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  1. Most of the ones bothering with small CubeCart sites for silly things like this will not use a VPN There has been talk for a while now that Google V2 (both versions) has been broken which is why I guess Google brought out V3 which CubeCart doesnt yet support. Of course if people are doing it manually rather than by a bot then no recaptcha would stop them
  2. Well of course it can’t do that if they are connecting using a VPN based in say France. However it will stop the vast majority of them and if you only sell to one or two or ten countries you can block all connections except those. Is it 100%, of course not but is it better than you have now ??
  3. Our hosting solution is available to you as well ! Quality Hosting, support, upgrades and no spam
  4. Everything looks fine to me on your website ?
  5. No it is not an addon - the bxslider code can be manually added into the "homepage" document. However, users of either of our two skins (Retail Therapy and Nautical) can use the supplied free skin configuration plugin to manage and control the location (slideshow can be placed in five different locations), which images are shown, speed and method of transition between slides and lots of other interesting stuff. As an example see it in action here https://www.cambridge-supplements.uk Ian
  6. These emails are almost certainly being sent via the Contact Us form and they have either found a way to circumvent the reCaptcha (assuming it is working OK) or they are being done manually. Changing the email password to a strong one is not a bad idea but wont help in this case. We block all connections into all our servers from Russia (and a few other countries such as China etc) which your hosting company wont do as it has to be done at a server level, but we also manage all of our fully managed hosting customers through Cloudflare and it is possible to block connections by country in the Cloudflare firewall at their edge network which means that they dont even get as far as our servers or the website. This is one of many, many benefits of using Cloudflare when correctly configured
  7. The best way to do that is via Google Analytics which can easily be added in CubeCart. Sign up for a GA account and then enter the provided code in the Store Settings
  8. You have already asked this question in another thread - please dont open multiple threads for the same question
  9. Hi Kez I think most of the problems that you are having are because you are using a very old unmaintained skin - for example the Google reCaptcha is not working which isnt allowing progression through the cart. You need a rethink and some changes but these could be done quite quickly You also have debug switched on for all users which doesnt look good for visitors. The 500 error is possible / likely caused by server resources due to under powered hosting Ian
  10. That re-enforces my view that it is a mod_security error - you should check with your hosting company whether mod_security is enabled and if it is, give them your IP address and a time when this happened and they will be able to check the server logs.
  11. This is almost certainly a mod_security issue - something in the product description you are trying to save is tripping g a security rule - your hosting company will be able to help
  12. Thanks - it is a great idea. Subscription boxes are all the rage right now but nobody is doing this in the UK Oops - that was my fault - just added the site to Cloudflare and it didnt automatically pick up the subscription A record ! Just added that to Cloudflare DNS and all working again !
  13. That is true ! Makes it a stronger case to just stay on 6.4.1 and sort whatever small problems there may be You can always backup via FTP to a local machine but they should at least give you the ability to restore files fro ma backup - if they arent taking any as standard for free them ditch them ! 6.2.2 is extremely old so you have missed a LOT of upgrades ! Upgrades keep all data intact in the database. Do a DB backup via phpMyAdmin so you have a copy in the slim chance that something goes seriously wrong then do a manual upgrade to 6.4.1 but bear in mind that there are quite a few fixes already which will be available in 6.4.2 and also that unless you are using the standard foundation skin, your skin will need updating to use some of the new features
  14. Why would you want to go back to 6.2.9 ? Sort out any problems there are and stay on 6.4.1 - with the various patches that will be available in 6.4.2 applied manually, it now seems to be very stable and running it on a large number of stores You can probably leave it as it is (definitely dont delete !) but much better to restore the backup database that you took unless you have had a lot of transactions go through since upgrade
  15. There are a number of bugs in 6.4.1 and you need to patch a good number of these : https://github.com/cubecart/v6/milestone/58?closed=1
  16. This sounds very much like a skin issue - what version of CubeCart are you running, what skin and has it had modifications from standard
  17. The feature was added quite a while ago in V1.7 - if you need any help then please get in contact via a support ticket
  18. It will probably need a manual upgrade to copy all files up to ensure they are all at the correct version. The MySQL can then be run manually as well
  19. Yes - in core an admin entered order is not available for payment. This is one feature that our Enhanced Admin Order plugin does offer though - take a look at all the other features here : https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/enhanced-admin-order-entry
  20. It is possible that the files arent infected (although this can happen) - as the screen grab shows (and BSmither has pointed out) the message indicates that MalwareBytes (and others) dont like your top level domain extension !
  21. You shouldnt ever need to do a fresh install - an upgrade overwrites all files - you will not lose any data such as customers or products etc that way Do you really mean 6.2.2 - that is a very old version or do you mean upgraded from 6.2.2 to the latest ?
  22. We provide patches for all bugs fixed between versions for our hosting customers nut no, they wont have been applied to 6.4.1 release zip file
  23. Have a look and see what payment gateway extensions you have enabled - you will have three so disable that one - probably Print Order Form
  24. Here is a screen grab when visiting your site now
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