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  1. I changed the wording to Best Phone number, and then at the bottom of the file commented out the line that requires validation for the other phone number. If you never need the other phone choice line you could comment it out. I don't remember if Bsmither had to help with a code change in the JavaScript file or something similar to stop requiring the validation of the extra or hidden phone number. Such edits will not survive an upgrade and would need to be added back in manually each time.
  2. I've always ended up creating the additional cost as an edit to the original order and invoicing via PayPal. As I could NOT get payment from within CC.
  3. It an be done. I still have that code in mine. But I'm not in a position to be of much more help than that right now. Hopefully you can find the thread with Search.
  4. Perhaps you need to ask your host if they have made any version changes within their control - not CC related. Something like maybe a PHP upgrade or an ioncube loader version??? Also, on the outside chance you've been hacked (you are on an older version that is less secure) - check your database files and CC files and folders to see if there is anything there that doesn't look like it belongs. There is a set of directions for fixing a hacked site pinned on this forum somewhere.
  5. Was 6.0.1 new for you? Or was this a case of working correctly one day and not the next, with NO changes on your part?
  6. You can always add a term to the language file to do what you want. I did that when I created a gift message box.
  7. I think I remember someone has a suggestion on the Feature section to do that. Go see if you can vote for it or make the suggestion yourself?
  8. I'll give it a try... IF it's something that can be finished today. Will be AFK for a while after today.
  9. @Al Brookbanks Does the new PayPal Standard upgrade address this issue?
  10. I tried unsuccessfully to look at brownricereal.com. The checkout is expecting https if you are accepting CC numbers. Is this a new install or an upgrade? What version for CC and for skin? If upgrade, from what? Anything unusual about your hosting, etc? If you haven't already, please Create Error Log Then repeat your test purchase and show the results of the log here. Be sure to XXX out any private information that shows in the log results.
  11. Next time you want to do something like that, you might consider making a new php file using the pattern of the widgets. Then you can put the call for it in the description - not the wording. You can change the wording in the widget ONCE and ALL categories have it.
  12. Fantastic! Welcome to the forums @Spre
  13. Admin>Store Settings>Features tab>Misc section near bottom of page
  14. Please remind us if you are on version 6.1.8 and are you using the Foundation skin that comes with it. Can you share the code they want you to add? If it has some sort of ID in it that is specific to you - PLEASE CHANGE THAT TO XXXXXX.
  15. I've had trouble with Baidu before and had already added the Disallows. I was not using Ian's hosting at that time and had to figure it out for myself. It's situations like this that make Havenswift Hosting my preference.
  16. The http would have been possible, but you'd have to go back to about 2010 to have had categories in my urls, IF even THEN. The https with plushcatalog missing is definitely NEVER. These only started showing up sometime in the last few months.
  17. I'm getting a lot of reported urls in Google Webmaster tools that are not possible. I do NOT use the category in any product urls, and all my Webmaster Tool sites are https. But I'm seeing 404 links listed with this pattern: http://dirtybutter.com/plushcatalog/dolls/plush-eden-dolls.html I'm also seeing this "impossible" pattern: https://dirtybutter.com/plush-eden-dolls.html Could this be the same underlying issue???
  18. In case someone else would like their store setup to not require logging in or registering: VOTE for https://features.cubecart.com/topic/have-the-need-for-customers-to-register-an-admin-choice
  19. This has happened over and over with forum threads for the last month or two.
  20. Have you manually cleared out all CC cache, except maybe images if you have a lot? Also, whatever you have to do to clear your browser cache - ctrl -f5, reboot??
  21. Sorry, I wasn't on the computer and couldn't look at the code. In maintenance.index.inc.php about line 933 foreach ($sorted_files as $file) { $filename = basename($file); $type = preg_match('/^database/', $filename) ? 'database' : 'files'; $restore = preg_match('/^database_full|files/', $filename) ? '?_g=maintenance&node=index&restore='.$filename.'#backup' : false; $compress = (preg_match('/.zip$/', $filename) || file_exists($file.'.zip')) ? false : '?_g=maintenance&node=index&compress='.$filename.'#backup'; $existing_backups[] = array('filename' => $filename, 'delete_link' => '?_g=maintenance&node=index&delete='.$filename.'#backup', 'download_link' => '?_g=maintenance&node=index&download='.$filename.'#backup', 'restore_link' => $restore, 'compress' => $compress, 'type' => $type, 'warning' => ($type=='database') ? $lang['maintain']['restore_db_confirm'] : $lang['maintain']['restore_files_confirm'], 'size' => formatBytes(filesize($file), true) ); } } The delete link and the download link each have an #. I'm GUESSING that needs to be changed to commas somehow.
  22. Try taking out the # in the code and replace it with a comma as shown below: Backup WAS httpredir('?_g=maintenance&node=index#backup'); CHANGED TO in 6.1.8 httpredir('?_g=maintenance&node=index','backup');
  23. It looks like an issue that was fixed for some other places. It's caused, if I remember correctly, by the tab # code being changed. https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/1639
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