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Sorry to ask but am I missing something?

I have added all the details to the Stripe Extension but it isn't showing the payment information? Do I need to have Capture Credit Card or something like that?



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We would ask that you verify the following (even so, might not be what's wrong):

1. Your browser has not blocked javascript from running from the source https://js.stripe.com/v3/

2. Your site is running under https security.


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having just added stripe for the first time, it appears to work, test data suggests the payment is processed but from the store on entering the payment information i just go to a blank screen - i do not get a payment confirmation or returned to the store - any ideas please?


Blank screen if you implement the extension, put Stripe in test mode and use real card details.

Full test card details available at https://stripe.com/docs/testing#cards use the right one for the country or specific test you want to carry out and it works fine.

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