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  1. Makes no difference - other admins can all use LastPass (in this day and age, everyone should be using a password manager anyway and not using the same one or two passwords on every single site they login into) and makes no difference if it is their “regular” workstation, although no mention was made of that
  2. Or simply get your browser to store the admin login url or MUCH better still, use a password manager like LastPass - free and works across multiple devices including mobile devices and in addition means you only ever have to remember one password and every other password you use can be random, complex, 20 character plus passwords
  3. Hi There is always a way to do anything but why would you want to do this ? The path to the admin login url is obfuscated to help prevent hackers from discovering it so they can launch brute force attacks against your store, by putting a link in the store, this will immediately be visible, regardless of how you try to hide it visually Ian
  4. Take a look at this plugin https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/enhanced-admin-order-entry as it adds this (and do much more) functionality Any questions, do get in touch Ian
  5. This can be very easily achieved using a plugin from @Noodleman https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/product-filters-filter-categories-and-build-menus-dynamically-using-product-metadata - we use this on a number of client sites and also on a couple of sites we run ourselves and it works extremely well This is our own plugin and would work well for you Ian
  6. As previously mentioned these are emails being sent from the Contact Us form - you would be better enabling "Invisible" reCaptcha rather than the "I am a robot" version but you will need to ensure you have the correct keys Ian
  7. That is the only known problem and we use SMTP across many hundreds of CubeCart websites with no issues at all Ian
  8. OK - dont suppose you have any "special" characters in your password ? If so you will need to change the password to remove them and have numbers, uppercase or lowercase letters only - bug that has been around and reported for a long time !
  9. Username and password are not the only things used for authentication for SMTP - you need the correct server name and correct port. SMTP is far superior to phpMail in terms of security, deliverability (many emails sent via phpMail will go into spam as they are unauthenticated) and traceability so it is a good idea to swap over. That along with the fact that phpMail will be phased out in the near future and some hosting companies already disable it's use on server security grounds Ian
  10. @Al Brookbanks might want to remove this column from the table and remove from any queries ?
  11. We have already been in touch within an hour or so of you purchasing this plugin and supplied the licence code and I believe this message pre-dates that email but if you are still having any problems, please open up a support ticket and we will help you. In case it helps anyone else and to add to what it says on each of our plugin pages: After downloading any of our plugins, you can run it for 7 full days without changing anything (it installs with a "demo" licence"). However, we will always be in touch within an hour or two and supply your licence code which should then be entered.
  12. @Al Brookbanks can the suggestions here and in https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/1362 be added at least to AOIS (as probably the most widely used shipping plugin) - I also get a lot of requests for this Thanks Ian
  13. The best way forward would be 1) Use a file comparison program to compare your current modified skin with the foundation skin as it was originally from the version of CubeCart that you started from - this will give you a complete list of all changes you made 2) Start with the 6.2.9 version of foundation skin - then make any / all required changes again 3) When new versions of CubeCart come out check each for any skin changes and then make those to your modified foundation - that way your modified version will always have any bug fixes and new functionality added 4) Use the
  14. Are you using an old modified version of the foundation skin or are you using the latest version supplied with 6.2.9 ? It could be that there are no reviews for that product - in which case it is only a warning. There is this plugin which adds many more snippets to a site and is definitely worth all sites having - https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/google-pinterest-schema-org-microdata-plugin Thanks Ian
  15. This also applies to our plugins and we will always make available versions of each plugin suitable for PHP 5.6 and 7.0, a second version suitable for PHP 7.1 and finally a version suitable for PHP 7.2 and 7.3. Currently ioncube have not released loaders or encoders for PHP 7.4 although beta versions are available so it wont be too much longer at which point there will be a 4th different version. It should be taken into account that PHP 5.6 and 7.0 are seriously out of date and have known security issues that are not being patched - sites running on these (and even 7.1 which is also now out
  16. This or move to a hosting provider that supports Webp image types ! Give us a shout if you are interested in moving over to us !
  17. Database and other configuration is in the includes/global.inc.php file Ian
  18. Looks like you have had multiple failed / partially completed upgrades. This really needs to be manually sorted out to ensure you only have one admin directory and one admin php file and that these are from the latest version that you have upgraded to, then also, the global.inc.php file needs to be updated to be consistent. How to do this has been covered in quite a few posts on here previously although dont have the thread immediately to hand Ian
  19. Using the digital product functionality
  20. It certainly is ! See https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/product-option-images Ian
  21. Hi Are you looking for a new "off the shelf" skin or are you looking at having a custom skin designed for you - the first option is relatively cheap and the second option can cost a lot depending on what you want. There are a few off the shelf skins available in the marketplace but you should be careful to choose one that is designed for V6 and is currently maintained so it has each version's bug fixes and enhancements adding to it. You might want to look at two of our skins Retail Therapy and Nautical which both come with a free skin configuration plugin which allows you to ame
  22. There really is no need - switch to using the All in One Shipping plugin which is much more flexible and allows unlimited number of zones Ian
  23. This wont be anything to do with the upgrade but almost certainly, the SMTP password will be wrong. This is something we come across a lot with our clients - browsers are auto filling a saved password (almost certainly the admin login password you have saved) when you are editing the Store Settings. If all other settings look correct and clicking "Test" fails, clear the password field and enter the correct password, click Save and then Test and almost certainly it will validate OK. The only solution is to disable the auto fill feature in the browser and also dont save passwords in the b
  24. The multiple copies will have been the result of a failed or partially completed upgrade and while keeping the ones referenced in the global.inc.php file is correct, it is likely that these are from different versions. You should manually re-upload via FTP, the contents of the admin directory and admin file Ian
  25. Hi Claudia Please log a support ticket in our system and we can help you directly with this. Please provide as much information as possible in the ticket Ian
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