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  1. There is no problem with using this statement with Apache 2.4 - every single server we run uses 2.4 and all CubeCart sites have this directive as part of the .htaccess file. Firstly check that the syntax and layout is exactly the same as shown above
  2. LastPass password vault is encrypted and stored locally on the device although can be sync'd with multiple devices so the same vault is available on mobile devices as well. Even LastPass cannot access or decrypt the vault without the master password and as should be standard practice for any important login, you can have Two Factor Authentication as well - see https://www.forbes.com/sites/thomasbrewster/2019/04/10/what-happened-when-the-dea-demanded-passwords-from-lastpass/#14141b97ebeb and also read https://www.lastpass.com/how-lastpass-works That is good for that one server root
  3. That stops the error messages but obviously doesnt solve the problem. Most of the big hosting companies have standard images that they burn for every server and in this case it isnt the case that "it will affect other customers" as it cannot have any detrimental affect at all - they cant be bothered or getting it into their standard server image is complicated. Unfortunately when paying silly amounts for generic hosting (no idea who you are with or how much you are paying but just a guess) then there are lots of compromises many which are there without you knowing until there is an issue lik
  4. @Ferguson did you ever get to the bottom of the "invalid positive integer" issue - we have a client that is also reporting this for a number, but not all, order payments via Stripe. It is caused as you said by a payment amount of 0 being sent to Stripe but havent yet figured out how that is happening - did you get anywhere or did you revert back to 2.2.1 ?
  5. Robin Assuming that you gave them the details that Keat mentioned - you should be asking some serious questions about why they did what they did - they dont seem to have a clue ! But then, setting the root MySQL password to what it was shows the level of competence so maybe not surprised (assume you have got them to change this as that is a critical security issue for the server as a whole). For the sake of your business, I would serious question the expertise of your hosting company
  6. Yep - whoever setup the server should be hung, drawn and quartered and then shot for good measure !
  7. 1. Not a good idea to put your root mysql password on a public forum (I have deleted it for you) 2. Almost as bad is having such a basic and easily guessable root mysql password. You should consider changing it to a complex random password for both of these reasons as a matter of urgency And of course we support this on all servers including our those hosting our Fully-managed or Self-managed CubeCart hosting plans
  8. Yep, same here with our customers - the editor just isnt fit for purpose which is frustrating. I know that Al has looked at this and wants to change to something else
  9. This is a small change that needs to be done to MySQL at a system level - quite a few threads in the forums where this is documented. If you have root access it is easy to do yourself, if not you can ask your hosting company although it is just laziness that hosting companies dont do this on all servers - we certainly do and always have done
  10. When using a responsive skin, then the mobile skin is not used - you would be much better deciding on a new skin - unfortunately there are some developers that come and go, create skins and dont update or support them - choose one that is regularly updated and actively developed - take a look at our Retail Therapy skin for example https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/skins/retail-therapy-skin for which there is a new version available V1.9 although not yet on the marketplace.
  11. Switching php versions will not affect missing database indexes - they were missing before but it is simple to add them via phpmyadmin
  12. Don’t use V3 keys as CubeCart isn’t coded for that yet. Use either V2 Invisible or V2 I am not a robot depending on what skin you are using
  13. They are not related to your problem but it is a good idea to fix these issues all of which will be slowing your site down because indexes on tables that CubeCart needs to quickly find records in the database are missing. So to find a record it means searching the whole table each time - not a problem if there are only a few records in a table but when you get to hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands (especially if two or more tables are in a JOIN statement are missing indexes when all table record numbers are multiplied which quickly gets to stupid numbers !) There is no problem wit
  14. Simply install the free shipping plugin : https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/shipping-methods/free-shipping
  15. Not necessarily - even though the obligation has been relaxed in the UK this does not necessarily apply to all countries in the EU plus many card providers are still going ahead with the implementation from the original date - you need to look at it on a case by case basis and then also take a judgement based on where your customers are coming from and what bank / country their cards are from they will be paying from
  16. It is not a perfect solution but it quickly stops abuse happening right now from that IP range - blocking individual IP addresses can seem pointless but even then it has it's place. A much better solution is blocking them on the edge before it even gets to the server using complex hardware based firewall rules which is what we implement for our customers and while this cuts down on 99% of abuse - even that isnt 100% foolproof
  17. There are several black hat / hacker forums that document it and there are even browser extensions available that will solve the V2 challenge automatically
  18. Having thousands or tens of thousands of image files in a single directory has been an issue for as long as CubeCart is around (although not specifically a CubeCart issue) and doesnt have any significant impact on front end website speed (MySQL can easily copy with hundreds of thousands or millions of records if the table is indexed and queries are written correctly) but does make the Admin Image Manager option unusable or extremely slow. Better documentation or education of users to have multiple sub-directories would be best but it still wouldnt stop people from doing it ! There has be
  19. It would be good to try and get V3 integration into CubeCart as soon as possible as V2 is increasingly being circumvented
  20. Having two admin.php files is a sign that an upgrade hasnt been done correctly and you need to very carefully check because this usually leaves you with files from mixed versions. There are a few threads in the forums where there is a detailed checklist of steps to take
  21. Yes it was, meta keywords have not been used by any search engines for ten years and so are a complete waste of time
  22. A unique and carefully crafted meta title for each and every page in your site is massively important (if you want to get good SERPS and get visitors to your site anyway) as is meta description. Dont bother with meta keywords not used and being removed in the next release
  23. Not at all - the "art" of a good hack is that it isnt discovered or obvious that it has happened. 99% of the hacking attempts we deal with on a daily (make that every minute) basis are pretty basic but even these sometimes get by with some websites / hosting companies who dont care about security ! There is a 4th 4) People that feel the need to show others that they can and have hacked a website for no other reason that they can - these tend to either be high end hackers that do it for the challenge or very low end script kiddies doing it to show off to their friends and feel big ab
  24. There are multiple reasons for people wanting to gain access to websites, and especially those that take payments : 1) Install keyloggers or other software to capture credit card transaction information 2) Redirect payments, either full or partial away from the store owner to another source 3) Redirect traffic to other websites
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