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  1. Yes, simply add redirect directives to your .htaccess file to detect /index.php and redirect to domain url without it - we set this up (and also redirect from non SSL url to url using SSLfor all our customers
  2. That only happens if you dont do the upgrade correctly - once the admin.php and admin directory are correctly renamed, further correctly done upgrades do not change these
  3. Hi We have a V4 mod that does this and a fair bit more and am talking to two clients with a view to writing this as a V6 plugin and already have the spec put together - if you are interested in getting involved, can you register at our site https://www.havenswift-hosting.co.uk and drop me a ticket and I’ll let you have details of what we are planning Ian
  4. If the database / store has been upgraded from older versions it is likely that the default MySQL collation, the database collation, table collation or field collation is incorrect
  5. Have you followed this : https://support.cubecart.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/230/43/how-do-i-upgrade-from-cubecart-v4-to-v6 but remember the offer I made in our PM conversation ! You will either need to use the built in Foundation skin or one of a (very small) selection available on the marketplace - check out our Retail Therapy skin (https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/skins/retail-therapy-skin) which works alongside the free skin configuration plugin (https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/havenswift-hosting-skin-configuration). All extensions such as shipping, payment gateways, languages are now all separate and many are free and available from the marketplace https://www.cubecart.com/extensions If you had any custom code at all then this will be lost and you will need for it to be done again or a much better solution is to have it done via a plugin which doesnt change core code Ian
  6. Yes, you will need FTP details and the host shouldnt give these details to you unless your friend has already told them about you - that would be a massive security issue. I am surprised that entering the Google Analytics code into the homepage works but even if it does it definitely isnt the correct place as you are only measuring people hitting the homepage. V4 is so old I cant remember but isnt there somewhere to enter the GA- code without having to add the whole code ? Probably in Store Settings. Ian
  7. It is much easier to use the downloaded file option but if you want to use that option then you shouldnt be adding that code into the homepage document, you need to add it into the skin template files Ian
  8. I agree that you get a lot of extra functionality over and above the shipping cost sorting which you asked about (although I am sure that you would probably start using that if you had the plugin) but the only other solution is changing core code as suggested which to my thinking is always a bad idea
  9. Our enhanced sorting plugin does this - along with a load of other possible sorting options that arent possible in standard CubeCart - see the list here : https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/enhanced-sorting Ian
  10. All good suggestions from @Noodleman and you should definitely look at what plugins you have installed - delete everything and re-install the latest versions of only those you are using. Also check and see what caching you have enabled - are you using default "file" based caching or memcache (by far the best is REDIS which we use for all clients but most hosting providers dont make that available). Ian
  11. Hi Steve Replied to your email - just checking that you have received it ? Ian
  12. The ability to attach documents to customer accounts and to orders that are then optionally visible to the customer, is now available in the latest version of the plugin available here : https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/attached-documents As with all of our plugins - a free 7 day trial is available ! Ian
  13. I split your reply off into a new topic as that was an old thread you had added to. Going to the homepage of your store, adding an item to the basket and then going to the basket all seems to work perfectly for me, so what specifically is the problem ? Ian
  14. We have a custom V4 mod for a client that does this and also optionally changes the language to a designated one based on the country of the IP address - this has not been converted to a V6 plugin but this could be done if you are interested. If you would like to discuss further, please PM me or contact via our website Ian
  15. Smarty would not have caused that extent of slowness - it was stupidly slow. Disabling the related product plugin fixed the issue and proved it was something to do with that - probably missing indexes, especially if you have lots of products. The search not working can often be caused by a missing index on the inventory table so do a table by table comparison of the indexes
  16. You might want to check with @Noodleman as that is his plugin - it could be caching or index issues
  17. What plugins do you have installed / enabled - I see you have Related Products, so try disabling that and see if that solves the problem Ian
  18. There are multiple problems with the standard "Google Base" export routine (which only has CSV export functionality and not xml) which is why we developed our own plugin which is being used very successfully by a number of people - see https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/google-merchant-centre-feed GMC also requires that product landing pages have valid schema / microdata markup so https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/google-schema-org-microdata-plugin works alongside this. Ian
  19. https://www.cubecart-demo.co.uk/cubecart-wordpress-skins.html Our skin configuration plugin allows for the vertical navigation menu plugin to work by itself or in combination with the horizontal menu. The Retail Therapy skin is a more modern design than other skins and has a huge amount of flexibility built into it
  20. Not sure what you mean by manually setting related products in bulk but have you seen the plugin from @Noodleman https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/related-products-manual-automated-recommendations - we have clients using this and it works well and is already integrated with our Retail Therapy skin which we are discussing in another thread Ian
  21. Hi Unfortunately there are very few V6 skins and many of those are buggy as you say and unmaintained. Take a look at our Retail Therapy skin https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/skins/retail-therapy-skin and you can see a live demo at https://www.cubecart-demo.co.uk and it also comes with a free configuration plugin (https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/havenswift-hosting-skin-configuration) both of which are being continually developed and enhanced. The skin comes already integrated with many plugins so that you dont need to make skin changes for these plugins and you dont need to re-do them each time we release a new version - one of those is the vertical navigation plugin available in the marketplace and this works well as a combination Ian
  22. I don't believe there is any way that you can run mixed PHP versions within one account and can't understand why you would want to try as CubeCart V5 runs fine under PHP 7. Unless you have extensive core file changes to your current CubeCart store, then you should really consider upgrading
  23. As per the support ticket, that functionality isn't available yet but isn't too complex to add and will explore this with you via the ticket Ian
  24. Yes, us ! We are the only specialist CubeCart hosting company around, will move your site over to our hosting for free and even provide CubeCart support as part of the hosting. We currently host and support a very large number of CubeCart sites, many of whom are regulars on here. If you would like more specific information, please visit our site and if you have any further questions, please register and then open a support ticket and will be very happy to help Ian
  25. The errors when using the admin upgrade option are very common - most people are still not able to auto upgrade because of these errors. What errors did you get when manually upgrading ? If you are using an FTP client or a file manager option in your hosting control panel to upload the files to the correct location, then there should be no errors or problems Ian
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