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Found 440 results

  1. Hello everyone, On my Admin login page I have a problem that the links do not seem to work when doing a backup, Upgrade or anything else? https://www.mjpcomputerservices.co.uk/shop/?_g=maintenance&node=index#upgrade ---- this is what shows when you hover on the buttons in Admin https://www.mjpcomputerservices.co.uk/shop/admin.php?_g=maintenance&node=index#upgrade ---- I have noticed the wording in RED is missing, when I type the missing part into the address it will work!!! if I just click on say the backup button it takes me to my stores home page?
  2. Security Alert: Possible Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) ERROR on my PHP Version 7.0.33 Cube cart site. It occurs when we get to the main page after cancelling an order from a CCAvenue gateway..Please help.
  3. Hi all, We're using the sequential order number module which in part seems to be ok, however, the numbers jump by hundreds in the space of a few hours, 753 between two orders. What's causing it, i'm not getting loads of stale orders. Is there some way to generate the order number once they click the payment gateway option? Cheers
  4. Hi All, I have a client that is about to start using latest cubecart v6, however what they require is that certain products have different options (such as different lengths) and these options all have a different price this can be achieved by the add or subtract functionality in the options setup, however they also want the options have the ability to have quantity pricing. So the customer might for example purchase a product that has an option of size which they also want to purchase a large quantity so they want a discount either a percentage or a special quantity price. The long winded way of doing this is to have every option as a separate product and then just use the quantity pricing that is standard, this would lead to confusion on the customers point of view. I have looked through the forums but I don't seem to be able find anything that will do the job,or am I asking for the impossible. Hopefully this has been done before and somebody can point me in the right direction to be able to set this up. Best Regards, Peterp
  5. Hi All, I have a plugin that I wish to install into cubecart and it is not part of the extensions market place. I'm very new at JavaScript and how to implement it into a cubecart store. The plugin allows for the Plus Sign and the Minus sign to be used when entering the order quantity instead of the up arrow and down arrow. I have identified two programs that would need to be able to recognise that a JavaScript would be used, the 2 programs are for the etrend skin and they are content.product.php and round line 68 - 69 and content.homepage.php around line 38-39 I'm hoping somebody can point me the direction where I can find some step by step instructions on how to achieve this. Best Regards, Peterp
  6. Hi All, I'm putting together a demo of the etrade skin for a client and one of their requirements is to be able to click on either a plus sign or a minus sign to increase or decrease the quantity being bought. I have looked through the forum however I don't seem to be able to find any solutions. Is it possible to have this functionality for the etrade skin which will work on the main page as well as a mobile. Any help will be appreciated Best Regards, Peterp
  7. Hi All, I have been trying to get the stores name and address to appear in the footer of an etrend skin and haven't had any success. I'm pretty sure that it should be a main.php modification but when I try to put in the $STORE variables I don't get any result so what am I doing wrong. It's almost like the variables that I'm trying use don't exist, what do I have to do to make these variables available for the use of showing the stores postal address as defined it the store setup. Any Help is always appreciated. Best Regards, Peterp
  8. Hi All, I have just installed the cubecart bank transfer extension and after filling all fields in I get at the end of and order that I have selected the bank transfer as the payment method it displays a message saying that the order will be completed however I haven;t entered any banking details/credit card details to use for the transfer the necessary funds to complete the order, I also cannot see anywhere to go to return to the store to continue shopping. Is this extension expecting an automatic process from the bank or have I missed some setup process. I effectively come to a grinding halt without being able to pay for the order. Any help will be appreciated. Best regards, Peterp
  9. I have just set up a CC6 store and am using the custom foundation 5 skin. My first name is Aeren. When I am saving some of the admin page settings, some fields are automatically changing to my name (Aeren) instead of the content I entered before saving. Any idea what I am doing wrong?
  10. I have CubeCart 6.2.5 and today I had to upgrade PHP to 7.2 for Wordpress 5.2 and all of my Cube Cart pages are not showing up now. In Chrome it gives me a HTTP ERROR 500, in Firefox it just gives me a blank page. If I revert the PHP back to 7.0 CubeCart works fine but then the Wordpress side does not work. Is there a way to get CubeCart to work with PHP 7.2 Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi All, I'm trying to setup incremental order numbers in my store however even though I have specified that the number should have a prefix of 'BTW' this does not appear. The order number is correct when I look in the orders selection from the admin dashboard but when it prints the order using print order form gateway I get the order format of date time etc. not the incremental order number. I have looked through the forum but cannot find anything similar so I guess must have some setup wrong. I somebody could help straighten me out I would appreciate it. Best Regards, Peterp
  12. I have been repeated been disapproved by google ads , message as follows for example: (I installed lasted CC v6 , and reinstalled, deleted these, but still they come back) This email is in regards to the call conversation for the issue with the account for Ads disapproval. I understand that you want it be fixed as soon as possible. Please check for this links within your website and try excluding it. here are the below links. https://www.luxurybedsets.com/about-us.html https://www.luxurybedsets.com/favicon.ico https://www.luxurybedsets.com/images/cache/PalmGrove_Bedding.138.jpg https://www.luxurybedsets.com/images/logos/logo1.png https://www.luxurybedsets.com/js/common.js https://www.luxurybedsets.com/js/plugins.php https://www.luxurybedsets.com/js/styles/images/border.png https://www.luxurybedsets.com/js/styles/images/controls.png https://www.luxurybedsets.com/js/styles/images/loading.gif https://www.luxurybedsets.com/js/styles/images/loading_background.png https://www.luxurybedsets.com/js/styles/styles.php https://www.luxurybedsets.com/skins/kurouto/js/script.js https://www.luxurybedsets.com/skins/kurouto/styles/common.css https://www.luxurybedsets.com/skins/kurouto/styles/green/layout.css
  13. Looking for a shipstation API plug-in. I contacted shipstation and they do not offer an automated connection for Cubecart and was told a third party programmer would have to do this. Is there anyone out there that has connected to shipstation successfully to push and pull orders, status, etc? If not, can I request this as an extension?
  14. We have looked at and tried a lot of different shopping cart solutions and decided on Cubecart due to simplicity and the fact that most of the required features are free, unlike most of the other shopping carts. We are using Noodleman V6 skin. Kurraglen Industries Farm and Livestock Equipment Plans
  15. Hi all, I have installed the bank transfer module but have a couple of questions and am using V6.2.2 1. On the checkout page, the bank transfer button is selected by default even with default not selected in the config page. Can I show this as de-selected? 2. In the config page, there is Priority. What is this for? Thanks in advance.
  16. This has bugged me for quite awhile so I'm finally going to ask. I use a custom skin based on Foundation. I want to create my own folder in custom skin/"images" for images I will use for that skin only. I can't figure out the relative url for these images. I've tried many combinations of dots and / but can't get it. What should I use? This works if the image is stored in the main images folder/icons for cubecart <img src="../images/icons/insta-4040.gif but what if I wanted to put it in my custom skin/images/myfolder Thanks in advance for any and all help Claudia
  17. Hi all, I am going on holiday for 2 weeks and just need to find out what would happen if I put the store in offline mode, in that time will the google search/ranking change in that time ?
  18. Hi All, I'm using the noodleman-v6 skin and I'm having a issue where when a product has quantity pricing a link is displayed (exact message is " (Quantity discounts available)") as it is underlined and has a link colour it is assumed that by clicking you will see all of the quantity pricing however if you click on it nothing happens. Firstly is there supposed to be something happen or is it just a message to the user if it is a message then where does the customer see the quantity pricing. Hopefully somebody can help Best Regards, Peterp
  19. I sure could use some advice on how to accomplish the following. I'm running a website that is running cubecart5. In other words, my website files are in public_html and cubecart5 is in a folder called cubecart that is called from a link in my website. I want to start using cubecart6. However, I'd like to replace my website with cubecart6. In other words, I'd like to have the cubecart6 files directly in public_html, replacing my website. I downloaded cubecart6 to my home computer, made some modifications to files in the 'Foundation' skins folder and got it working just the way I want it. So, how do I replace my production website files with the cubecart6 that I have installed on my home computer? I don't want to upload all the files from a new cubecart6 package, then run update. Then upload my modified Foundation folder because that will just upgrade my current cubecart5 to cubecart6, which I don't want. I believe I want to wipe my production website files from the public_html folder, upload all files from a fresh cubecart6 package, then run 'install'. After it completes, replace the production Foundation folder with my modified version. However, if I run 'install' will that affect my current database of products? What's the best way to accomplish this and still retain my database and admin settings? Thanks
  20. Hi I do not want bxslider live on the mobile homepage as to improve the website speed. I have searched around but I do not see how to achieve it. Surely I need to make some adjustments in CSS. Thanks for your help. S.
  21. After I upgraded to 6.2.4 I have an issue with the images on the Product Page (Foundation) not loading well. Only after refreshing the page they come full size. Do others have this? P.
  22. Good Afternoon... Just when you thought you finally got rid of him, he comes back with a question. Ok, we have a "captive" customer base. We do not sell to anyone but "known" people. We require each new user to submit registrations and that registration needs to be approved/verified prior to that person is allowed to place orders or see pricing. With that said, we utilize the Customer Groups. Each user is assigned to a group based on their location. The Group number is a four digit number with a hyphen and a four digit alpha text. For example, Fort Wayne, IN would be 8735-FWAY. I would like to have the Customer Group "drop down" from the Customer List area added to the Registration page. I'm assuming this is in /skins/foundation/templates/content.register.php -- possibly? Would we add a "hook"? Thanks in advance for any help. R
  23. Hi, I am trying to revive an old store, I currently cant remember the unique admin url - but I have ftp access, can I determi it from that?
  24. A few items I carry I have setup options for in regards to color / txt on them. I have set them up as a single item with options and have use stock lvl selected for each option on the options page. I just had a situation were it let me sell an option that I do not have in stock. I have tried changing various settings in the item and just cannot get it to stop allowing sale of an option that is out of stock. What do I do so it does not do this in the future?
  25. Hello, Sending a newsletter after upgrade to latest version. Create newsletter and save, click plane icon to send, stuck on sending page! left for 2-3 hours but no letter sent !!! Dashboard Customers Newsletters Sending… Sending… Cancel Send
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