially if both are on cPanel ! As long as the hosting package on your old hosting is still up and hasnt been deleted, then it makes no difference that the domain points to your new host, there are multiple ways to access cPanel without going down the domain.com/cpanel route I would not have installed CubeCart on your new hosting either as you have all the files and database (in theory) in the CubeCart backup Ian
  5. Not sure too many businesses would offer help after you have made the decision to leave them ? Your new hosting company should however have offered to do the whole move for you so are they offering help ? What hosting control panel were you on and what are you going to ? For example if both are cPanel, then it is simple to move the whole account across using a cpmove backup file. How was the backup file created you are trying to move ? Ian
  6. Then something in your Hosting environment is blocking the updates - when done that way, it works perfectly. Ian
  7. Meta keywords are not used by any crawler so no point wasting time completing these. in terms of meta description as per your question, Google and other browsers can and will choose to use the description from the page instead of the defined meta description, if they feel it better represents the page - as far as I am aware, there is no way to control this although having better Microdata on a page can sometimes help and is best practice for SEO anyway (see https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/google-pinterest-schema-org-microdata-plugin) Ian
  8. The notifications do still work but you must upgrade the extensions using the thunderbolt key from within CubeCart admin. If you manually upgrade using FTP or a file manager upload then you wont get any notification Ian
  9. There is no encoding in either of our skins and unless you have bought the skin you wouldnt have been able to test it as these are not freely downloadable ! If you have purchased a skin and are having problems, then please log a support ticket on our website ! As @NiteFox has said, if in any doubt, contact the skin / plugin developer before installing and most will be helpful - if you want to test / demo any of our plugins, we will certainly be but do contact us via our support ticket system
  10. There are only a limited number of "ACTIVE" developers all of whom in my opinion are creating generally excellent plugins. Why so few ? Mainly because so many store owners dont want to pay anything, let alone a few pounds / dollars for plugins that often take many tens of hours (or in the case of larger plugins - hundreds) to develop and then the same each year maintaining, upgrading and supporting users. As already covered in a ticket post, ionCube is not crap and is available for free with all decent hosting and is a simple two minute installation. Also absolutely no reason
  11. ionCube loaders are distributed freely so no need to pay for anything ! They are freely available and can usually be added as a PHP module from within your hosting control panel - 5 minute exercise. Absolutely no reason why it should be a mess and you would have to start again either - simply remove the encoded plugin and all will work as before
  12. Why would you not want to activate ionCube ? Does absolutely no harm and allows you to run a large number of plugins that are encoded with it That will get rid of the intial problem but will leave hooks enabled in the database that should be manually deleted
  13. Many of the established affiliate schemes are not cheap, especially for startup businesses. We have one that we recommend and is used by several of our customers which is far cheaper - take a look at https://www.affiliatly.com?aff=461 If you are happy to go ahead, sign up and then contact us and I can give you instructions on how to use it Ian
  14. The original developer hasnt been involved with CubeCart for a number of years - I believe that CubeCart have taken over the maintenance and "development" of this skin although as one of the original V5 skins, it rarely gets any updates and doesnt keep pace with new functionality being added. If you have a fix to a problem then suggest contacting @Al Brookbanks directly so he can update it at least for that
  15. A nice idea but how about building in some functionality that will flag and optionally delete image files that are no longer associated with any product / category. Care would need to be taken in case images are used for logos, slideshows or embedded in documents etc so hence the flag as " possibly unused" and do you want to delete
  16. Not being a plugin would be a problem for us / our clients which is a shame because for those sites that need to use this functionality, there isnt an easy way around this problem - would you and @Al Brookbanks consider adding it into core ?
  17. You need to check directly in the database what details are being stored against the orders and which orders have the coi value set - it might be possible to remove all the old coi values Ian
  18. There have been a lot of changes to functionality that is missing within these older skins Exactly right and Google now almost exclusively indexes based on a "mobile-first" basis for all websites Unfortunately this has been the case both with skins and plugins although a much smaller choice of supported skins for V6 - even the few V6 skins added are often not maintained or supported going forward - we have and always will support the two skins we have released with not only standard updates but we continue to develop and add more features
  19. That's a shame as that functionality would be very useful
  20. There used to be a commercial "mod" for CubeCart 3 that worked well where a digital file could be assigned against a product option but this was never ported to V5 / V6 (developer no longer involved in CubeCart) so if you are creating a plugin to provide this functionality that would be great Ian
  21. Quite obviously it isnt, or it would be working. Your own image very clearly shows that cURL isnt installed
  22. Just because it is with the same hosting company, doesnt mean that two different accounts will be configured in exactly the same way. You might be on different servers which might be configured differently but most likely you are running different PHP versions or simply havent enabled some of the required PHP extensions which you should be able to do yourself Ian
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