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  1. If you dont see it on the Features tab then you are either running an old version of CubeCart or if you think you are running the latest version, then have a failed / partial upgrade and are running a mixed version of files in your installation
  2. Simply enable it in the Store Settings. Language is configurable in the normal way through the language options
  3. CubeCart has an exit modal window which is configurable - your skin will need to support it and you will need to be running a recent version of CubeCart
  4. We will be releasing a new menu plugin for CubeCart in the near future - if anyone is interested, please get in contact
  5. I made those changes to your skin fo you straight away - you may need to remember them for future upgrades (to the skin) along with your other minor skin changes
  6. Go straight to PHP 7.4 as you are already using 6.4.X - BUT you then must ensure that memcached is an enabled module Would agree that you should do try a manual upgrade
  7. We also have a plugin similar to this https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/multiple-homepage-documents but which works on categories (it isnt in the extension marketplace) which if it works for you would mean no core file changes as all done by a true plugin
  8. There is absolutely no guarantee that any extension in the marketplace (skins or plugins) are updated or supported - there are a great number that had an initial release and the developer has disappeared. You always need to check the date it was last updated - it is possible for plugins to sometimes go many months (or longer) without needing an update but skins should really be updated with many CubeCart core updates, especially major version changes for example the recent 6.2.X to 6.4.X update I will contact you via PM regarding the other questions
  9. Take a look at @Noodleman plugin https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/dashboard-widgets-and-advanced-reports
  10. Foundation is free and is continuously updated for new CubeCart releases but it was never designed to be used as it is but rather as a starting point for development. Kurouto and minimaliser are just as old and unsupported While learning is always good and to be commended, unfortunately using old skins that arent supported and dont contain most updates from the last 2/3/4 years will cost you a lot more in the medium / long run and in addition most of these old skins, look well, OLD !
  11. That will be a massive number of files and changes. Simplest way is extract a 6.2.9 zip file to one directory, a 6.4.2 zip file to another directory and then do a diff file comparison between the two directories.
  12. @traylor23 you are very welcome ! One takeaway is that you might want to look into the frequency and accessibility of backups your hosting company is doing. Minimum has to be full off-server backup once per day but even that for busy transactional sites can lead to massive data loss. As an example, we do hourly Continuous Data Protection backups !
  13. The slideshow uses a system called bxslider and this needs to be included within the skin files fir it to work. E-tone is a very old and unsupported skin and really shouldn’t be used by anyone unless they are a very competent programmer willing to spend a lot of time upgrading and configuring it to work with the latest CubeCart version which IMHO is a complete waste of time and money. Choose a skin that is currently actively supported and developed such as ours or those from @NiteFox- for a little bit of initial outlay you will get a modern skin that works and is supported Ian
  14. This happens if you manually delete plugins via FTP or File Manager rather than delete them through your store admin. You can delete them from the CubeCart_hooks table
  15. You are welcome ! Was simply pointing out that your statement regarding the "image intensive" website has no bearing on a mysql intensive operation. Glad you got it sorted though
  16. The fact that you have an SQL update taking more than 5 minutes shows there is a bottle neck somewhere. An image intensive forum is a totally different hosting prospect from a SQL intensive process on a website. You asked for some advice and some was given... Which is simply clearing / refreshing your local browser cache which was one of the two possibilities that I mentioned
  17. This will be because your hosting doesnt have ionCube installed - you can try contacting your hosting company and asking them to install but many will refuse as they have set ways of building their servers and will not budge. All plugins from us and also from @Noodleman require ionCube to be installed. We install ionCube on all of our servers by default and @Al Brookbanks will also have it installed
  18. The timeout is probably caused by a long running query which can happen in one of the recent upgrades so doing them separately may have helped although shouldnt really be needed unless you are running on a VERY slow hosting server The missing ability to edit documents could be due to local cached files (likely js) or possibly due to a failed or partial upgrade especially of the admin directory files
  19. You dont have to ONLY configure AIOS module by one factor - it can be done by weight and order value (or any combination of selection criteria)
  20. It isnt a setting, you just need to configure the shipping zones and shipping rates correctly
  21. All of that information can be added to the Order Confirmation email that is sent when an order is changed from Processing to Completed
  22. You don’t need any sort of mod to do this - AIOS can be configured to do exactly this Ian
  23. Not bizarre at all as it has nothing to do with the feed There are 40 plus stores using the plugin perfectly well - once it and the GMC account settings are correct
  24. There are multiple problems and omissions in the core Google Base product depending on how you have your store configured Try : https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/google-merchant-centre-feed instead ! However, this isnt one of them - you dont have your GMC account configured correctly
  25. Many third party skins have also never been updated or supported. You could look to see if the developer is active in these forums (me and @NiteFox) or if the extension marketplace shows the skin being regularly updated Ian
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