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  1. 1. Not a good idea to put your root mysql password on a public forum (I have deleted it for you) 2. Almost as bad is having such a basic and easily guessable root mysql password. You should consider changing it to a complex random password for both of these reasons as a matter of urgency And of course we support this on all servers including our those hosting our Fully-managed or Self-managed CubeCart hosting plans
  2. This is a small change that needs to be done to MySQL at a system level - quite a few threads in the forums where this is documented. If you have root access it is easy to do yourself, if not you can ask your hosting company although it is just laziness that hosting companies dont do this on all servers - we certainly do and always have done
  3. Thanks Claudia - tests by Al and also looking at "Smartlook" recordings for some of these clients do indicate multiple clicks by impatient users - Al has released a new version of the Stripe payment gateway and the two clients are testing this and so far havent reported any issues Ian
  4. After upgrading a couple of clients to use the new version, both of these were receiving many multiple, duplicated payments for order - probably about 50% of orders were having payments taken 2, 3 or even 4 times and so needed refunding - is anyone else using this latest version and seeing this behaviour ? See https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2342
  5. I know very little about PayPal and even less about this plugin as it wouldnt work with most third party skins and only with Foundation. I also understand that it is being discontinued by PayPal but you should really check with @Al Brookbanks. I think the Braintree service is only available for merchants in those countries and that was a PayPal restriction and nothing to do with the extension. Use Stripe instead, MUCH better
  6. Thanks for the vote ! CubeCart only has only field which can be used for manufacturer or brand - our plugin allows you to choose which schema markup is used within your page - look at the General tab. The best way forward would be for CubeCart to have a separate brand and have added a request here : https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2276 If / when that is added then we would adjust our plugin to include both if they are present
  7. Please register as a client on our website and open a support ticket - more than happy to further discuss your requirements but we should do it off of the CubeCart forum All our plugins have a free 7 day trial so you could download it yourself from the marketplace, however, we are just about to release a greatly enhanced version which isnt available on the marketplace, so once you have registered on our site, open a support ticket requesting a copy of this and I can send you one Having a left and a right column is extremely old fashioned design - Retail Therapy gives you the choice of left or right but not both. That information can easily be displayed in other ways in a much more modern way You will not get a responsive skin for V4 - I would very strongly suggest looking at an upgrade to the latest V6 and we can discuss this if you are interested.
  8. I moved this thread to the Retail Therapy thread A demo url for this skin is https://www.cubecart-demo.co.uk This site also includes many of our own plugins (list is here https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/developer/havenswift-hosting) but isn’t dependent on any new of them except our free skin configuration plugin. Both the plugin and this skin are being continually updated and extended and if there is any functionality anyone would like added, we are always happy to consider any suggestion.
  9. Have you looked at our Retail Therapy skin which comes with a free skin config plugin. We are just about to release new greatly enhanced versions of both of these and are always happy to listen / implement new changes to either or both of these for future releases
  10. While CubeCart definitely needs more quality skins, I would be very wary of a “CubeCart developer” that suddenly turns up out if the blue promoting a new skin, there are a few commited developers but also a lot of template shops that dont understand CubeCart and won’t be around in a few weeks / months for upgrades and support. Strange that it was released when it was and yet is already on sale - think that contravenes UK law ?
  11. The admin.php file (or however it has been renamed) needs to be from the same version as the files in the admin directory
  12. Agreed - failed upgrades have been very common in the past when done via the built in upgrade option and often result in a mix of files from different versions - this will cause this type of problem. It has been covered in quite a few threads on here before and a manual upgrade would definitely solve it. Ian
  13. There are two spelling mistakes and the text is hard coded rather than being in a language string - reported here : https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2250 Just installed this and tested it for a client and dont see any cross site errors when updating the details
  14. Meta keywords are not used by any search engine and havent been for a large number of years so that part of it is pointless. Would never recommend having the meta description auto generated - SEO is hard enough for small E-Commerce stores without using poorly constructed data. Write unique and well crafted meta title and descriptions specific to each page and if you want something automatic that will provide far more benefit - install the Google & Pinterest schema.org Microdata plugin
  15. This plugin will not work with a lot of third party skins - see https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2142
  16. Hi Nicolas That will be no problem - can you register on our website and open a support ticket with this same information and also include your website url. This plugin should never conflict with any other plugin - you just need to ensure that you follow the couple of minor skin changes as documented on the install tab Ian
  17. Hi Brian, have you got any examples you can share ? Ian
  18. I assume you mean sterlingcharms.co.uk as the domain above doesnt exist. sterlingcharms.co.uk only has the homepage indexed with no other pages which generally means either a penalty of some sort or the rest of the site is being blocked possibly by directives in robots.txt but these should be fairly obvious via Search Console It depends of what the errors are and while you should fix 404 errors, these will only have a very tiny effect on your SEO, not what you are seeing here. I will drop you a PM so you can contact me via our website and happy to take a quick look for you. Incidentally, if you are still running under PHP 5.3, then you need to get that upgraded to at least 7.1 and ideally 7.2 Ian
  19. mod_security can on a few occasions throw false positives but with modern, well coded software this almost never happens and the benefits far outweigh these small niggles. base64 encoded strings do not cause problems generally with mod_security or we would have hundreds of CubeCart sites tripping rules all of the time Ian
  20. You have a syntax error in your global.inc.php file - go and edit it again and make sure you have no missing or extra characters ian
  21. You will need to ensure you do the manual upgrade of the 6.2.1 files again, specifically the admin.php and /admin directory files ensuring you rename them to what you are currently using
  22. Also upgrade your account to use PHP 7.1 or 7.2 - it appears you are running PHP 5.5 which is extremely old, unsupported and much slower than V7 Ian
  23. You probably have a mismatch of files between 6.2.1 and whatever version you were on before so the admin_XXXXXX.php file is from one version and the /admin_YYYYYY directory files are from a different version Ian
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