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  1. I sure wouldn't know. Let's table this for now. I will try some Googling for the code after I get through going through my 6.2.1 test sites. And I'll try turning off all plugins when I test it again.
  2. OH I thought this was showing what was seen on the page on the storefront when someone subscribed. So this is editable content for the email the subscriber gets when they subscribe! Like I said, could be my faulty logic and it was. Sorry
  3. I couldn't find anything else. I'll try again using the code as the search term. Well I pulled it off the internet evidently. It does work, I'd just rather not have the hour and minute.
  4. For double opt-in it should be telling them to expect an email that requires confirmation - not to "follow the link below", shouldn't it?
  5. Either you or Noodleman gave it to me. I'll find the thread and be back. https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/51354-would-like-to-display-date-product-total-on-store/ It's in action near the bottom of http://dirtybutter.com/plushcatalog homepage
  6. Doing a section by section review of my edited 6.2.1 test site compared to a stock 6.2.1 test site. Both have an email template for Verify Newsletter Subsciption, but it seems to be worded wrong for a Double Optin setting. <p>{$DATA.email}has been subscribed to our newsletter. To confirm your subscription please follow the link below:</p> Is this a bug? Or do I have something wrong in my code? Or is my logic just faulty?
  7. Ah THAT's why you haven't paid your bill! Too busy with your new toy, which wasn't cheap I imagine.
  8. It's not been working for several days. I'm assuming Al knows it, but he's been awfully busy lately.
  9. Thanks for that - never have known what that is. And that won't do what I would like to do. You helped me some time ago with how to add to the homepage listings the time a product was added. Added {formatTime(strtotime($product.updated))} But I'm in the midst of testing everything prior to upgrading to 6.2.1 and this is something I'd like to improve on if possible. It works ok as is on 6.2.1. But to me it looks kind of odd to have the time showing - m/d/y would be sufficient. Is there a different code that would do that?
  10. What is Fuzzy Time? (Admin>Store Settings>Advanced tab) When/where is it used? I'm hoping it can be made to show month, day, year without time. But it may be that it is used somewhere that needs to be left alone. Is there a specific term that displays m/d/y on a storefront page instead of Date&Time Format?
  11. I never could figure out how to get my custom packing slip created with the WYSISYG form. So, at least for now, I copied the 6.1.15 orders.print.php over to 6.2.0 and commented out this section of orders.index.inc.php and changed the fetch part. // Parse /* 6.2.0 DOCUMENTS INVOICE TAB NOT NEEDED $invoice_template = $GLOBALS['db']->select('CubeCart_invoice_template', array('hash', 'content'), false, 'id DESC', 1); if($invoice_template && !empty($invoice_template[0]['content'])) { $fetch_source = 'string:'.$invoice_template[0]['content']; } else { $fetch_source = 'templates/orders.print.php'; } $template = $GLOBALS['smarty']->fetch($fetch_source); END DOCUMENT TAB */ // 5.1.16 LINE INSTEAD OF $FETCH_SOURCE ABOVE $template = $GLOBALS['smarty']->fetch('templates/orders.print.php');
  12. I have "lost" the new page or file that provides a WYSIWYG Print order form. Was it removed from 6.2.1? If not, can someone tell me where to find it within Admin/file, files? .HA! I should have asked sooner. It's a TAB on Documents in Admin.
  13. Just be positively absolutely sure you delete only the wrong admin_XXX versions. The RIGHT one is the same as the one in your global.inc.php file. You certainly wouldn't hurt my feelings if you wait on Bsmither!!! I understand your reluctance completely.
  14. That's what I'm saying, but since you feel comfortable with bsmither, why not just wait for him to agree or disagree with my suggestion.
  15. Glad to see you got it fixed! Now, before you forget what you did for future upgrades - delete all those old admin_xxx files. Just be sure you keep the latest one that is named the same in global.in.php.
  16. That helped, but I still don't think it's prominent enough for my viewers. That's the hex for a very dark blue, but only the biggest part of the circle really looks darker to me. Is there a way to make it bold?
  17. I need help changing the color of the new More throbber in 6.2.1. I thought this would fix it in cubecart.css, as the stock one is so pale customers would not see it. But it did not. icon-x3 { width: 3em !important; height: 3em !important; color: #041c64; /* DARK BLUE THROBBER */ }
  18. OK - I misunderstood. The line is gone for me and it always shows with the latest commit for me. So I can't test it any further. Sorry. Can you test it on the CubeCart demo?
  19. (I've bookmarked the recaptcha discussion and will see if mine reverts in a few days with stock Admin and Foundation.) On the Document issue - did you EVER see the line through the document with it not showing on the storefront? My plushcatalog store is 6.1.15+. It does have some of the early commits from 6.2.0. I remember seeing the line through the homepage document in Admin at some point in testing and the document not showing on storefront. It no longer behaves correctly on that, but I don't normally use it and hadn't noticed.
  20. Do you have a different post about the Recaptcha? I think I've seen the GitHub report about that.
  21. I have a stock install of yesterday's 6.2+ commit with Replace Global Meta Data with a different title than the Document Title. I left seo meta data alone. Document is set to not show, but it does. There is no line through the Document in Admin the way it used to be at some point. I'll be right back with the results of the wrong SEO title of the Document when I clear browser cache. Ah, it did NOT change the tab title of the browser. I'll try it again with a different seo meta data with different SEO title. THAT did change the browser Tab Title. But it does not cross out the Document title in Admin. Nor does it get rid of the Document Title in storefront.
  22. HA! Well high level mastery is certainly NOT in my bailiwick! I'll keep working on it a few tables at a time then. Thanks for the explanations!
  23. I have two windows open: manually looking at structure one table at a time, comparing what was stock files, but originally based on my plush database (our main store) with a brand new install. I am finding some differences so far and changing the old "stock" to match the 100% stock - but haven't seen an actual missing table yet. Is there a way to overwrite structure only, other than manually one line at a time? Is that what "join" is??
  24. Thank you both, but this is so obvious to the two of you, but doesn't tell me enough "how to". For instance, what is "left join"? HOW do I get CC to attempt a retrieve of all columns (SELECT*)? The behavior that's plaguing me is https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2004 This is on the latest commit of 6.2.1. I do have one public site at this stage of CC, but it's far from stock: https://dirtybutterestates.com . I got confused at some point and upgraded the live site unintentionally - luckily this site has extremely low traffic. I've tried it with and without plugins enabled, with and without cookie dialogue, with cookies OK'd or Blocked, guest or registered. I've also tried it with countries that do have states, others that do not, and also optionals. No permutation I've tried made a difference.
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